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Samsung LED tv keeps rebooting

I have a un46es6150f LED tv that's rebooting all the time while watching tv. The auto power shut off is not enabled. It turns off then automatically turns right back on. It does this multiple times everyday & is not a factor of being on too long, as it has happened only 5 minutes after turning on. The process takes about 30 seconds & doesn't require any work on my part but the tv is only 6 months old & is super annoying.

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Reporting: Samsung LED tv keeps rebooting
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Samsung UN46F7100F - Keeps rebooting (WiFI issue)

I've been facing this issue for some time.. It's just start from simple WiFi issue and eventually escalated to restarting TV. The very first time I noticed WiFi issue is when I was trying to connect my TV to my WiFi router. Every time when I'd try to launch network setup option, WiFi search option would shutdown. So I just gave up on WiFi and started using Ethernet option. Later on my TV started restarting, basically it happened when I'd turn on my TV. Restarting cycle was random between 3-7 times in a row with 30sec-5min interval. I've noticed that it usually would happen when TV just turns on (cold start), once it warms up a bit, it would work fine. Suffering this for some time, I've noticed that I even can't launch smarthub and network setup option anymore. TV menu would just freeze and didn't respond on any commands that I'd send by using remote. So I'd have to just unplug it from power outlet. So I started guessing why would it happen when you turn on TV, and here is the thing: Every time when you turn on your TV, it starts looking for a network availability, whether you have Ethernet or WiFi. Some of the services like smarthub or firmware update requires internet connection. And it usually happens when you turn on TV as TV looks for updates. So my solution was to Turn OFF WiFi, but how to turn it OFF if there is no such option? Simple, unplug your TV from power outlet. Then take back cover off and find WiFi module. Unplug WiFi cable and from module. TV WiFi module looks like this one ., and it usually locates on the bottom left side of TV or in The bottom-middle part of TV, really depends on the model of TV. Once you unplug WiFi cable, put back-cover back and turn on TV. Go to menu and launch network setup option, you will see that there is no more WiFi option, only LAN. Try to launch smarthub, it should work fine. So if it helps, then the issue caused by WiFi module. You still can connect your TV to the internet by using Ethernet, but If you really want to use WiFi then you would have to replace it WiFi module and connect that wire back. In my case I really didn't care about WiFi as I just wanted to fix restarting issue. Hopefully it helps. Good Luck

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(NT) Samsung un40es6150fxza. My tv had the same exact problem. Un
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Samsung un40es6150fxza.

Same problem. Called Samsung no help. Lots of searching turned up this fix. Unhooked the wifi connector. TV has been ok since. Great suggestion. Thanks!

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tv rebooting all the time

Hi. I have a Samsung led model UN46EH5300. I disconnect what appears to be the wireless module. That really works! The tv its on and the reboots are gone. The only problem now is that the tv have no audio at all. I think the audio module and WiFi module are together.

Any help?

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For parts.

I'm using for parts and manuals. For parts from other sources shopjimmy.

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Just replace the wifi module

This worked for me too! The wifi stopped working before the auto-rebooting sequence started. It took me a while to figure out it was the module the whole time.

$40 bought me a new module and the tv works perfectly now.

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WiFi/BT module the problem

I have a 46 in h7150. I disconnected the WiFi/Bluetooth module and it fixed the problem. Funny thing is, about a year ago I replaced the module because the smart remote stopped working ( it uses Bluetooth). You also need it for the 3D glasses. Ordered another one from eBay. Just waiting for it. They're cheap. I guess that's why I've had to replace it twice. Thanks for the heads up.

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Samsung PN51E550D1FXZA keeps rebooting

Same thing happened to my TV. Wifi and Smart Hub froze TV. Then my TV started restarting, basically it happened when I'd turn on my TV. Restarting cycle was random between 3-7 times in a row with 30sec-5min interval. I've noticed that it usually would happen when TV just turns on (cold start), once it warms up a bit, it would work fine. I just ordered WiFi Module from I will let you know how it turns out.

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Same problem, happy result

I experienced the same symptom: update t

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Same problem happy result

Same symptoms of endless TV software update...fixed by reconnecting the smarthub connector. TV is fine.

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Suppose smarthub is a software right?

How to reconnect the smarthub? where is the smarthub?

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Samsung keeps turning off an on in every channel

Updated firmware and pulled the power plug, did nothing. Took the Tv off the network: that worked! Now it’s nice and stable: thanks

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Check connections

I took the back off of mine & unplugged all the connections & put them back. Problem solved so far. It got to the point of not turning on at all, just an endless loop. There really is no fear in doing this, there is basically nothing to mess up once you get the panel off, just a couple boards & connections.

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What worked for me.

