I bought an LN-T4669F three years ago this week.

After 18 months, it began to take time for it to turn on. Then, it clicked repeatedly and eventually came on, but started taking longer and longer. Eventually, it would just click and never come on.

I had purchased an extended warranty so it was repaired (in home) at no cost.

Last week, it started doing the same thing. I searched the web, finding this to be a very common issue with Samsung TVs and monitors now and I found many, many articles discussing the power capacitors and how to replace them (about $12 for parts).

I then called Samsung customer service (800 726-7864) and was pleasantly surprised to find that they will do a one time in home repair at no cost. The only potential catch is that if your set needs something other than capacitor replacement, they'll charge you for it. I don't see this as an issue because most reports show that the capacitors are the culprit.

My repair will be done next week (in time for the Grandkids' visit!).

If you're a do-it-yourself type, you can find the capacitors mentioned by searching for "Samsung capacitors digi-key" and by the way, the digi-key web site is very easy to use and their shipping is very reasonable.

Hope this helps.