It's basically the same TV as the PN50A550 only with 720p resolution, so I just used those settings, and they looked pretty good on my dad's TV that he purchased over the weekend.

--Picture menu
Mode: Movie
Cell light: 8
Contrast: 91
Brightness: 55
Sharpness: 0
Color: 48
Tint: G49/R51

Detailed settings submenu
Black adjust: Off
Dynamic contrast: Off
Gamma: -2
Color space: Auto
Flesh tone: 0
Edge enhancement: Off
xvYCC: Off

White balance submenu
R-Offset: 25
G-Offset: 25
B-Offset: 25
R-Gain: 29
G-Gain: 25
B-Gain: 23

Picture options submenu
Color tone: Warm2
Size: Just Scan
Digital NR: Auto
DNIe: [grayed out]
HDMI black level: [grayed out]
Film mode: [grayed out]
Blue only mode: Off

--Setup menu
Entertainment: Off
Energy saving: Off