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Samsung LCD TV Screen flickering (LN55C630K1F)

Good day everyone. We have a Samsung 55in. LCD Tv that has intermitent screen flickering since July of 2011 (unit purchased 6/27/10). I contacted Samsung tech support and informed me that since the unit was out of warranty that they won't be able to warranty work on it. Fast forward to today and the flickering seems to be permanent and have found out from this forum that:
a) There was an available 3mo warranty extension if the TV was registered at that the tech support person failed to inform me.
b) There seems to be a lack of reliability with Samsung LCD TV's based on a frequency of this type of issue as indicated by posts from forum members.
I just wanted to know what course of action others have done to have their TV's fixed.
Thank you in advance and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

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Reporting: Samsung LCD TV Screen flickering (LN55C630K1F)
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I'd try

1. Use the SERVICE ISSUES at the top of this forum next.

a. See above and hope.
b. From my view it's not so dire. Samsung has 60% of the market in some areas so given so many million sets, no so bad. And now that we have forums like this, only those with issues will post. This could lead folk to such a conclusion.

There is some service bulletin on some units about the need to clip some jumper. I have no privy to that document so be sure to bring it up when you call in again. Samsung has been running around and fixing that one for no charge. Seems like a fair deal.

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Thank you.

I appreciate your input. From my view, SAMSUNG TV's are not built well. Have a great day.

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Samsung LED 55" Screen Flickering

Same issues you are having...bought this back in March 2010 and noticed it first beginning summer 2011...of course warranty is gone and Samsung support had no clue...told me to take it to authorized dealer for repair. After much research came to the conclusion IP board went bad. I used a repair shop I've worked with in the past and he replaced the IP board...unfortunately, same issue still exists! I'll keep posted on what happens from here...

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It's a shame Samsung didn't do the work.

This sounds just like, too close to an issue a bulletin or such as written about. I'd pester the repairer to ask for support about cutting a jumper.

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Samsung LED 55" UN55B8000XF

i came across something concerning "cutting a jumper" but the person said they couldn't remember where the forum you have anymore info...

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Sorry. I defer to Samsung.

This is not an user serviceable area. I leave it to them or folk that want to do such things.

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Here are the instructions
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Samsung Flickering

Check these posts out:
Solutions (3)

Problem: screen is flashing on all imputsSolution: some LN46C630K1F have a faulty jumper switch. Specifically Jumper 852 should be cut and removed per Samsung.This
is a Samsung fix according to the Geek Squad with Best Buy. However,
if you do not have this problem until after you have owned for 12 months
Samsung assumes no liability and will not pay for repair or reimburse
for repaid. This is despite knowing the problem and how to fix.Very un-Samsung based on previous experience and not like Best Buy to stand by and do nothing.
Woohoo!! Easy fix!! by chawnskie - 11/14/11 8:37 PM In Reply to: Me too (3): LN46C630 Flickering by chawnskie I continued my Google search after posting here. I found the below post on the Amazon forum:<i>" Denise says: i have the LN46C630 model with same flickering problem occuring just after warranty expired. technician fixed it by cutting one "jumper" (metal wire about 1/2 inch long) located on the power supply circuit board. takes 5 minutes to fix. technician said samsung issued service bulletin that told repair techs how to fix it. you can do it yourself with
a screwdriver, small wirecutters. i could send a photo if you wantok,
not sure how to post the photo here, but here's what the technician did
for $150...unscrew 17 screws, remove the back cover to the TVfind the power supply circuit board, that's the one your TV's power cord plugs into. On the power supply circuit board, upper left corner, to the right of and below the large 46", there is a metal jumper labelled JP852 that is no more than 2 cm in length. it connects something labelled 'Input rating' and another labeled 'COLD'. the technician used wire cutters and cut the JP852 jumper. that solved my flickering issue, TV works great now. tech said that every size TV in this class of samsung has the same design flaw and can be fixed like this. good luck. i would post a photo, but can't figure it out."</i>source:
works. I can hardly believe it, but my TV went from a complete black
screen after a few minutes of flickering, to good as new with the clip
of a tiny wire!!! It took ~ 15mins to complete. I thought for sure it
was one of those "too good to be true" moments, but since I was assuming
I wouldn't get warranty support, I figured why not. When has the
internet last led me astray...? Ok, we won't talk about that Samsung_HD_Tech,
any chance you could inquire within and let us know what this does? The
post says there was a service bulletin. If so, they know about it.This
seems like a solution for a lot of people who are out of warranty or
don't want to deal with the hassle of service even if under warranty. Next unread
spudsdude12-23-11, 12:03 PMWow, talk about a fix that should be public.
Cut a jumper they missed at the factory. JP852 on the power supply board.

