Samsung DLP white dots fix?

I know that this issue has been beaten to death. I know that the recall is over and I'm pretty much SOL. What I'm wondering is who do I go to for the fix? Is there a DIY fix? And I remember finding a thread saying that it cost $200 to fix but I can't seem to find that thread anymore. Anyone know what to do?

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Reporting: Samsung DLP white dots fix?
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Clarification Request
Samsung white dot issue

Hi- Just joined c/net for Samsung DLP white dot issue. Is there still any Samsung warranty being given for the tv's? I have the 61"" model, and the pixels just started popping up. thanks for any info!

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We are now many years past that.

You can try 1800SAMSUNG and ask again. Hit to see what this part costs.

It's not a Samsung white dot issue. The part was made by Ti and is used in many other makes so it it's not found in just Samsung models.

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DIY possible?

Is this something I could do myself. I saw some people elsware posting that they did it? Thanks

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Shopjimmy has Youtube videos on the part change.

As to you doing this, you have to decide if it's inside your comfort zone.

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Re: We are now many years past that.

I got the same problem with my Samsung DLP TV HLT6756 WX/XAA. And I am wondering how people with the same problem(many white dots showing) take care of this problem? Any pointer is appreciated, especially if I can get a comment from 26463096079402463158312775530918 about how to deal with this problem.

Many Thanks.

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DIY White dot fix

Hi - Hope this is not too late a response. I recently (about 1 month ago) replaced the dlp chip in my Samsung 61" projection and it looks great! I bought the chip from shopjimmy and watched their video a couple of times (there is another video on youtube that was helpful too). If you are comfortable taking the unit apart it is not too bad. Just follow the video and you should be fine. The chip cost about $185. Good luck!

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White dots issues Samsung 5676

I have a Samsung 5676 with white dot issues and was told by Samsung I was pretty much Sol. Does anyone have advise seems to be an ongoing problem . all my devices are Samsung from TV to my phone.
Case #2139136275

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So far thousands have replaced the DMD to solve it.

Unless this is not a question as to the part but something else.

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Samsung replacing chip

I realize this is over a year and a half since you posted, but since I was searching for this problem and came across this thread, thought I'd chime in. I, too, joined CNET for this problem tonight. I went to the Samsung site and started a live chat. Easy peasy, explained the problem and that I understood they were offering a one time courtesy replacement, and asked if they would be able to do the same for me. I have a ticket number and a repair person should call in 48 hours to schedule a time to come out. Yes, I agreed to pay the trip charge if it's not the chip, but based on all the posts, I think the odds are in my favor.

Posting in case anyone else has the problem crop up now.

My model is a HL67A750A1F. Getting to the resolution was a very short chat:

Ratna: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung technical support. How may I assist you?
Ratna: Please excuse us for the long hold. We have had an unusually high volume of chats coming in. I would be happy to assist you with any questions you have about our products.
Chris: I have a HL67A750A1F with the dreaded white dot problem. It started as one a week ago, and I'm now up to 6. I've reset to factory settings, and unplugged. I understand it's a common chip problem. Will Samsung replace the chip?
Chris: No problem about the hold, I understand.
Ratna: Hello Chris.
Ratna: I will help you with the while dots issue.
Ratna: Does this happen on all inputs (like DVD and cable box)?
Chris: Unfortunately, yes.
Ratna: Thank you for confirming.
Ratna: I see that you have unplugged and re-plugged the TV and still it is displaying white dots.
Ratna: It seems to be an issue with the TV, it needs to be examined by a service technician.
Chris: I’ve read this is a common problem, and it's the DMD chip and Samsung has offered a one time courtesy replacement. Can you set that up for me?
Ratna: If your unit exhibits white dots appearing on the screen on all sources and channels, Samsung will provide a onetime courtesy repair to replace the DMD chip only. However, should the issue not be related to the DMD chip, you will be offered an estimate for repair and be responsible for the trip charge? Do you consent to these conditions?
Chris: Yes, thank you.
Ratna: You are welcome.
Ratna: I will file a service ticket to make it easy for you.

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Did you have to pay for the labor to replace the DMD chip?


Thank you very much for posting your chat with Samsung.