I did this too. Problem solved. I have almost a month since I did that, and the TV works perfectly. As you said, there is no fear in doing this, there is basically nothing to mess up once you get the panel off, just a couple boards & connections. I had the same situation that you: The TV was really bad (Endless loop turning on and off, it was useless). Thanks! Grin

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try this quick fix

So I was having the same problem .. I read this and all the replays .. so some one said a servec guy came and fixed the problem by a wire and a s/p board replacement .. so I took the back of my tv off and disconnected the black wire that goes to both boards in the middle of the tv .. I blew in both sides to clear dust or any other interference.. connected both sides back making sure they were firm and all the way in place and put the back on plugged it in and have not had a problem .. the problem starded after I moved apartments so I'm thinking ether dust or move me insured my connection wasn't 100% I have had no problems since then maybe try that be for u call a service tech
Let me know if this helps

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Worked for me

I did your "quick fix" 2 days ago and no spontaneous rebooting since. Same thing happened to me about 4 months ago, but was more fierce. The tv would reboot for about a half hour (probably longer) straight. When it happened that time, I changed the batteries in my remote, which kept it from rebooting long enough to update the software, and it seemed to solve the problem until now. Tried changing the remote batteries and updating the software again, but this time it didn't work. Thought it was my internet connection this time, which led me to this forum. I read your suggestion, did what you did, and no problems since. I never write comments on posts, but this was really helpful and wanted to let it be known. I commend you for this sir, thank you for posting. You have saved me from throwing my stupid samsung tv out the window and buying a new (non samsung) tv.

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55" led 1080p smart 3d hdtv keeps resetting

Model # UN55H7150AFXZA
My tv keeps resetting and its extremely annoying! I purchase ALL samsung products. My phone galaxy s4 active, washer&dryer, blue ray players, microwave and i am in the process of buying a samsung stove. This experience has turned me off from Samsung products currently because i feel like nobody has answers. Ive emailed a copy of my receipt, model# & i really hope samsung makes good on solving my issues without hassle. Ive spent well over 5,000.00 on samsung products and a quick and efficient response is the ONLY way i will continue to be a faithful customer

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(NT) Solution for Samsung TV Reboot
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Re: solution.

That's nice, that you found a solution. Can you tell what you did?


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Open the back cover carefully n remove the Bluetooth Adapter BN96 21431C from your TV. Its very easy. Its actually used to connect bluetooth devices and also to detect and pair 3D active glasses.

Depending on various samsung tv models, the model of above bluetooth adapter module also will change. Just Google the above model number to see how it does look like. All modules across all model will be somewhat similar.

By removing it , you will not be able to use ur 3D function any more. But guaranteed the restart problem will be resolved. For the last 1 year my TV works fine expect 3d function.because I am unable to pair my glasses.

You may try by replacing the above module and let me know what's the result. I haven't tried it so far by replacing it with a new one.

Good Luck

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UN65F6300AFZA Samsung 65" LED Smart TV

I too have the problem with my flat screen repeatedly rebooting. I purchased it a little over 2 years ago. At first I noticed when streaming from Amazon, it would pause in the middle of a movie and seldom reconnect. I thought it was a problem with my router so hard wired it to the router. Still had the problem. I trashed the router and purchased an ac router. I thought that had solved the problem until after 2 weeks it started doing the same thing. We purchased another home and used the tv for approximately 2 1/2 months with the same wireless router on wi-fi only, It worked flawlessly until about 2 weeks ago: that's when the tv started a loop of rebooting. I thought I was getting interferance from some other wireless device so unhooked them all. Turned the set back on and the rebooting began in 30-45 second cycles.
I have read many of the forums and have found this is a regular occurance among samsung tv's. I'm frustrated at this point in that most every post is about much smaller sets. I would be content just to unhook the smart aspect of the tv and make it a "dumb" tv if that would work. I have a roku 4 that does everything I need to do on my tv. I haven't had the back off of my set, but wouldn't know what to look for even if I took it off. Local samsung tv repair shops won't even return my calls. I need your help!

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Two things.
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Samsung LED TV Rebooting Problem Solved!!

Hi Everyone!

I had the same problem with my 65" Samsung TV. I used MilwaukeeJim6 advice ( see below:by MilwaukeeJim6 / September 8, 2013 3:23 AM PDT) and it worked!!

My TV is less than two years old, bought it new. A few months ago, it started to randomly restart. Happened sparingly and randomly. This happened for a few weeks. Then the restarts became more frequent. First happening once a day, then multiple. Eventually about 10 days ago, it started power-looping, sometimes for hours. Finally one day last week, it just would not stop power-looping. Nothing I could do to even turn it off besides unplugging it.

