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Samsung LED and wireless problems

I bought a samsung LED 40" TV (ua40c5000qr) and the additional samsung wireless lan adapter. What an absolute pain to get it to work and documentation is minimal.

I have a few problems I can hopefully get resolved with your help.

1. WHen i connect to my laptop why can i not browse the directory structure on my laptop like i can if i use a usb stick. The TV seems to select a few directories and thats it you cant browse your computer. I installed pc manager (i randomly found out about) which kind of resolved the problem i was having. but was hoping to not have to install software to do this. "plug and Play" as it were.

2. This one is a big issue for me. HD video does not stream nicely. It stops every 30 seconds while it has to load the next 30 seconds. As you can understand this is very dissapointing.

3. You are unable to fast forward or rewind when watching a video wirelessly. Something you are able to do from a usb drive. when i try to is simply says "Not Available". very annoying

Hope you can help me resolve these else i might as well return the very expensive wireless device to samsung Happy

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Reporting: Samsung LED and wireless problems
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Samsung LED and wireless problems


I hope I can help a little.

1. The computer itself is an operating system, so it won't just scan your entire computer contents. It would be able to do that for a USB stick, since there's no OS file that would stop it. Many OS systems block that ability, which is why the networking program is available. Some users have chosen to use high capacity thumbdrives or even USB HDDs, although not all of the HDD devices are supported.

2. Are the HD formats supported as listed in the manual? Most containers support specific video and audio codecs, and resolutions. I can't say why this would be happening if you're using a supported format, but if the format varies, that may be why.

3. This is listed in the manual as being not available as part of the DLNA and networking options. Some users have reported that it does work for some file types, but it's not officially supported on any file types.

Finally, if the network does seem slow, check to see what other devices you have on the network. If someone else is streaming YouTube videos while you're trying to watch an HD movie, that might also affect your network's ability to stream. Just a thought.


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Samsung LED and wireless problems


Thanks for your reply.

1. Thanks. I understand. Why does the TV pick up a few directories on its own. (before PC manager). What can i do to get it to pick up my media folder or is PC manager the only way to go.

2. The HD videos play perfectly from a usb drive so dont think it is a format or codec problem.

3. Pity.

My network it tiny Happy One computer connected to a wireless router. I am going to try on another laptop and see if there is any difference.

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2. The HD videos play perfectly from a usb drive so dont thi

2. The HD videos play perfectly from a usb drive so dont think it is a format or codec problem.

People have reported this for a long time. It does not matter if it plays on USB vs. wifi vs. ethernet. It matters if it's in the supported list. For a very long time folk have noticed some formats play when on one connection but not another. And all this means is we go back to the list to see if it is supported.

Yes it is a codec issue but many forget these are not PCs. We can't count on being able to install a codec. We have to stick to the supported list.

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thanks Bob

So when they say "supported" they use the term a bit loosely i.e. It may play fine via usb but if incorrect codec then it won?t play wirelessly?

In any event i think the hole wireless thing samsung brags about is a bit overrated and not user friendly at this stage. All my life now to try convert my HD files so they have the correct codec just so that i can watch them wirelessly.

I'm happy if my HD plays via usb/or even network cable with the "incorrect" codec as long as it plays.

Think Im gonna take this expensive wireless adapter back to samsung tomorrow.

thanks for all the help and responses, appreciate it

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I can explain that.

Here's why. I am involved in work about some other embedded products. We often enable features we are working on and given the pressure to fix bugs and work on future features, once in a while you see something work on one port but not the other. That's because we are working on new stuff.

Back to Samsung. There seems to be some that find fault when an unsupported codec or encoding plays on one interface but not another. If that is a fault then call it out and risk losing unsupported features.

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