Since my Samsung DLP TV has the same white/black-dot problem, I followed your lead and chatted with Samsung Support. The rep agreed to replace the DMD chip free and created a ticket for replacement. A few days later, I received a call from an authorized Samsung repair shop in my area and he wants to charge me $200 for the labor to replace the DMD chip, stating Samsung provides only the chip free. To me, replacing a defective chip includes both the parts and labor.

Did you have to pay for the labor to replace the DMD chip? If so, how much?


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I am also having issues with my Samsung 67 DLP with the white dots and I am not sure if you guys are getting free chips because of being still in warranty or because Samsung realized there is an issue and offered the one time replacement chip. I did not get that lucky, they want me to call a local Samsung service company. Any suggestions>

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The free chips are long gone.

Now we are solidly into expected failures. Check out shopjimmy's video on how to replace it if you feel the repair bill is too high.

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HOPE! Got DLP chip & labor replaced by Samsung no charge

I just wanted to let you know there is hope! I have a Samsung 67 DLP as well model HL67A750A1FXZA. It started to have the white dot issue right after the new year and they were increasing. I researched it, even looked at this forum. I started the first chat with samsung (which i will post w/o personal info) on 1/30/17. Now, I was persistent in getting this fixed for free without paying for the chip. It took me about 3 days of going back and forth to finally get that out of Samsung. Now a couple Samsung agents made some mistakes in what they were telling me and gave me some some conflicting misinformation and I used that for them to pay for the labor. What happen was I contacted them by chat first and told them the issue. I already knew it was the chip and did the troubleshooting to make sure it was not anything else. The first chat advisor told me that they thought it was an internal part and that I would need to setup service and a tech could diagnose it. I asked if the chip would be free because I heard this was a common problem. The chat advisor said they are no longer covering the cost of the chip but at one time did as a courtesy. I asked to speak to manager about it and all of sudden now she could help me and would cover the cost of the chip. I also asked about the labor charge and she blew that off and said I needed to confirm that with the service tech that would call me later. So I agreed to it. The service tech called an hour later and told me my TV was out of warranty and he did not see a record of where Samsung agreed to pay for the chip, so the chip plus service would cost close to $500! I provided info that this was not what I agreed upon and he suggested I call Samsung back. So I chatted with them again and this new chat person said she saw the request that the chip should be replaced for free. She provided me this phone number 1-800-726-7864 to call for the appropriate department to update the note again. So I called that number and this phone advisor said she would look into it but at the same time tried to tell me it shouldn't be covered anyway because its normal wear and tear! So in a polite way, I told her it didn't matter what she thought because a chat rep told me it would be covered so it should be covered. I always keep records of chats and prefer chats over the phone. I do this because its easier to keep a record of and won't go missing or have a "lost phone call record" of what I was told. I provided her with the reference number of the 1st chat and even offered to email her the record of it. At this point I guess she assumed I wasn't playing games and said that she updated the record and the service tech would call me back to schedule for them to come out and fix the TV. So another service rep calls and says AGAIN they do not see where Samsung says they will pay for the chip.

