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samsung plasma 850 picks up other remote signals?

our brand new plasma tv has a mind of its own. the volume goes up on its own, not such a big deal since we have a sony surround satellite speaker. but when the remote light starts going off, the channels start changing, the source changes from tv to cable to games back to tv and you cant even stop it! it does it all on its own! it is very annoying when you are watching your favorite show or a great movie and poof! the tv starts getting signals from God knows where. the only thing that "fixes" this is unplugging the tv for about 1-2 minutes and turning it back on, reset the source to our speakers and wait for it to happen again in an hour, or two if we are lucky.

I have ready other posts, and they only mention interference with cable remotes. but we do no have any problems with out cox dvr. we even took out the batteries from all our remotes (4) and the problem still happens. HELP PLEAAAASSSEEEEE!

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Reporting: samsung plasma 850 picks up other remote signals?
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amsung plasma 850 picks up other remote signals?

d. marcela alvarez,

Random channel switching or volume raising is not an indication of the IR issue for other 8 Series plasma units. The symptom for any issue I'm aware of involves not being able to to use the remote.

Do you live in an area where another person's remote might be changing your set as well?


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random channel switching

well, we do live on top of a hill with houses/apt on both sides and big bay windows in the living room. I guess if/when we move and we still have this problem we can worry more about it then. I am glad, but still annoyed the case might be the tv picking up other signals. Thanks for the response!

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Volume Problems

d. marcela alvarez

My Samsung PN50B850 also has a mind of it's with the volume. It is four months old and am experiencing the same issue. Did you resolve your issue? What can I do? It may be possible that a neighbour has a similar samsung product and is adjusting my volume.

What can I do to fix this annoying problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Volume problems

My samsung lcd has been experiencing volume issues for about 6 months now. Either it turns up all the way and stays there or turns down all the way and stays there. It also switches from ch 3 to AV on its own. The remote is no help. Everytime i try to use it, a red light just flickers at the start button, but nothing changes.

Thanks for any help in advance its greatly appreciated

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Same issue with my Samsung Plasma 850

Mine tends to randomly turn the volume down every few seconds. I have external speakers, but the annoying thing is the "Volume 0" icon keeps flashing on the screen - really gets in the way when watching something.

I've tried covering the IR sensor without any luck, it makes me wonder if it's an internal bug in the TV's firmware that's causing it rather than a problem of receiving external IR signals.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?? Do I need to upgrade the firmware somehow?? Any help please!

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Source Switching random on the Samsung 8 Series Plasma

I have the 8 series plasma and love everything about it. however, as of late and worsening everyday, the sources will start switcing as if there is a ghost in the house. Obviously, thats not what it is, but it will do it as I fight to get it back onto my HDMI/Recevier source. It keeps trying to switch even while I am in control of the remote. Ive took out the batteries on all my remotes and it continues. The red light blinks on the tv indicating a remote function, not the case. I turned off the link between my Samsung Blu Ray and still does it. Samsung tech support seems to act as if its a new problem.

Any fixes yet? ITs getting worse to where it does it for an hour on start-up. Ive unplugged...nothing, Ive updated to the latest firmare 018. and still continues.

Let me know ifanyone got this resolved even as I am in the process of having tech support come to my home. One other thing that is bothering me and not sure if its a coinsidence, I have a PG&E smart meter hooked up and operating on a 900MHz wavelength. Could this be causing it as it transfers data?

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Same issue with my Samsung 850

I bought my plasma about 7 months ago and recently it started flicking the menu option on and off, it has gotten worse and at first we thought it was the remote, but now we realise that it is the little touch button panel at the bottom right corner of the tv set.

It sounds as if these are all similar problems

Is there any way of fixing this?

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Same issue with my Samsung 850


If you're still under your warranty, call 800-SAMSUNG or set up a service through the Online Service Request form here:

I have no way of knowing if any of these are related unless I inspect them. They'd be able to diagnose your set.


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Samsung with a mind of its own

Just to let you know, the problems you are experiencing with your tvs getting random remote instructions is a standard fault. I have just had this same problem on my 50Inch Samsung plasma , engineer from Samsung came Saturday, replaced IR receiver circuit board in the plasma and it works fine now. If you don't sort it it will get to the point, as mine did, where it will completely lock you out and not recover until the board is replaced.