Taking MilwaukeeJim6's advice, I ordered all of the cables and ribbons off ebay using my TV's model number. (Mine is UN65F6350) It was easy and fast. I found a seller who was selling a pack of just the ribbons and cables. It cost me about $40 total. Arrived within 5 days.

I had a friend help me take the TV down from the wall mount, unscrewed the back panel and replaced all of the ribbons and cables. It was very easy (and I'm a girl, so if I can do it, anyone can!).

We mounted the TV back up, powered it on and it's good as new!! I took pictures of what I did if anyone is interested, just don't know the best way to share them.

Best part is, I had a repair man come by to give me an estimate. Quoted me $550 without even looking at it. He already knew what the problem was after he saw the brand/model (but wouldn't tell me!!) - guess it's that common.

Thanks, MilwaukeeJim6 for sharing!! Saved me a lot of money!! And got a great experience fixing my TV on my own!!

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Same problem here

I have the same problem. But I am not sure if that's really the problem of the cable.

I did replace cap, change a new PSU. no help, but finally, figure out that, the black lvds cable looks like having problem. No plug to t-con board, just plug one end to the main board, it will restart, remove the cable, it won't have the click restart problem.

I wonder if that's some problem with the main board or if that's the problem of the cable, I did try to connect with either end, once it plug, it reboot again and again...

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Able to boot up for an hour then it reboot loop again

It keep reboot, so I switch it off, plug everything out, clean it with alcohol as you said, replug everything, try it again for a few times, it work, and everything working fine. But after one hour, it reboot loop again.

I try to replug cable again and again, and I am able to start it up for 2 times and then never work again. The strange point is, only lvds cable connected, it will reboot itself. I am still not sure if that's the problem of the lvds cable or the main board. I'll try to order new cables and board to try.

God bless me.

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Power Supply Board, Mother Board changed, same result

Bad luck, I've the PSU and MB changed, and still having the reboot loop.

The only difference is that, without changing the MB, it will stop clicking if the LVDS cable is unplug. With the new MB installed, it will loop clicking with or without the LVDS cable.

What's going on??? Now just have the display board and the LVDS cable is old.

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Did you solve the problem?

Hi! I seams to have the same problem as you. The tv reboots till i'm removing the lvds cable to the t-con board. I can see the lights on the t-con board flashing. on when tv´s on and off when the relay in the powersupply shuts off. If i meassure the powersupply i can see that all voltages seams to diaspear, eaven standby voltages if im not misstaken.

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troubleshooting samsung lcd TV keeps rebooting

First, I was having my TV that I bought for less than year acting up. The TV will freeze and restart then stuck in the loop over and over again. I read countless forums trying to troubleshoot this delima. Finally, I came here and with some help from others post I completely have my TV fix at least for now LOL.

Steps to fix
_Remove the back cover of ur TV
_Now you have to identify the power supply board (P/S) and the main board
_Once located, there is black 18" cable that connect the two boards (aka eleteck cable). Depending on your the TV, the cable has 14 to 24 connector pins.
_squeeze and pull out the cable and examine it. You usually see burnt (brownish colored) ports at connecting part
_for starters, I will say the eleteck cable has labels read yours and you can find online like $20-40 at TV parts site. The number of pins and temperature limit are the most important things when buying it.
_for those of you that want quick fix, clean the burnt holes in the eleteck cable connecting ports. Careful not to break anything. You should use sharp niddle or razor blade to scape gentlly.
_hook the eleteck cable back foe the two boards and yalla problem fix.

If there is no burnt ports in the eleteck cable then here are fews things to check.
There's forum about checking the capacitor on the power supply board and if it read low voltage you might wanted to replace them. You can get those capacitors from radio shark. Again, check labels on to get right match i.e temperature and current value

If all fails, just get new power supply board at eBay about $90 more or less

Thanks I hope it helps

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Same issue with me. I noticed when I gets this issue then I just unplug power cable from the back side of TV then plug. issue solved for few days. so I think its a power cable.

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Solution worked!

I have a Samsung UE40ES7005 (UE40ES7005UXXE). It restarted while watching tv - sometime every minute, sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes every hour. It also just started by it self when on standby - also during the night....!
Wifi also stopped working when the restarting began.
I took of the back-cover, found the Eleteck E254881 cable 20/20 pins, and saw that in the power-board end, 2 of the connectors were brown-ish, and looked a bit burned. I cleaned it using a needle - the plastic was still brown though.
I also disconnected the WiFi module (finally found it next to the right speaker).
After this, i watched tv for 4 hours without a single restart! What a great and easy solution. Now i'm trying to find a place where i can buy a new cable and a wifi module.

THANK YOU zee_5050 for this solution!

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