Samsung PC Software is the worst thing ive experienced

OK, I now own a Samsung Jet and wanted to check for firmware upgrades, so I installed NPS and it immediatley tells me there is new firmware available, however when I go to start update download it repeatedly fails saying server is down, then if I choose S8000 in the list it connects, makes me agree, then proceeds to start the firmware download but then fails saying "UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER BECAUSE NETWORK IS DISCONNECTED"...???

ok, so I heard about Samsung KIES - lol - this took forever to install and run so much crap it slowed my 3Ghz PC to a halt - anyway , I connect my phone and choose PC STUDIO MODE and it just continuously says 'CONNECTING' , but never does... after some googling it appears that u may need to have some KIES app installed on your phone so u can choose 'kies mode' when plugging phone into USB, however I dont have it installed and cant seem to find any app, using the web on the device is hard enough.

can anyone tell me how to get these "programs" to work properly? I want to update firmware on the phone - the PC is running Windows XP 32-Bit


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Reporting: Samsung PC Software is the worst thing ive experienced
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If I were to bet...

My bet is your question is really "How do I get these apps working on MY PC?"

I'm finding that the Samsung apps usually are fine on most Windows PCs but once in a while you encounter a PC like yours. And you really don't care what the reason is, you just want it to work on MY PC.

I wish there was an easy fix but for now, consider trying it on another PC but one that is new, current and hasn't been hit with the usual issues of an older PC.


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new install of XP and updated

the PC is an Acer from 2006, a new fresh install ( 5 days ago) of XP Home SP3 with all updates and .NET FW versions installed & updated , no security or other programs running in background - so with that in mind, yeah it should work on MY PC as its designed to work with XP - otherwise they should not say it does.

I will try it on the Laptop which has Windows 7 installed and see how that goes, then I will try with laptop plugged into LAN port (as I use Wi-Fi on PC too).

there seems to be a few reports on the web of these apps doing this.

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If you follow the usual XP installs

I find most are done incorrectly. Look at this one.

That's the OS, service packs and no less than 10 drivers and apps.

XP was great in its day but I find most folk don't have the detailed procedure for their machines. It really does not matter to consumers. That is, they want software suppliers to deal with Windows, no matter what the underlying issue is.

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Hi again Bob

the PC Iam using was specifically built for XP, it wasnt a Vista or Win7 machine that was downgraded , nor is it using components not designed for it (such as Vista/7 only hardware)

I am unsure about what you mean by "detailed procedure" - are you referring on how to install and setup windows XP..? - I want aware there is a procedure other than install Windows, install drivers, update both...voila.

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Yes there are detailed install instructions.

The maker of the PC must create it. A common example I use is at

I find most PC owners are simply using the machine. They could care less about such details.

After over a decade, Microsoft has yet to address this issue, even with Windows 7.

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first ive heard in 7 years

ive never heard of this in 7 years of building and fixing computers - as long as all drivers are installed and you have rebooted there is no reason for them not too work and ive NEVER experienced any problem with order of driver installation, I understand that something like Network drivers may not operate fully without Chipset drivers etc - but thats the whole point of having them installed, all the link you provide explains is that for his laptop the audio will not work without another driver installed - it does not prove that there is any specific 'order' in which drivers should be installed, as long as they are ALL installed and you have rebooted the PC then the computer is working as expected.

Unless you mean simply to point out that specific hardware may not work properly if another piece of hardware's driver is missing or incorrect - then fine, but I dont think it matters in which order you install drivers in , just as long as they are all installed and have rebooted.

I have not missed out any drivers, anyway - ive just tried it on the laptop with Windows 7 and guess what...same results - so I tried with LAN cable connected to the laptop and same result - it says it cant connect..then eventually it does but then when it goes to download the upgrade it says the network is disconnected - when you google it, it seems to be common that this software fails to deliver.

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...ive tried again and now it says theres not enough charge in my battery (phone) even though its full, and now ive charged it and plugged it back in the software wont recognize the phone as connected - and this is on the Windows 7 laptop ...lol... seriously this software is bad and its NOTHING to do with windows or drivers, its obviously poorly written

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In Samsung new PC studio 7, I can access an auxiliary SD card via USB but I can only access the phone itself via Bluetooth. Good that I have both.

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Then call it in.

You do realize that Godaddy and a lot of networks are messed up today. You'll have to call it in since only Samsung can tell you if their servers are affected.

