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Samsung LN46B650 Thin Black Horizontal Lines

Sorry about previous post.

I'm experiencing thin black lines from the top of the screen to the bottom. It covers about a 1/3 of the entire screen. Did a Picture Test still no improvement. I played a DVD as well, I still see the lines. I viewed HD as well as Standard channels, still see the lines. Any advise?

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Reporting: Samsung LN46B650 Thin Black Horizontal Lines
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Samsung LN46B650 Thin Black Horizontal Lines


I just responded to your other post. Sorry about that.

We know that it happens on several inputs now, but how many lines are there and where are they on the screen?


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Black Horizontal Lines

I've had the same problem with my TV for a couple months. My lines go across the entire screen and almost look like shadows. I was told by a technician on another tech website that it is probably a power supply issue, that it's not gettting enough power. Do you think that is true? I only have (1) HDMI input from my cable box.

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Thin black lines on 46b650 screen

lines are about 1/4 inch apart from top to bottom of screen. starts on the right and about a 1/3 of the way toward the middle it fades. called sears spoke to a tech he's sending two parts for a sears tech to install. mentioned it could be an internal cable.

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thin black lines 46b650 same problem

yesterday i was playing games i noticed the same problem that you have babes808gpa it wasnt there when i first bought the tv its only 7-8 months old and i barely use it, i did multiple test switching too my dvd, wii, and looking at picture, its still there so i looked on the forums too see if anyone have the exact same problem, my lcd tv has multiple lines are horizontal it starts from the right and fades too the left, the color is light grey, im calling samsung tomorrow, can you post if you got yours fixed or if you found out what the problem is babes808gpa thanks!

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Is your problem fixed?


I am also having the same problem.

Please let me know how do you fix this problem

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Led Fix

I had the same problem with my Samsung LED tv. I was able to fix it for no money, all on my own. It took a little bit to get the picture back but it was a very easy fix. Watch this video on YouTube. I hope this helps.

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Did you have the "internal cable" replaced yet? If so, did it work?

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thin black lines on 46B650

Having the tech replace an internal cable and panel today (1.28.10). I will keep you informed.

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thin black lines on 46ln650

Problem resolved!!!! Sears Tech came in and replaced the internal cable and put in a new panel. At this very moment, NO LINES! The parts used were: BN96-10075A for the Cable and BN07-00671B LCD Panel. Total fix cost was listed at $1700.00. Luckily I was covered by warranty. Took 1/2 hour to complete. Hope this helps you and speedrocks.

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46b650 thin black lines

no i did not try other component connections. i use component because i'm using my "old" denon receiver with no hdmi jacks.

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internal cable

If it does end up being the cable, could you see if you could get a part # of the cable from the Sears repair person? I had another tech website tell me that it was either the power supply, or it was the thick cable that runs from the power supply to the control panel. If replacing the cable works for you, I'd love to know. It would certainly be a lot cheaper to replace that cable than the power supply. I'll look forward to hearing how it goes.

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thin black lines

just wondering if replacing the "internal cable" fixed the problem?

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We have the same problem....

46" Samsung LCD. Horizontal black lines. TV is out of warrenty. Paid $2K for the set. Paid the extra coin for the Samsung over the off brands because I didn't want to chance the TV breaking. Very upset to say the least. Samsung needs to make this right.

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Have the same issue

Black lines across the whole screen. This is the Second Samsung. Needless to say I will not buy another. As I suspect the cost will be the same as purchasing a new TV.

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Yet another with the same issue

Wow - I really had perceived (and even recommended) their products as "top of the line" in terms of quality and performance.
No more praise or purchases from me.

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same problem

I have a similar problem but my scan lines start left on the entire left side and begin to fade 1/2 way across the screen.
in other forums ( AV experts forums) they are saying its a bad lcd since it occurs on all sources.

