Samsung LED DLP HLT5087 Problem


I have a samsung HLT5087 TV. Long story short, the picture stopped working, long cycling times at startup, but it eventually turns "on" although without picture; audio works. I can change the channels and see that white dots flicker, occasionally the blue box with the channel number comes on. Sometimes distorted screen images, but mostly black with occasional static.

Have it repaired 6 months ago, after having someone look into the caps (figured it might be a power issue since it was cycling many times, but the caps looked fine). Turns out it was DMD board. With the DMD board replaced, it starts working.

A month ago, red LED goes out, figure I'll replace it. Before I can get around to that, it is having the weird picture problem described earlier.

I talked to a rep and they said they could offer me a one-time repair. I declined, hoping to get my last repair paid for instead, and maybe there is some underlying problem that is killing the DMD board/picture. Get transferred to exec. care, they say they can't do anything.

TV has been used < 1800 hours, kept in good conditions, good ventilation, normal temperature range. Sick and tired of getting the runaround by Samsung; obviously I'm not going to get the DMD board replaced and have the same thing happen again.

The problems with the DMD boards and power supplies on these forums/other forums are numerous. I'd like to have Samsung at least admit that there is something wrong with the DMD boards on the HLTXX87 sets, and possibly provide some kind of solution besides just replacing the DMD board every couple of months.

Anyway, I suspect a power issue since replacing the DMD board only helped temporarily. Any ideas?

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Reporting: Samsung LED DLP HLT5087 Problem
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Still need options

I called it in and they sent a repair guy; he said the caps weren't bad; none of them were bulging, and they weren't the brand that had the high failure ratings as described in the settlement. It's not cycling excessively anymore, and not clicking; this problem seems to have resolved itself.

So right now, there are no symptoms for it being a power problem. I'm just thinking that since the DMD board has failed twice, there is some other culprit, and power is the most likely option.

Any ideas for how to deal with Samsung?

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More info

Right now I'm just hoping I didn't get screwed over because they said the caps didn't need replacing and they did, and either the DMD board repair wasn't needed or something with the power supply fried my DMD board.

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Did you need another DMD chip discussion?

I've supplied documents that show the life span is much less than expected. In areas of higher temperatures and humidity figure about 4 year life span on the DMD. Ti frankly may have misjudged that life span. These will all fail at some point.

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They will fail

Within two months of getting a replacement, though?

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Could. But

I would have to discuss infant mortality in electronics. Some consumers are blissfully unaware of that topic and will burst into flames as you begin that discussion.

For now, I'm expecting only single digit year lifespans for DMD DLP systems. Ti has tried very hard to save their technology but it appears they could not.

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I know the white dot issues, I understand the bathtub curve. I'm really trying to ask if anyone thinks this is classic DMD board or maybe a power supply issue, since it doesn't LOOK like classic white dots over normal pictures.

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There is that black dot failure as well.

Sorry but as any tech will tell you, you can't be sure until you see the machine. And even then you can't be sure it was that part until you swap it.

With all the above I no longer know where you and your set are now. It may not help but try to tell what work was done and then what the new issue is.

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Like I said

They said power supply looked okay.

Replaced DMD board, set starts working. DMD board fails again.

However, this DMD board failure doesn't look like the other DMD board failures. Since it looks like the entire chip is screwed up (no picture except occasionally), I'm thinking power to chip is not consistent.

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If you look

If you look at shopjimmy.com and more you see folk do replace the board that the DMD is on. The DMD and it's board must match but since it was done by the tech they should have it matched.

-> I can only guess you are second guessing the tech and guessing at the cause. I don't need to guess since we use Oscilloscopes and more but in our world we are dealing with 5 to 7 figure machines so we can get engineers and more involved.

Sorry but at this point I have to think you need to get them back into the set and fix it again. And because of that bathtub curve, no repair is ever going to be a sure thing.

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I am sure the DMD board was bad (replacing it fixed the problem), but I am not sure that the caps aren't.

The caps were just looked at by visual inspection; they didn't look bad so they weren't replaced. They weren't individually tested.

I just have a hunch that it is some sort of issue with voltage to a chip, since it isn't the classic static pixel problem. The whole screen is black with occasional static; sometimes picture, sometimes not. The fact that it works sometimes makes me think it might be insufficient power/power isn't constant. Does that seem logical?

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I don't want to upset you.

But the issue of BAD CAPS has been discussed deeply. If you google BAD CAPS you find the usual site, pictures and what to inspect for.

There is no testing done.

These parts found their way into millions of Dells (2 million or more dead PCs), TVs, stereos, cars and more. It's a big problem that you'll see play out for a very long time since the reason all this happened means it will keep repeating.

If you are not calling them back to report it failed when it did, you may be giving them the idea the repair was fine.

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The bathtub curve.
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Ouch. I see you declined the repair.

Sorry but this can't end well. At least we've covered some of the basics and more. It appears you want a diagnosis. For that, you need to let a tech get in there.

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