Since you have done the best test you can (another PC) the only thing left is that other issue that popped up with Uverse.

On a personal note you seem combative. I will help where I can but once in a while folk want to tussle. I'm not going to play along. I will try and see if I can spot what's up but at this point it looks like a network or internet issue.

Call it in.

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More about this 2009 phone.

The more I look at this, I see more problems. In a quick look I think this one is where you take it up with the carrier why the OTA update fails. And then you ask KIES if this phone is supposed to work with this phone.

This story is starting to sound like the MSFT KIN.

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sorry if I come across combative, i didnt mean too :)

Hi Rob..

sorry if I come across combative, i didnt mean too - my use of HIGHLIGHTING words in caps is just to express how certain Iam of what I talk about, its in no way a form of "shouting" or anything untoward, sorry about that, I was only referring back to your point about possible incorrect XP/Driver installation causing possible network problems (which ive had before when I failed to flash a Netgear router with only the LAN driver installed but not the Chipset Driver too, hence my reference about that, as soon as I installed the Chipset Driver the flashing util worked) - but in my case I have them all installed and up-to-date.

I will see if I can find an email address for Samsung, the phone is 3 years old and on PAYG with Virgin (and the phone was not bought from Virgin) - so all I can do is ask Samsung, wierd how it connects and see's an update is available, the "checking" server must be different from the server that holds the actual download.

I'll probably end up bricking the phone trying to update it...lol... it works fine, I just like to have latest updates installed, ive read theres some improvements to the Media-Player and I use that a lot.

Im trying to get media=player functionality that allows me to skip tracks by holding in volume button, my old Sony Ericsson w800i done this, it was great as it meant I did not have to take the phone from my pocket to skip tracks, now with this phone I have too..

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That's much clearer.

Since it's not from the carrier, OTA may indeed fail. OTA requires a lot of coordination with the carrier and so there is really nothing wrong there. It will frustrate those that try to update in such a situation and let's be clear, this is a CARRIER issue and not a Samsung one.

Back to KIES. I didn't find the Jet on it's list so it's up to Samsung to answer that one.

Before you update this, be sure this feature is documented somewhere. You don't want to update blindly.

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Hi Bob,

my GF says she got the phone off her Dad and it was on Virgin PAYG..sorry.. BUT, she used it on o2 for years... I wasnt aware, anyway I wouldnt have thought that would matter would it? it should recognize the carrier FW installed on the phone and simply update it? if it was anything to do with that you would think it wouldnt even bother initiating the update (which it does)

do you know of any email addresses for Samsung?

..ive just tried to use the contact us link on their UK website, it asks for my model etc so it can supply possible solutions, then when i click next to get onto the contact us page the 'PHONE' (choose model) section works intermittently, when it does my phone is not in the list and its required...sigh!

I dont think it has anything to do with the carrier, otherwise it wouldnt initiate and throw up a "network is disconnected" error - mobile updating software simply recognizes the fw version installed (Carrier and version number) and installs the latest version - so if its Orange phone it will install Orange's version of the Samsung FW etc.. even if the phone is unlocked to work on other networks it will/should still install the version of FW that matches the carrier, the phone may not remain unlocked but thats not the point.. this phone has a Virgin icon in the menu so that verifies its virgin model using a virgin sim - ive also found out that her dad bought the phone as PAYG - it was never a Pay Monthly phone, it came unlocked with a Virgin PAYG sim ... and Iam now using a Virgin PAYG sim also, but like I say that doesn't matter, I could have a T-Mobile sim in the phone using T-Mobile settings but the updater would download and install Virgin fw because thats whats installed on it already.

It seems to me that its SAMSUNG issue, either with the software or their network, if I can find some email address then great, im not wasting good money on 0845 numbers to get someone who just cant help at all...

I appreciate your help so far on the matter Bob, thanks

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"it should recognize the carrier FW installed on the phone

"it should recognize the carrier FW installed on the phone and simply update it?"

In a perfect world. But this phone is not on it's original carrier so OTA can fail. This might confuse a consumer until someone tells them it's rare for it to update if it's not on a carrier that supports OTA for this model.

"It seems to me that its SAMSUNG issue, either with the software or their network, if I can find some email address then great, im not wasting good money on 0845 numbers to get someone who just cant help at all..."

Support numbers here are at Samsung.com.

Samsung does not run the cellular network so it's not their issue to solve. Samsung also does not run the internet or ISP so again, not their issue to solve.

Consumers will not like that.

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