First chat:
Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
You are now chatting with 'MC'. The reference number for this chat is *********.
MC: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung technical support. How may I assist you?
Visitor: Yes my Samsung TV serial number ********* is having the white dot issue. They have been increasing since a two days ago and I already reset the TV. I heard there is a replacement program for the chip
MC: I understand that you are facing an issue with the TV. Let me do my best to assist you.
Visitor: ok great
MC: To ensure I offer you the right assistance, please help me with the model number of the TV. You can find it via "Menu > Support > Contact Samsung" using TV's remote or you can locate it on the rear panel of the TV.
Visitor: ok, the model number is HL67A750A1FXZA
MC: Thank you for the model number.
Visitor: you are welcome
MC: Could you give me a few minutes while I gather the information for you?
Visitor: yes, thats fine
MC: Thank you.
MC: I appreciate your time and patience.
MC: Does this happen on all inputs (like DVD and cable box)?
Visitor: yes, it does happen on all inputs. Watched a movie yesterday with a dvd player and it happened there as well on cable box
MC: Thank you for the information.
MC: As you said that this happens on all the inputs. In this case, scheduling a service should help us, as this could be an issue with an internal part. Our service technicians will diagnose the device, to find out the exact part. Let me give you the link to file the service request.
Visitor: Ok, I heard this is a common problem and it is the DMD chip and Samsung has offered a one time courtesy replacement. Is this service free?
MC: Is the above link accessible?
MC: Samsung previously covered the cost of the DMD chip as a courtesy to its customers. Samsung is no longer covering the parts. We believe the white dots on your screen are likely the result of normal day-to-day operation of a TV after many years of use.
Visitor: I apologize for the harshness, however that doesn't make sense. If they previous covered the cost for the DMD chip they know it was the defective chip. Not wear and tear. Do you have a supervisor of someone I can speak to regarding this matter?
Myrtle C: I can understand your concern with the issue, give me an opportunity to help you with this regards.
Myrtle C: I will take an initiative and file a service request on your behalf. Samsung will provide a onetime courtesy repair to replace the DMD chip only. However, should the issue not be related to the DMD chip, you will be offered an estimate for repair and be responsible for the trip charge? Do you consent to these conditions?”
Visitor: Before I consent I just want to make sure we are on the same page. If the issue is confirmed to be the chip for the TV I will not be charged correct?
Myrtle C: Yes, the chip will be replaced free of cost.
Visitor: Ok great I consent
Visitor: Do you need my infomation
Visitor: Also, is there a labor charge?
Myrtle C: The labor charge you can confirm with the service technician once you receive a call. I will need the following information to file a request on your behalf.
Myrtle C: Once I file the ticket, our service technicians will contact you within 2 business days. Please share the following details to do this for you. • Full Name • Contact Number • Alternate Contact Number (If any) • Email Address • Shipping Address with Zip Code • Place of purchase • Preferred time to contact:
Visitor: (name)
Myrtle C: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Visitor: (My contact info) preferred time of contact: Mornings
Myrtle C: Serial number:
Myrtle C: The full digit serial number can be found on the rear/back side of the TV.
Visitor: serial number: *******
Myrtle C: Thank you for providing the details.
Visitor: you're welcome
Myrtle C: Please allow me few minutes while I file a request from my end.
Visitor: ok sure
Myrtle C: Thank you.
Visitor: no problem
Myrtle C: I appreciate your time and patience.
Visitor: no worries
Myrtle C: I have created a request . please save the ticket ID for future reference: ******
Myrtle C: I appreciate the patience you displayed while we worked together on this issue.
Myrtle C: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Visitor: no thank you
Myrtle C: Have great day ahead. It was pleasure assisting you.
Myrtle C: Thank you for chatting with Samsung Support. If you ever need to contact us in the future, please save and reference this chat transcript ID *******

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Got DLP chip & labor replaced by Samsung no charge Pt 2

* This post is a continuation of my first one*

So another service rep calls and says AGAIN they do not see where Samsung says they will pay for the chip. I get frustrated at this point and call back and again Samsung assures me its updated and another service tech calls and says its not. However, this service tech advised when I call back to ask them to update the warranty that the chip should be covered. So I decide to call back in the morning the next day. I call specifically and ask them to update the warranty for chip repair and of course Samsung tells me that it is updated in the system & that Samsung will cover the part. I asked to speak to a manager because I was tired of having to go back and forth. Essentially when Samsung and their repair service provider were not on the same page about my repair. So instead of getting me to the manager the guy said that he would cover my labor charge to try to appease me. I said great I'll take that but I still wanted to speak to a manager because mama ain't raise no fool. So they said customer care service would call back the next day and they did. So I explained the situation and my frustration at the lack of communication between Samsung and their authorized repair center. I also complained about being told something was done when it wasn't as far as updating the notes for the repair. I stated that none of this was my fault and I did what I was told so now all of this needs to be free as I was just told the day before. The CCS rep being a rep went back and forth with me about paying for the labor. However, I had everyones name that I talked to, what time I called, what time the call ended, what they said, what the offered, and all case numbers and chat numbers. I don't think she expected me to have my stuff together. I play no games. She said she would look into the calls and call me back later. Later was the next morning and said that since Samsung agents told me they would cover the chip and labor that they would honor it. Instead of going back and forth the CCS rep called the service center while I was on the phone and update my warranty for the parts/chip and labor to be covered by Samsung. However, if it was not the chip that was causing the problem I would have to cover the cost of the service tech to come to my house. I liked my odds and agreed. The next week the guy came out replaced the chip and good as new! No more dots and the TV is fine!!! My word of advice is be persistent! It may have caused me minor stress but it was better than paying 500 bucks for a repair and chip. If you repair it yourself as well go for it, but that wasn't for me and I wasn't planning on buying another TV for a couple more years. Also, for your info I was never rude, raised my voice or used profanity. Persistence is key!!!

