Samsung POOR Customer Service! THE WORST! EVER!


Published Thursday, December 14, 2017
Since November 28
Since November 28, 2017 until today December 14, 2017 I have been unsuccessful in purchasing a Samsung Notebook 8 for a Christmas gift for a loved one. I have been on the phone to Samsung Direct, Samsung Finance (TD Bank) and Live Chat for hours on a daily basis trying to get my order filled. At first no one understood why my order payment was being suppressed. I was told many different reasons why, "it's TD Bank, call them" , "it's this & that" . It was I that figured out that it must be the billing address not matching my Samsung Finance billing address on file. I made necessary changes to all addresses on my side but the only place my address hasn't been changed is on the order page of Samsung Direct, so any time I reorder my order is tagged and not paid. Over a week ago I was told that a supervisor would call me within 3 days to verify my identity and make the address change on the Samsung Order page. No one called me. I called again and they said that supervisors are very busy due to high call volume, not very reassuring to know! I was told that it will be brought to the attention of the supervisor and within 24 hours I will get a call. Again no call. I called back yesterday and was promised the same thing. I thought what if I missed the call back and ask "How long will it take to get another call back. Since I was transferred between departments for 17 days now and I still did not get a simple order through and see very little light at the end of the tunnel.
...UPDATE since writing the above I have contacted the Office of the President of Samsung. They said they would contact Samsung Management to resolve the situation, that was 3+ weeks ago it's now JANUARY 2, 2018 and I am still waiting for Samsung Direct Customer Service, Samsung Management and the President of Samsung Office to contact me to "change my billing address" and untag my account...STILL NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED, EVER!

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Reporting: Samsung POOR Customer Service! THE WORST! EVER!
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You may have to wait till he's out of jail
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I bought a samsung phone an S8 Plus and it was brand new and had a major defect, it was bootlooping. I called for 6 weeks and spent hours each day speaking with the Customer Service and the Executive Customer Service Dept. they did not care, disconnected me over 120 times or more. They said that they would repair it after 3 weeks of struggling with them, and then I waited an additionaly 3 more weeks, I said I wanted brand new phone since that is what I gave them, and they wanted to repair it, the problem was irrepairable, it costs the LCD and the PBA so far, the problem of bootlooping is such a serious problem, and the more the phone bootlooping it destroys it further which they had me do over and over again. So my 1000.00 investment is trash. They would not give me a brand new phone instead I am being sent the damaged phone back. They were so rude and did not know the product well. This company Samsung does not care about its customer relations one bit, and they are outsourcing and their employees are reading from

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Never buy a Samsung Appliance as well... ever.

I am an appliance repair tech and there are no words that can describe how terribly made Samsung appliances are. I have decent luck with Samsung's cell phones and TV's but that's about it and I know some people who have invested thousands of dollars into a Samsung refrigerator or washer (most units under 3 years). They look cool but mechanically they are garbage....
Stay away or regret life especially, after you lose all of your week's worth of groceries and then have to wait another 3 weeks on the replacement part from Korea...
Just my 2 cents...

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They are disappointing

I have purchased a Samsung tablet, which stopped working within a year. So, I contacted service center and mailed it to them but they returned since the device was not manufactured in US. It is ridiculous as it is a Samsung device within guarantee period. The worst thing is that they removed my glass protector and sent it back. I am short of words to express my disappointment and anger as they actually stole my glass protector while they did not even try to touch my device to fix it. I chatted online/talked to 5 Samsung agents and they just passed me to another person. Finally, I spent $15 on mail and over $20 on glass protector and wasted some hours talking to them!!
NEVER EVER buy a Samsung product as they just want to sell their rubbish products. Do not expect any customer services.

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Samsung Worst Cust S. So many people have problems with Echo

I had a problem - The person I was calling, could hear his own voice (echo) so, Samsung Store (Vancouver) send my phone for the repairs in Toronto, later appeared another problem – the phone could not recognise any sim card. Then they send it again to Toronto. After I received, în a few days Echo problem returned back so they send it again to Toronto to fix. In total my phone was sent 4 times to Toronto for repairs – every time leaving me with no phone for weeks and a lot of waste of time and so much stress.

