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Samsung HW-C450 problem with subwoofer

I just bought this sound bar and I have problems connecting the subwoofer. I've tried several times following the manual instructions but can not. In the display of the sound bar I get the message "subwoofer check" but this does not turn on. However the sound bar works
What can I do to make it turn on?

And sorry for my English.

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Reporting: Samsung HW-C450 problem with subwoofer
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Samsung HW-C450 problem with subwoofer -


In order, what steps are you trying?

How far is the subwoofer away from the unit?


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Samsung HW-C450 problem with subwoofer

1.- In order, what steps are you trying?
The section of the manual: "CONNECTING THE WIRElESS SUBWOOFER" for linked the main unit and the subwoofer
2.- How far is the subwoofer away from the unit?
the subwoofer is just behind the main unit but I tested with it on the front or below

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Sub Woofer Problem

I have the same problem, but mine says it’s linked and followed instructions, and nothing works. Is there something else I can try?

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I'd go shopping. Why?

At 8 years old it's done and repair may not be offered for less than a new system.

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Samsung- I have the same problem

Hi cnet/Samsung-

I am having the same issue the other user described. It started with the sub occasionally cutting out, but now it is completely disconnected and all efforts to re-connect (repeatedly following the instructions in the manual) and it still will not re-connect. I really like this soundbar/sub combo so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike_in_Maryland

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Subwoofer not Working

I have the same problem and can not get the sub-woofer to reconnect. Any solution yet?

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Here's an expanded set of instructions

Hey All and More Recently, TillyNam,

There are instructions in your manual for the procedure that I'll list out below. However, this procedure is a bit expanded.

So first to explain what going on here: the subwoofer's linking ID is set at the factory so the Sound bar and subwoofer should link automatically when the Sound bar is powered on. However, if the link indicator does not light when the Sound bar and subwoofer are both powered on, follow the steps below to set the ID and link.

You will need:
- A small, pointed object such as a paper clip
- The included Sound bar remote control
- No obstacles between the Sound bar and the subwoofer
- Both Sound bar and subwoofer plugged in
- The Sound bar powered off

1) Locate the ID Set button on the back of the subwoofer, left of the serial number sticker. It is normal for the subwoofer Link LED to flash blue when connected to a power source; it's looking to link with the Sound bar.

2) Using a small pointed object like a paper clip, press the ID Set button for 5 seconds until the Standby indicator is turned off and the blue Link LED begins to blink rapidly. The Link LED will continue flashing for about 30 seconds, this is how long you have to complete step 3 below.

3) Point the remote control towards the Sound bar and press the Mute button for 5 seconds and then press the Power button to power on your Sound bar. (Note: If you look at the power button on the Sound bar while holding down the mute button, you'll see it quickly flash. This is a good indicator that you can now press the power button on the remote.)

4) The subwoofer Link LED will continue to blink as it establishes a connection with the Sound bar. When the Link LED turns a solid blue this indicates the subwoofer and Sound bar are now linked.

If the subwoofer does not link to the Sound bar, repeat steps 1-4 above to retry the connection after decreasing the distance between the main unit and the wireless subwoofer.

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Subwoofer not connected

Thanks allot, mine is now working and reconnected.
The manual doesn't make it 100% clear that one has to press the power button again to switch on the soundbar, or maybe it was just the minimizing the distance between the sub woofer from 1 meter to the soundbar on top of the sub.
I live in Windhoek, Namibia, where it is normally never worth returning goods for repair, because there is just no Service Center.
I almost gave up on the the sub but it is working now.
Thanks again

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Worked for me

I had the same issue. It started cutting on and off for a few days and then eventually wouldn't connect at all. Used these instructions and it worked on the first try.

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didn't work

Hi thanks fo your clear instructions. When I try it, the blue light goes solid for about a minute or two, then starts flashing, and the a red light comes on. I have made 3 attempts always with the same result. The bar is now sitting ON the subwoofer, it started about 2 feet away
any other tips?

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(NT) Yes. Fresh batteries in the remote
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My sub woofer does not power on

Is there anything that can be done, or do I need to replace the sub woofer?

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its alive again

Thank you.
I've followed these clear instructions and it works again x

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What can we do?

Purchased the same sound bar via Amazon for Christmas. Subwoofer would not connect. We called Samsung help line. The customer service rep couldn't help. Come to find out we purchased a refurbished sound bar and the serial number has been discontinued. I attempted to send it back but the person that sold the sound bar did not want it back and gave a refund and told us to keep it. Still the issue is.... We would like the system to work. How can we get it repaired? We have tried all the steps to connect. We have worked with customer service to attempt to get it to connect and now I just want to know how to get it repaired since it is no longer under Samsung Warranty.


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Refurb, Amazon purchase.

Just go ahead and call Amazon anyway. Sometimes they can put pressure on the amazon seller.

The manual does write where the wireless sub will have issues for reasons that have gotten much worse.

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Spoke to them

We called Amazon & sense the sale was refunded the issue is closed. We are willing to pay for the repairs, we just want to know who can repair it.

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Try this link
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sub woofer isue

i did the above suggestion in order but the blue led light won't stop blinking and i never saw a flash on the sound bar as i pushed the mute button on the remote for 5 seconds. And do i push the power button as Im pushing the mute button or after 5 seconds are up. Either way all I'm getting is a continuous flashing blue light on the sub.. can you please lead me in the right direction

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I too am having the same problem you are and getting pretty upset with this. have you gotten yours to work yet and if so what did you do. My woofer is still blinking fast and ble but can not get it to connect o the sound bar. This was working for a couple of years and now all of a sudden it just shut itself off.

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sub woofer disconects

My sub would work and then not work and was getting really annoying, after carrying out the above it now works fine.

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subwoofer issues

i have done all the steps above and now the blue led wont stop blinking. it wont link at all. can i buy a new subwoofer or take it into best buy or somewhere to fix because its not working at home.

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Re: Subwoofer Issues
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No Remote

is there any way to link them without a remote? I bought mine open box and it didn't not come with one

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A few places to hunt for it.

1. eBay.

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Thank you for the clarification on the Samsung soundbar and Woofer. I was using the TV MUTE.

You rock!!!!

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I have tried all the above and still can not get either one to work I have also changed the batteries. Every time I go to hit mute and hold button in it says on the sound bar check woofer. So what does this mean when I already pushed in the reset button. It is still blinking blue.

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Make sure sound bar is off before holding down mute button

After pushing the ID button, make sure the sound bar is off. THEN hold the mute button down for 5 seconds. You will see a message appear on the sound bar. Next turn the sound bar on and the sub should automatically connect.

The above directions had this step reversed.

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Perfect instructions - Thx

We had been listening to just the soundbar, no woofer, for over a week. I found your instructions earlier this morning. Now, thanks to you, our subwoofer is working again as it should.

Thanks again!

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Worked for me!!!

Worked for me.
Thank you sooooooooo much!!! Was about to buy another soundbar.

Thanks again for your assistance.

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