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Samsung LCD Green Screen

Have a Samsung LCD model LN-T4669F.
Have hardly used this tv. Is just over a year old.
Within 5 minutes of powering on I get a distorted image containing much Green. Looks like tv is trying to produce image but green being substituted for color.
Leave tv on for a while(30-60 minutes)and picture corrects itself.
TV hooked up to basic cable and getting green screen picture.
TV also via HDMI to DVD and it gets green screen to.
Tried unplugging tv immediately after powering down and no change.
If I power down during green screen and turn right back on I get green screen again. If I power down from green screen and wait for 5 minutes before powering back up I get regular picture for a few minutes and then back to green screen.
What the ????.
Checked Samsung FAQ's and this is not a tint issue?
Any ideas?

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Reporting: Samsung LCD Green Screen
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Samsung LCD Green Screen

Ad Man,

It could be a board issue. But if you register your television online, you get an additiona 3 months. My suggestion would be to register your television online, and then call 800-SAMSUNG to set up an inspection for your unit.

That registration page can be found here.

Keep me posted.


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Samsung Green Screen

My 40" LCD is about 14 months new and I have it hanging on a perimeter wall. The screen starting turning green and nothing I tried would correct the problem - unplugging it and plugging it back in, disconnecting all the components and just running cable, checking all the connections - nothing. I called Sears (where I purchased it from), the service guy came out and in 20 min. the TV was working. He spent more time on the road getting to my house. The problem...the white ribbon cable inside the TV was dirty (oxidation and dust). The fix...he wiped it down and cleaned the connecting points. That was it, 20 mins. and $200 later my TV was working. If it ever happens again, 20mins. and $0. Hope this helps

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green screen of death

had same problem on the 46inch LCD series 5 Samsung

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Samsung LCD TV green screen fix

Thanks guys! This fix worked like a treat. I was getting green static in the dark areas and green fuzz down the left hand side so followed the instructions and the problem is fixed. Saved me $$.

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thanks for those who posted above, I just took my samsung 52 inch apart, disconnected the ribbon cable, as well as the rest of the other cable/plugs, cleaned them, replug them all.........and my 1 year of green screen of death is NO LONGER HERE, JUST IN TIME FOR NFL!!!! Thanks for the above instruction, especially because I just received an estimate at the repair shop of $1342 to replace the screen!

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where can you find the white ribbion, i have a lg rt-32lz50

where can you find the white ribbion, i have a lg rt-32lz50. it works sometimes, but i goes green

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Samsung green screen of death cable connector to clean
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It Works!

I know this was posted a while ago but it worked like a charm! I came home from work one friday and after about 20 minutes the green appeared. I was ready to throw the damn thing out the window. I'd been going through one of those "everything i own is breaking" stages. It took me about 15 minutes to fix with minimal frustration. Thanks for posting and everyone else for validating. I could only imagine what they would'bve have tried to charge me to fix it. I prefer free!

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I also realize this is an old thread, but I found it via Google when searching for problems. Our Samsung 40" (Model LN40A550P3F) television started getting green static lines around images on the screen and eventually would not even display at all. So I just finished the "repair..." I removed the back (lots of screws) and there was no real "dust" or dirt problem apparent. Still, I removed each of the ribbon connectors, blew on them and their mounting fittings and put them back. Before replacing the back cover, I plugged it in to see if I could even get a menu up. Although it was better and did show the menu, there was still residual green static. So I pulled the plug, and re-accomplished the remove and blow and replace on all the cables inside. This time, however, I also worked the pins up and down on each fitting to try to rub away any corrosion that might have been interfering with the connection. This time when I plugged it back in, it worked fine. I have a feeling it may eventually come back, but at least I know it's not a problem with the main circuitry. Thanks.

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Same problem only when switching between HDMI inputs

Speaking about power supplies, which usually are the first thing to go on any electronics device. I have just purchased a Wiesting House LED 32" for the spare bedroom and the power supply is actually on the outside of the monitor just like your laptop. This means if the PS ever goes all you have to do is purchase a new one from the manufacture, which I always recommend over any all in one charger such as those used on your laptops when they go. Currently this monitor sells for 200 at Costco and 250 at Best Buy, this is a very high quality little monitor the downfall is that it's only 720p/1080i at 60Hz. It has a really slim and compact case around it, if it where 1080p 120Hz I would use another two as dedicated computer monitors. The picture quality is not quite in the Samsung and Sony league even for its size, it may actually be a good computer monitor because with a ps3 or Xbox connected it looks just as good as my 55" Samsung LED at 1080p/240Hz. I have a question for anyone who could possibly help me with my old Samsung 40" LCD. This monitor has lasted a lot of hours up to 20 a day since 2007 since I became disabled, with a pic as clear as the day I got it compared to any other LCD I see anywhere. How come every time I switch from HDMI inputs a dark green screen pops up which used to be blue I think???PLEASE HELP ME OUT ON THIS, I NEED SOME INPUT!!!

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Samsung LCD green screen

Thanks to this thread i was able to get my TV to work again. I just took out cabls, brought down the TV, cleaned the wires and connection points of all dirt and dust, and voila the HD never looked better.

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Green screen comes on then goes black.
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Did you complete the work noted above?
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Samsung 55 inch tv. Green Screen Fix

Thank, I unplug all cable and reattached all cables. this fix my green screen. thank again.

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