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Samsung HT-E5550/XE looses video signal

I have a Samsung HT-E5550/XE Home Theater connected to a Samsung UE46ES7005. Right now it looks like this:

Fibre lan->Ethernet Switch->Digital Reciever Box-> HT-E5550/XE->UE46ES7005.

The HT5550 & UE46ES7005 along with the digital reciever are connected via HDMI cables. The HT5550 and UE46ES7005 are both connected to the HDMI (ARC) connectors so that sound can pass both ways between them.

My problem is that when I switch channel on the digital reciever box the TV will occasionally loose the picture where the picture would be "white noise" or just black or flick between white noise and black screen, but sound will remain other times the picture also in a green or yellow hue with the noise. To fix this I have to either power cycle the digital reciever, or HTE5550.

Now if we look at how everything is connected if I now bypass the HT-E5550 and connect directly from the digital reciever to the TV I have no issues the picture doesn't glitch out or anything and I can change channels however much I want without the TV loosing the signal. This leads me to believe that there is a problem with the Home Theatre system.

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Reporting: Samsung HT-E5550/XE looses video signal
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There are reports that some receiver boxes and devices have issues. Since you have ARC working I think I would not try new HDMI cables but would try to see if the receiver box has some setting to nail down the video to 1080p. Try it at 1080i and 720p for testing and if that sticks at less than 1080p then you call both box makers and ask what next.

Why didn't I write a word about firmware? Because HDMI firmware is in the HDMI chips (so far) and firmware updates don't usually help that. But do check firmware updates and keep that return option open as if it can't be fixed fast enough we want to let them keep the boxes.

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Thanks for the reply,
I've noticed that if I change the audio on the digital decoder box to dolby digital 5.1 output the home theatre glitches out more often say after 1-3 channel switches, than if I have the audio set to analog stereo output, i can maybe change the channel 10 times before I loose the video signal.
I've already had the digital decoder box replaced and are using the brand new one at the moment, since I thought it was the culprit at first.
But like I said earlier no issues if I bypass the Home Theatre and connect straight to the TV from the digital decoder box, so something has to be happening in the Home Theatre system when it passes through the digital signal to the TV.

I'll try fiddling with the video resolution in both the home theatre box if possible and digital decoder box, and report back.

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The fact it glitches.

Points to either cable issues or defects in the system. It really doesn't nail down where the issue is. There are folk that insist that ARC works. I nod, try an optical cable but for those I think the manufacturers and retailers deserve the returns as the products do have issues. The returns mount up for products with issues and you see those vanish from the retail display and appear on fire sale/clearance and refurb sites.

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The video in the digital decoder was set at 720p I changed it to 1080p, and changed audio back to dolby digital, changed in the home theatre to 1080p, was on auto at first, also changed in TV to 1080p, disabled BD Wise in theatre and TV, will do some more testing and see if it is stable, I'm thinking it could be a BD Wise and or HDMI handshake issue when it tries to automaticly set the "best" resolution.

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Sorry I missed the BD Wise item.

When I'm trying all this I find myself disabling the network connection. Titles have been known to mess up with the network up. If you find that out, call in and ask if they have a fix.

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Seems stable for now

It hasn't glitched out yet when switching channels, with the changes made, will try streaming some videos over the home network from the computer to the TV, and see if it also works, without the TV disconnecting since I had that problem also. Where it would just say the the source has been disconnected or some message like that, at random intervals could be 15 minutes in a movie or an hour in. I'm not using the wireless on the tv but ethernet cable.

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