The fix (for backlight strobing):
Remove phillips screws that hold the back black metal cover onto the tv,
there's one screw at the inputs area, the rest are all around the
outside of the frame. All are in plain sight and no stickers or other
items have to be removed to get the cover off.

After you have the cover off, cut a jumper on the power supply board that was missed at the factory.

Jumper location: JP852, it's a small connecting wire between the input and cold area of the power supply board.


There's a Samsung bulletin for this issue, it didn't show up on the
repair guys computer. He called them as he thought it could be the panel
itself (which requires authorization as it's over some set value), the
guy on the line said it's a known issue and there was a bulletin by

While I didn't get the bulletin number, the fix is to cut a jumper on
the power supply board, something they missed in the factory.

Jumper: JP852

He cut that jumper, put the back panel back on and remounted the tv (it's wall mounted), problem fixed.

The repair guy said every Samsung TV in this class has the same issue,
something that was missed at the factory. In my opinion this should be
public knowledge and Samsung should be fixing these for free, even for
those out of warranty.

A quick google search on the jumper lead me to another thread, with another model that was affected by this issue LN46C630

I also asked about a "buddy's older Samsung TV", thinking of the guy in
this thread that said his TV takes forever to turn on, he said that's
another known issue with bad cap's on the power supply, easily seen by
bulging of the cap's. To fix those the caps have to be replaced, he said
that's so common that he keeps a whole bunch of caps for the Samsung
power supply's in his repair truck.

not sure if it works and a little worried about cutting a jumper but I have the same issues....

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That is some great info! But does anyone know where the location for the jp852 is on the power supply board for the Samsung Ln55c630k1f model is? I see that the previous posts are for the 46 inch model. Thanks

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Just a tip.

Samsung appears to correct this for you for free (so far.) Why risk your set when they'll do the work for you?

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Just a tip.

And one more tip:

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55" Samsund LED TV UN55B8000XF

Very True! Thanks for all who are posting help/tips...did provide the jumper info to my repair guy...he said he was aware of this issue but not for my model tv...there was an instance where he tried this on a different model with at the customers request and worked temporarily for about two weeks, then had same and more issues! He would not try cutting the jumper on my model (55" Samsund LED TV UN55B8000XF). Nothing new to post as of yet for the status of my tv...

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Not JP852 on 55

I started here to get mine fixed so I'll end it here with what fixed it.

the JP852 jumper fix is not the same for the 55" (at least it was not for my power supply per the Samsung tech that came out). My tech pointed out the that cutting JP854 on my particular power supply works for some people - but I am not recommending it since I did not try it (nor did he).

On one of these forums a Samsung moderator suggested submitting a ticket to the Samsung facebook page (there's a support ticket link on the left). I did, even though I was about 9 months out of the 1 -year warranty period (i.e. 21 months old).

Short story - they gave me a one time warranty extension and came out and replaced my power supply. (So far so good on solving the flicker problem). They responded very quickly.

I'll update if the problem re-occurs.

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LN55C630K1F - JP854

I researched possible causes of the "flickering/strobe" issues I've been facing and found this blog. As mentioned in the above comments, the 55" does not have a JP852 jumper. I threw caution to the wind and cut the JP854. It's been working for several hours and hasn't blown up yet (got to a point where 15 min's max prior to flickering). Worst case if problems return I'll ask for an extension on warranty or purchase and install the power supply myself.

Thanks for the detailed info on this forum!!!

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I am having the same issue with my 55" and so I opened it and tried to look for the jp852 but I couldn't find it anywhere. Can somebody help...

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(NT) Couldn't find it either I was going to try jp850
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Samsung LN4646C30K1F

Samsung is not acknowledging a flickering problem at all. Its amazing how many people have experienced this AFTER warranty. Samsung customer service reads their ready made script, even on the supervisor level and they won't budge to fix an obvious problem. They discount the whole matter, and I quote " we sell millions of TV's and a few complaints is not a problem" REALLY????? I will do the fix myself as I have seen in snipping the JP852, after all it will void a waaranty I don't have or any customer support from Samsung unless I'm willing to pay for it. Thanks a lot folks. So beware before you buy ANY Samsung product---they do not stand beind their product at all.

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flickering in LA40c550

I'm having the same problem with the 40" model - LA40c550. The powerboard model is BN44-00340B, which doesn't have the same wire numbers as mentioned above. Does anyone know if there's a fix for this model?

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Same issue with 32" UN32F6300AFXZA Samsung LED

I get brief flickers to black: as if the backlight briefly turns off then back on, on a UN32F6300AFXZA Samsung LED that's just out of warranty.

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