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Still experiencing issues

I was searching for a fix on my Samsung model pn50b850 and came across this thread. The TV is approx 2 years old, and has done what is described above from roughly the time I bought it. It will at random change volume or source input. If ignored, it will eventually "lock up" where it changes source and then the little red light in the bottom right corner that lights when receiving input will start flashing continuously, and the TV does not accept input from either the remote or the buttons on the TV itself when this happens. The only fix has been to unplug TV and replug in. It then operates normally.

Typically, the TV will experience this issue about once every day. Enough to be annoying but not enough to justify a TV repair bill. I have moved locations with the TV, as well as had this issue while
using basic cable and Direct TV, so I suspect it is a TV issue, rather
than an issue involving the TV receiving signals from external sources as theorized above.

I will inquire through Samsung support, but if anyone has stumbled upon a cause or quick fix to this issue I would greatly appreciate reading about it.

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May have the solution

I have been experiencing some of the same problems: volume swells to 100 and stays there even when I try to turn it down with the remote, switches to demo mode on its own, switches inputs on its own and then it constantly scrolls through the channels.

I have a Samsung PN50B850 that it 2 years old and fortunately I bought a service plan. The tech from Geek Squad was here 3 weeks ago and replaced the main board and the control board( I think that is what it is called). 4 days later the same issues returned. Best Buy sent the same parts again, but the tech, Juan, knew it had to be another problem, so he called samsung and they told him the bezel needed to be replaced on the TV. The heat from the TV causes the controls to press against the bezel and cause this behavior. He ordered the parts today and will install next Friday.

I will update and let you know the results next week. This tech is pretty sharp and made me happy I bought the service plan that I thought I would never use. It has already paid for itself. Best Buy and Geek Squad rock!, not so much.

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Same issue..

Did fixing the "bezel" issue solve the problem?

I've had this same issue as everyone has described here. PN50B850 purchased from BestBuy in 2009, and no longer under warranty. I had the service company come out today and replace the control board. It was doing the whole "menu flashing on and off" deal. Now that the control board has been replaced, it is doing the "volume up to 100" thing.

I watched the service guy replace the control board today, and seemed very simple. How was the bezel fixed? Is this something that can be done w/ out having to pay a service tech? If it did work, what kind of parts are required? Does anyone know where I can order them?

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Bezel didn't work

Geek Squad came out about a month ago and replaced the bezel and control and IR boards and it was doing the same thing within an hour. I have called them and they are scheduled to come out again today and do the same thing again. I retract my previous praise of the Geek Squad. Those guys are idiots. This is the third time they will have replaced the boards and the second bezel. They have already exceeded the cost of the TV with the charges for the repairs. Thank goodness, I got the service plan. Furthermore, they lied to my father, who was at my house to let the service guy in. He told him that they couldn't find out what was done previously because they don't keep those records. I called to schedule another appointment and the guy I spoke with sent me all of the previous invoices which proves the guy was lying.

I can't wait for this guy to show up this morning.

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Thanks for updating

Thanks for the bezel update - I was really hoping that might work and we all could do it as well as a fix. I will continue to monitor the thread to see if anyone ends up successfully resolving the issue. I too have called repair folks who want to swap the receiver board, but I hesitate to spend the $ and then not end up with an unsuccessfully repaired TV.

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same issue

My 58" samsung plasma does the same random source changing. I had a technician out. he replaced the main board. this lasted about three months. He then came out and did a firmware update. this lasted about two months. he then came out and tried to determine if the board behind the bezel (source, power etc) was faulty. we could not get to it. we have now ordered a new digital board. this is the board that is connected by a ribbon cable to the the source,volume & power buttons (behind bezel) If anyone has any success please post on this thread so we may find the solution. I will update if this corrects the problem.

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Still trying to figure it out...

Since my past post, the service company came out again and replaced the controll board for the 2nd time (in hopes that the first replacement was faulty). Almost immediately it started acting up again. As time passes it gets worse. Early on it would only randomly malfunction and change sources. Now it happens almost immediately after turning on the TV.

