Samsung Repairs - or lack thereof

I am thoroughly fed up with Samsung's customer service. Their warranty is an absolute joke. I own a VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus running 4.2. My phone stopped being able to charge about a week ago, whether on not plugged into a charger, so after checking that nothing was noticeably off and removing the battery I contacted Samsung and they had me send my phone to them through UPS. Well, I received this email this morning:


Thank you for your patience.

Your product was shipped on 4/9/2013 at 12:07 PM EST.

Service Ticket Number: [REMOVED]
Ship Company: UPS
Tracking Number: [REMOVED]
Serial number: 99000113717678
Please view additional information below for more details.

Original Problem:

Problem found:


If you have any additional questions, please call us at 1-888-987-4357 and reference Ticket Number:

Thank you.
Samsung Electronics America

My device has never seen water. I purchased it a couple months ago, and it should be under warranty. The LDI on the inside of the device is not red, so it obviously hasn't been exposed to damaging liquid, but according to Samsung that was the problem. I checked their online repair tracking and it said this in the messages:

*04/09/2013//12:19:30//0001773863//Web Chat//ASC*
Liquid damaged on PBA components

But the phone was never exposed to water! They're shipping an unrepaired product back to me when it's under warranty and I haven't voided said warranty. I checked online and there are numerous others with the same problem, in which their phone was not exposed to water, but Samsung declared it BER and voided their warranty.

This seems like all around lousy way to handle customer service. Now I have to pay a couple hundred dollars for a new phone. It most definitely will not, under any circumstances, be one manufactured by Samsung.

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Reporting: Samsung Repairs - or lack thereof
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Same here

I just got the email today as well. I sent in my S3 because there was no sound coming in or out of it. Not even with headphones, and caller couldn't her me speak or me them.

Never dropped in water, never used in the rain, no spills.

Waiting for the phone to get back to me, so i can see if they at least sent some pictures of the damage with it, because none were sent electronically.

Suffice to say, I don't think I will be buying another Samsung product ever.

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No pictures

They don't send any pictures. They just said a piece of paper that says they inspected it for free and that your warranty is now void.

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Know Your Own Phone

Because there are 3 LDI (liquid damage indicator) in a phone. One under the battery and two in the phone. The phones are not water proof, there water, sweat, and dust resistant. The have a pressure seal test that determines if it was seal properly. If it passes its your own fault Any physical or liquid damage voids the warranty policy. The do offer a protection plan when you purchase the device. Read your warranty policy.

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I Know my Phone

Really? I had the exact same issue as others have described here. I was very careful with my phone from day one and took steps to protect it. Short of putting up on a shelf in a room with a dehumidifier, I am not really sure what I could have done. I will never by another Samsung again.

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Samsung Care sucks

Exact same issue and Samsung updated my service request with for my Note 5 with Liquid Damage on PBA Components BER (Beyond Economic Repair). Highly frustrated with the way they treat their customers. Forget it, I will never even dream of a Samsung Phone again in my life, be it the latest of latest in technology, I never will.

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Samsung has NO customer service..

I owned a note 5 since it first came out to US market in Oct 2015. Its only pass an year with 2 month. I did not purchase extended warranty nor have insurance but I make sure I keep my phone good. I was just regular using it like facebooking, youtubing and etc. On 12/12/16 morning, it just wouldn't respond to any charging (both wire and wireless) at all... I called Samsung customer service and they referred me to a bestbuy. The bestbuy was not able to fix it because they told me it was the PBA (the main board/mother board) became bad.. Like I mentioned before, I keep my phone very well as I know I did not buy extra warranty or insurance. I did not drop it or water it or whatever physical damage it and the motherboard just become bad out of nowhere.. I called Samsung customer service again telling them the bestbuy was not able to fix it and they told me they have removed their repairing department therefore they do not repair cell phones without warranty and they cannot do anything about it. I asked if I can speak to a manager if he or she was able to give me some options and then they just hung up on me. Now I am just going to be stuck with a note 5 that's just 1 year and 2 month old.. I have been a loyal customer to them as I used note 3, note 4, to this one note 5 and this is how they treat their loyal customer. Very disappointed..

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