Guys believe me I have spend so, so many hours for the past 9 months over the phone, live chatting on computer and emails with their customer service telling me : “This issue was escalated in top priority and discussed with higher management” Everybody knew me already in their offices I guess. By the end I was speaking over the phone with the general manager of the upper department, you know what he said- I can hear this disturbing noise of the echo, but I can not do anything as our policy is to do what our computer test are giving, our computer test declared your phone is working good as per manufacturer’s specifications, so please use your phone as it is…
Can you imagine that???

I have learned one thing- nowadays all the phone are practical identical, our human eye hardly will see the difference- photos/speed etc. What you are really buying is the company you will deal with later. What you will do if your phone got broke??? Samsung has the WORST customer service from them all, you can find tons of people like me on the net, Samsung will replace 99% of your phone hardware but will never replace you with a new phone.

Usually I am not writing reviews, but this case got me supermad, I have spend about 1400$ for the phone and wirelescharger and I keep it in my drawer now. I was huge fan of the Samsung, as I have many appliances în my house from Samsung, but this phone was the last one for sure. I remained loyal even after they were blowing batteries în people's hands with the Note 7 and I believed in them and I bought this S8+, but I regret so much.
Do not make my mistake. There are so many good phones like Iphone, Google Phone etc. with a great customer service- just ask your friends.

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Going to copy and paste my experience. I am also posting it on Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy and anywhere else this product is sold:

I have been a loyal Samsung customer for many years. However, that has come to a screeching halt. My Galaxy S8+ stopped working one night. I did not damage it in any way. Went to bed and it was fine, got up the next morning and could not connect to any network. Went to AT&T for help, they worked the problem for a bit , it was finally decided it had to be sent in to Samsung. They received my phone on Aug 8. They did not even open the box until Aug 13. I received emails from them that day that said this would be repaired in warranty at no cost to me and that the phone would be fixed in 5 business days. That was the last I heard from them. I, however, have reached out to them countless times now. I keep getting shuffled between repair support, customer support and executive customer support ( which by the way means nothing). I have spent over 7 hours total time on the phone with them, been hung up on, lied to about different department availability, spoken rudely to, put on hold for outrageous amounts of time. Finally today find out that my phone has been "repaired" twice now since sent in and has failed both of its quality control tests. Now it is being repaired a 3rd time and will have to go through "quality control" again. There is NO timeframe given for how long this might take. I have been told repeatedly that NO ONE there can make a decision to replace or refund a phone. I run a small business and I depend on this phone every day. It has been over 3 weeks since I've had it.....and there is NO care whatsoever from Samsung. Be assured, I will let everyone know that I possibly can about this horrible and unfair customer service. SHAME ON YOU SAMSUNG....this family will NEVER purchase another product from this company.

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Agree on worst service

Samsung customer support is the worst of any company I have ever dealt with. I have been lied to, given bad information, hung up on for lever a week now. Let me just say NEVER buy anything from this company. It is now my mission to tell every one on every social media site I can find about hoe trulely horrible Samsung customer service is...

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Common with Samsung

I think the word is finally getting out the poor level of quality in Samsung products and support. They have a horrible rating on all the consumer sites that I've seen. Most if the support staff is trained to hear you out then tell you it's your fault and then do nothing to address the real issue. The most success I've seen is with people filing complaints online with the BBB or a Federal consumer agency.


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Samsung Customer SVC... WORST EVER

I agree... Samsung customer service is worst ever. I ordered a TV two weeks ago but Samsung did not delivered my TV on time. (Actually, Samsung delivery team postponed their delivery date for three times... Don't know why they keep calling me and give new delivery date again and again...) ANYWAY, I did not receive my TV but Samsung.com show that my order is already delivered... unbelievable... So, I called Samsung.com customer service to check about my order status then they told me TV is already delivered. Told them I did not receive my TV so I asked the delivery confirmation documentation or something that the TV was really delivered. THEY TOLD ME They do not have and asked me to TO GO TO POLICE DEPARTMENT and REPORT then Samsung will start investigate... Why do I have to go to Police to report... Is this joking????

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