The service company is coming out on Wednesday to replace the main board. As I mentioned in my earlier post, my TV is no longer under warranty. Purchased in 2009. All of these repairs are starting to add up. If this main board doesn't solve it, I may be junking the TV and buying a Vizio cheap from WalMart. This is what I get for buying a nice TV, I guess.

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The service tech came out today and replaced the main board. 30 minutes after he left my house, the source changed on its own from HDMI to TV. For those keeping score at home that two control boards, and one main board.

Any other ideas?

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the tech came and changed the digital board. this did not have any effect. we determined that the touch keys on the bottom front of the tv are faulty. this is glued to the back of the bezel. we are ordering a new keypad to replace the old one. this may or may not work. the tech believes that this design is faulty. we will update once again after replacing this component.

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Thanks for the continued updates

Thank you everyone for continuing to update - Since most of us likely never use the touch panel buttons on the bezel, I am wondering if the TV would function without them? If you don't mind, perhaps you could ask the serviceman that question when you next see him? I am thinking that those of us who don't wish to use a repair man could potentially remove the bezel and throw away the keypad, thus potentially fixing the issue, even though we would lose the ability to manually tune the TV without the remote.

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samsung plasma 850 - Switches Mode - Turns up Volume

My 2009 850 stared acting up a couple of years ago. They decided to replace the panel buttons that are just glued on under the bezel...back of tv has to come off...its a $41.00 dollar part $100 in labour. Everything was ok for about 8 months and it started changing sources and volume again...called out the tech as decided that I would use my extended warranty this came out and said we can replace the buttons again part was still $41.00 and labour. The piece in question is glued on and the tech thought it was something to do with the glue heating up and then causing the little panel too not function as it should. The panel is one piece that has the touch button and the ir sensor all in one...he said as we were going to replace the piece anyhow he would like to try something...I said go for it.
He lifted the glued part carefully up with la ittle scredriver, then clipped of the end that had the buttons leaving the ir sensor in place as its a single unit, plugged the unit back on tested to see if it would still function using the remote .....It worked. (this now means you can not control the tv from the touch buttons on the tv, which are hard to see anyhow but can still control using the remote. You also loose the red power light that flashes when it get stuck. The TV has been a perfect fix...cost me $85.00 for the call out fee and tv is working as it should....btw Samsung says that their is nothing wrong with this TV, we all know their is a design flaw and shame on Samsung for not recognizing it. I have pictures of the piece that he clipped if anyone is interested. I am sure this is now a home fix as it was a real simple process.

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just wondering if you could post or send a picture of the pieces that were clipped. trying to do this ourselves as our service tech woulkd not touch it for liability reasons and said that the touchpad had to had to hang outside the tv.

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samsung tv

hi, send me your e-mail and will send you the picture.
my tv is still working perfectly.

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Pictures of Repair

If you still have the pictures for this fix could you please email them to I would love to see this fix, just picked up this model for dirt cheap and the owner was talking about it having this issue. Thank you!

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Repair to your Samsung pn50b850 TV

Hi, I am experiencing the same problems and would like to see the picture of the repair (clipping the ribbon cable). This post was excellent and the pics would help greatly. Thanks in advance!

Harry Whyte

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Repair to your Samsung pn50b850 TV

hi, send me your e-mail and will send you the picture.
my tv is still working perfectly.

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repair pictures

Thanks for the offer on the pictures. Please send them to . BTW I have temporarily bulled the front bezel loose and shimmed it out with a napkin. Believe it or not the TV has worked fine since but would like to perform a more "technical repair". Thanks again!

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wondering if you've received the pictures for this fix...i'm still waiting for a response from tgd711, and would like to try my hand at this with a visual reference as soon as possible, thanks for your help!

my email is:

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Pictures for clipping Samsung IR sensor

Dear TGD711,
I have the same issue with my 58 inch 8 series plasma. If you could send the pictures of the clipping of the IR sensor pad I would be extremely grateful. Thanks. My email is

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tdg711 please help (again)!

Hi, never been on this site before but finally found other people with the same problems as I've had on my 50" Samsung plasma in the UK. tgd711 result matches all conclusions I've made so far, but worried about making irreversable changes! Please could you email pics or videos
"...of the piece that he clipped" so I can dare risking the same repair to my TV. Thank you.

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tgd711 pictures

sorry,forgot to say (as never been on this site before)
Please email
Thaks again!

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