they got your money & that is all they care about.

I had an 'issue' with a Bluray player (BD1200) of theres, not just me but many that owned that one model. They would keep saying an update is in the works to fix it, after 4 updates, fixing somethings & make other issues, I gave up & got a Panasonic Bluray play & never looked back.
Stuff I had to deal with.. it took Samsungs 6 weeks to come up with a fix so owners of the BD1200 could watch POTC3 & 3 weeks for LFoDH.

I got to the point to writting the President of Samsung USA,
here is the letter I sent...

I did not get any reply. & still do not recommend Samsung electronics & the few times I do, I try to warn them to get an EW.