Samsung Galaxy S3 - rant/question.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.
Doesn't work very well.
A lot of apps stop randomly.
All-in-One Toolbox, says all my apps use "too much cpu". I don't know what that means or if anything can be done about it.
It also heats up like it's gonna explode any second. Again, not sure if anything can be done.
Charging port's broken - nothing can be done about that. It still charges anyways.

Tones Questions:
1. Text tone. Sometimes it goes off multiple times in a row. Sometimes it goes off even when I've read the text already.

2. Set some custom tones to contacts. Bluetooth headphones don't seem to recognize this. Example: I set my partner's ringtone to Super Mario Throwback, but the headphones still relay the default contact ringtone. When the sound is on, the phone relays Super Mario Throwback, but the headphones do not.

So... Help?

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Reporting: Samsung Galaxy S3 - rant/question.
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I have access to a lot of phones.

The iPhone series, some LG models, BLU, Bluboo, Moto and others. Not one does what you noted but when I see a phone that does this I do the FACTORY RESET and see if it works right.

Here's the thing. Since folk can install any app and disrupt the phone operation is that the owner's problem, Samsung or a problem with Android? (I want to hear what you think about this.)

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"I want to hear what you think about this."

"Since folk can install any app and disrupt the phone operation is that the owner's problem, Samsung or a problem with Android?"

Any app meaning any app on the playstore, or apk from the web that is.

If it keeps happening, I'd consider going to the manufacturer.
However, android is open source isn't it? That means anyone can do anything. So that's a big problem with Android. I know a few people who have decided to switch to Apple because Android's had too many issues with viruses, malware, etc.

That's confusing. Samsung put the phone together, but Android is the OS.
The phone user... well, I'm going to guess that the average phone user doesn't understand their phone other than that they can talk, text, install/uninstall and use apps.

However, the S3 is old - it came out in 2012. It's at most 5 years old (I'm not sure when I got it as it was my mother's backup phone after she upgraded.) It has issues, much like the Nexus 7 (2012).

Both devices die fairly quickly - although I'll admit I play a lot of heavy graphics games on the phone and watch netflix on the tablet. The tablet dies faster and I'm not sure if I can do anything about that.

Both devices have system processes and apps that stop whenever they want to and that's too often. Not sure why.

Perhaps it's time to scrounge up the money for a new phone.
(It would be a miracle if I could get a new phone without a contract.)

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At the office we have some minimums.

For phones. There is this old Nexus 7 Gen 1 that is so dated now it's a big desk clock.

For the phones all are 2GB RAM, dual core things or better specs. If you have a client with some model with less than you do the factory reset and re-test. Adding even on app on one of those old sub GB RAM models can result in unhappy clients.

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At least it's not as bad as...

The LG-C555. ****** phone all around... Couldn't install anything. Mine... I dropped it under the train platform. It survived, but then it slid into the bath... and it was glitchy for a while... then it died.

Anyways, I have a bad run when it comes to devices.
Motorola Razor... not dead but locked with a code I don't remember.
The LG-C555.
Checked my S2 at night, it didn't make it back to the dresser. Dropped screen first onto the power bar, cracked, and died.
2 iPhone 5Cs... both were stolen.
Had a ZTE tablet... it died without reason to.
Have an S3... it's got issues... and i'm asking currently asking what to do about them (besides upgrade).
You get the idea...

I do want to upgrade... but my budget is like $300 maximum. That affords old phones or phones that are not the popular brands. Phones that are not supported by the current network provided according to the providers I've talked to...

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I have a few not popular models at the office.
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In a pinch, visit Gazelle

FWIW, I just helped out some family friends by buying their kids used iPhone 6's. Less than $300 each and in decent condition. No problem with any North American network you choose since you can buy the one that works for your needs.

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