Don't listen to people telling you that you made a mistake. There are several well respected TV reviewers who feel plasma TVs have better picture quality than LCDs. Even LCD fans can?t argue that Plasma is a solid TV technology and produces amazing HD picture that is (at the very least) just as good as LCD. So you should feel comfortable knowing that you have excellent picture quality? Now let?s talk about burn-in and the scare tactics that people are using on you.

Plasma TVs in General

Is burn-in a real concern? Yes it could happen?. But usually it happens in situations such as someone playing a video game for several hours / days and there is a stationary graphic that doesn?t move the entire time they are playing OR someone has a stock market ticker at the bottom of their TV for days. Movies will not cause burn-in because they won?t have a stationary object on the screen for the entire movie. Even if they did, 2 hours of TV viewing will not cause permanent burn-in. If you want to be safe, just limit your viewing of stationary graphics and images, such as the dark side-bars on nonexpanded standard format television programs, stock market reports, video game displays, non transparent TV station logos, and computer graphics. You don?t have to completely avoid this type of stuff but just be sure to mix in other content for your screen. If you watch a lot of 4:3 TV then you should use your picture sizing feature to fill the screen. Black Bars on the side of the picture is a stationary object for the Plasma.

About your specific TV (pn50a450)

Your TV is equipped with an anti burn-in technology called Auto Pixel Shift. This feature will shift your picture up & down and side to side at a time interval that you select. You won?t notice the shift because it?s just moving over a pixel or two. This regular shifting of the image significantly reduces the chance of any screen burn-in. You can enable this feature by going to your menu, selecting ?set-up? then selecting ?Screen Burn Protection?, then go to pixel shift and press enter. At this point, you can select the number of pixels you want to shift both Horizontal and Vertical, as well as the time interval of the shifting. They say that the optimal setting is Horizontal ? 2, Vertical 4 and Time 4 but you can play around and see what you like. You also have something call All White function can reduce or remove the effects of any burn-in or ghosting if it should happen.

Now go and enjoy your TV. Stop letting people freak you out. The next time you get warned about burn-in, just tell them that you are aware of the concerns and avoiding things that would cause burn-in.

Hope this helps,

Mr. Samsung