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As a general rule...
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Same Issues

I am having the same issue that all the prior customers are having. Before it was the power on/off issue which I fixed out of pocket. Then now this with the black horizontal lines. I am extremely frustrated when I paid so much money to purchase this television and then Samsung want to say its a service issue when obviously we don't all use the same service or are not the same servicer. There has to be something done because this is outrageous. What can Samsung do to better serve their customers when their customers have taken great care of their television which ultimately has taken care of the Samsung company?

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same problem with lot of extras

Similar problem horizontal thin black lines spacing 1/4 inch from top to bottom. Started on Friday 05/04/2012. Tried different power out let and different inputs. no luck. Tired power recycle for 2 hours no luck. haven't switched on the unit till 05/06/2012. Switched it on again on 05/06/2012. Loosing power often. 4 to 5 times in 15 minutes. except for volume and channel button, tv is not responding for remote. Not responding to touch buttons on the front panel also. Only way to turn it off is by pulling the power cord.
I barley used the tv. out of warranty period. service center is asking around 80 for quote. Too expensive.

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UN46B6000 Black Lines

I am also experiencing the thin horizontal black lines, along with an image freeze while a show continues. Has anyone tried to take Samsung to small claims court to get them to refund the purchase price of the TV or get them to replace the tv at no charge. These tv's are far to expensive $2,000+ to break within 2 to 4 years.

Personally, I am considering the small claims court route and believe I have a good shot to have Samsung stand behind their product.

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Any Luck

So has anyone had any luck solving this problem?
Matthew Rings

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Does Samsung fix this?
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Led Fix

I had the same problem with my Samsung 40" LED tv. I was able to fix it for no money, all on my own. It took a little bit to get the picture back but it was a very easy fix. Watch this video on YouTube. I hope this helps.

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AV SERVICE company diagnosed line problem as bad LCD panel

Our SAMSUNG is a LN46B610AF. I bought kit in 2009 and now it's diagnosed as having a defective LCD panel with a replacement cost of $1000 !!!

I have never ever had a TV crap out that was just 4 years old, regardless of cost.

Scouring the internet, this is a common problem and the manufacturer should be held to account.

Based on this experience, we will never, ever buy another SAMSUNG product.

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Same issue.. It's a shame that Samsung isn't compensating customers like us on a common issue like this. Especially since they are all within 4 years old. Who spends $1700+ on something that will last 2-4 years?

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did they tell you how much to fix it?
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2009 Samsung 55 inch UNB7000 black horizontal lines

I now had the same problem creep up. This TV was $3300 when it came out, got for $2500 6-12 months later. Called a technician about problem, they said screen is going bad, $1000 to fix or just go buy a new one. Black horizontal lines show about every quarter inch on all input channels. I thought one advantage of LCDs over plasma is they would last forever. Who cares if a plasma starts to lose blackness after 10 years if LCD goes bad in 6 years or less. The internet is full of posts about Samsung LCDs with black lines now on TVs only as old as 2 years. I still have a Mitsubishi 35" TV with picture tube that is 18 years old and still working. Very disappointed in Samsung LCD life. Great review on TV when new but feel lied to about the technology. Certainly not going to trust buying Samsung phone or appliances now either regardless of review when they are new if they are only going to develop major problems down the road, and i'm definitely not buying an expensive Samsung TV ever again.

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Here's the thing.

Almost all the consumer brand TVs you see is stores are 5 year designs. Don't believe me? Just look at forums filled with this issue. finds Samsung, Sony and other makers that have this failure. Samsung's market share means you will see it more often.

Mitsubishi is no stranger to product issues. Just look at their DLP DMD issues.

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Fixed the horizontal lines

I just fixed the horizontal lines on my samsung tv following the instructions in the video posted on this thread using nothing but a small piece of tape. Thanks.

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Will be trying this tonite and confident ill get it to go.. Crazy that the tech repair people claim its a bad lcd and charge 1000's and people pay it. Its literallt a free fix.

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