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I contacted Samsung via Facebook and they stated they ended a DLP Chip Settlement in 2015 and I am not longer entitled to receive a free chip that I need to contact a service center in my area. :/

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Out of Warranty..?

Wow sorry to hear that. My TV was out of warranty as well. You may still want to contact Samsung directly and ask to speak to a manager or supervisor if they tell you that you have to pay for the chip. This is what I did and magically now they would replace the chip at no cost to me.

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Got my Samsung HL61750 TV -> Chip & Labor Replaced for FREE

Read the above post this morning, thinking I was going to spend $190 and install it myself over the December 2017 Holidays Cry .

- Wrong, Samsung agreed to pay for the chip, installation and service call for my DLP TV assuming the 4179-00997 was the problem for my white screen spots. My TV has been out of warranty for many years as I purchased the set in 2008.

- However, I did need to be firm about getting it fixed for free. I only wanted the chip and was going to install it myself, but they wouldn't do that, because in their mind - this is not User repairable.

Hence, I requested to speak to management about getting it fixed as the above person had gotten his TV fixed in January 2017( for free).

They finally relented, saying they were allowing me to use my 1 time Samsung service request (even though the set was Out-of-Warranty) and they would fix everything for free. But ......... if the problem was Not the chip, I would have to pay for the repair.

I said fine .............. now I have a scheduled repair !!!!

Thank You Happy !!!!!!

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Part 2

Called the repair shop as soon as I received their number from Samsung. The technician claimed my repair ticket specifically stated labor and service visit - Not Covered Shocked .

I got back on the Samsung support line and Chatted with another rep.
After some tense negotiations, they relented to pay for the labor and visit + the chip as I had thought.

Things to remember:
- Always request a copy of your chat for your records
- Be firm and politely request they satisfy THEIR customers as you are perfectly willing to complain to management. They won't give you much if you don't (nicely) threaten them.
- JMO, but the support EE's are likely rewarded if their chats DO NOT lead to service claims payouts.

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Clarification Request
Called Samsung and got white dots fixed

What number did you call

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Samsung DLP white dots fix?
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Got it fixed!

Well, I called Samsung and I got it fixed just like brians43 said. Called them, told them I had white dots, and they told me Samsung gives out 1 free courtesy fix.

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Called Samsung and got white dots fixed

What number did you call to get one courtesy fix for the white dots.

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Fixiing White Dots on Samsung

How do or who do you call to fix white dots on Samsung 63"

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Geeting no love....

I called today and was told that my model - HL6156wx/xaa was out of warranty and that I could get an "out-of-warranty" repair from a 3rd party repair shop. The repair is going to cost me almost $500.00 - that does not sound like I am being taken care of...

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Why no fix for us?

I am a HL61A750A1FXZA user as well that is experiencing the white dot issue as well. I have called and Have had no luck getting Samsung to replace it. I have escalated it, but after being on hold for 1/2 every time the call mysteriously drops. Maybe that is their new way of handling it.

Sure makes no sense why our models wont get the same treatment (free chip) as the others. Shoot send me the chip and I'll put it in. Maybe its time for our own class action suit?

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Not too late

I called 1-800-Samsung Monday 4/30/2012, a technicial was at my house today 5/2/2012, fixing my TV. The dots are gone and it works great. Kudos to Samsung for taking care of business.

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Sounds like a plant by Samsung, don't believe it's genuine.

This post does not have the ring of truth and poster just joined forum. This is poster's first post of any kind this site. I don't believe it's legitimate. Post sounds like a plant by Samsung, don't believe it's genuine.

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Beleive it or not,it worked for me

Just trying to help out the original poster because he/she thought they missed a window. I joined only to reply because I reviewed these posting when trying to figure out how to get my tv fixed.

I'm happy they fixed mine. It was out of warranty and I was already looking at buying a new one. Now I don't need to. I just hope anyone who has the same problem calls before giving up.

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Tried without success

Told my HLT5687SX/XAA was out of warranty. TV was timely registered with Samsung but was never informed that there was a class action against Samsung that involved my model TV. I always liked Samsung products, but now it's time to rethink purchases and perhaps go with a more reputable company - Sony, Toshiba, etc.

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Wait a second.

Sony had issues with their DLP too. Those are out of warranty as well so how would that change your story?

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