I bought a Samsung washer and it broke within 3 month.Called CS on March 3 and the nightmare began.

They sent 4 groups from two different contractors. Each of them diagnosed totally different issues and none of them was able to repair it. One person said it's the largest motor problem that usually won't happen within 5 years. A month past and the machine is still broken, I called Samsung to request a replacement. It took them another month to approve this request (including 5 phone called and two of them put me on hold for 1.5+ hours!!) In each contact, they promised a response time window but they never responded in time, not even once.

And from the last phone call with their replacement team on April 9 (on hold for 1.5 hour to actually tale to someone), they agreed to deliver the replacement in stead of store credits as firstly suggested. They said the trucking company will contact me within 3-5 business day and they promised to send me an email regarding the reimbursement of the installment of the replacement. And I never heard back from either the trucking company nor Samsung until April 19.

On April 19, Samsung sent me a text message saying the trucking will contact me within another 7-10 business days. And I haven't received any contact until May 10.

On May 10, I received an email from their audit team indicating that my replacement has been delivered and asking for my feedback. I never received the delivery, not even a phone call to schedule the delivery. And I never received the email for reimbursement of the install fee. I text them back but never got response.

So I call again on May 13. The rep answered my call said she only saw store credits under my ticket number. When I said they promised a delivery she said she need to transfer me to replacement team and confirmed they are available before the transfer. And I'm been on hold for 1 hours 42 minutes and no one answer the phone so I had to hang up.

This is the most frustrated experience I've ever had.