Samsung DLP TV w/ White Dots on Screen

I have model HLT5075SX/XAA Version PD01 DLP television. Friday evening Feb. 1, 2013 I noticed 2 tiny white dots on the screen. Not quite sure what it was I googled my model # and white dots.

Imagine my surprised when DOZENS of pages popped up with many, many others who have had the same problem. I read many posts about this issue and how many struggled to get their televisions fixed, some successfully, others not so much and others having to resort to purchasing the part themselves and doing the install.

This morning I discovered another white dot. My husband made the call to 1-800-SAMSUNG and within 10 minutes he had a transaction # and the phone number of a repair shop to call for a free one time replacement of the bad chip. My husband made the call immediately to the repair shot. The repairman wanted to come out this afternoon but I'm under the weather so I asked if they could come out tomorrow morning. They'll be here at 10 a.m. to make the repair.

I'm thankful to all of you have posted about this problem and how you went about getting it fixed. I'm shocked how smoothly the process went and I hope this post will encourage others who like me figured they'd be too late to get the fix or not the right model to make the call.

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Reporting: Samsung DLP TV w/ White Dots on Screen
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More White Dots on Samsung DLP TV

I've got model HLK506WX/XAA. It was manufactured in 2008. The recalled model with the same problem (white dots) was manufactured in 2006. Of course, although the 2008 model has the same problem, it was not recalled, so the only way they'll fix the problem is for a $430 fee (chip and installation).

Mine started with 1 dot, then 2... and now it's up to 8 or 9 at last count. The serviceman they put me in touch with said it's totally ridiculous for me to have to pay, and that I should continue to approach Samsung corporate to resolve the problem.

Last year I went through a similar problem regarding a dishwasher. After 14 months I called Call Kurtis at KCRA/CBS News. My dishwasher was replaced 2 weeks later. What I learned from that experience was the amount of time and aggravation required to get a behemoth company to do the right thing is sometimes not worth the money and satisfaction you will hopefully get when the ordeal is over. So I guess I'll just watch TV til the white dots make it impossible, and go buy a new one (though the serviceman tells me that the model I have will outlast anything I can buy these days). Jeez, why can't these companies just be honorable in the first place.

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Can you share a link about the "recall"?,or.r_qf.&fp=acf52dda88d0ce9d&psj=1&q=dmd+chip+recall&safe=off finds the usual discussions but no recall. There were some models with early failures but the rest are falling within what you see in the Ti documents on this chip.

I know this can infuriate folk that thought this was a 10 year design but it appears and the Ti document shows that it can be much less.

PS. This thread is more than 187 days old so if you want a personal reply, always create a new post and if you called it in, the transaction number.
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There he goes again
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Please share the recall notice.

It's a simple request. Can you find it?

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Just Check the Threads

OK, you are probably here because you had a problem with the white dots on you expensive Samsung TV. Here is a summary of what you will find if you go through the multiple threads on CNET and probably on other sites that report problems with Samsung:

1) Some TV's get repaired regardless of age and some do not. It is always the same chip that is a problem but Samsung will only give "great customer service" if your TV model was listed in the class action lawsuit. I'm not going to look it up again but read through this site

it is all there.

2) There seems to be a person or persons who will respond almost immediately to all complaints although this person/persons acts like a customer there is never any mention having a technical problem with their TV. Also the speed of the response (day or night) is curious.

3) This person(s) will always mention the age of thread and try to encourage you to stop contributing to the thread. There is great information on these threads that do not reflect positively on Samsung. However, if these threads become inactive they are harder to find and also fall back on the CNET forum list.

4) This person/persons will seem sympathetic (especial since he/they are just a consumer like ourselves Wink ) and direct you to pay to get it repaired or fix it yourself.

5) In the end you will need to get it repaired, replaced or fix it yourself. If you worked on computer hardware before this isn't too bad otherwise select another option.

6) All we can do is pass the word on Samsung quality and support and how they handle damage control. I am encouraged that we have over a hundred entries from disgruntled consumers and thousands who have read our posts.

Good luck.

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Check out the history of white dot problem
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Model: HLT6176SX/XAA is covered

I'm posting this more or less as a courtesy to others. My DLP just started having the white dots a few weeks ago. I am more than capable of fixing this myself however, I wanted to see if I could get Samsung to repair it free of charge before I went looking to source the DMD chip. Anyway I used the Live Chat option on and talk to a service rep this way instead of calling becuase the chat is 24/7. Anyway to make a long story short they set me up with a service order number and sent me the details via email. Here is part of the transcript of the chat minus my personal info:

Addison: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung technical support. How may I assist you?
Visitor: Hello, I have a DLP in which white dots have recently appeared on the screen. I received information that my model of TV is covered under a one time free fix. Can you help me with this?
Addison: I am sorry to hear that the TV screen is affected with white dots.
Addison: Please provide me with the model number of the TV.
Addison: You will find the model number on the rear panel of the TV.
Visitor: MODEL:HLT6176SX/XAA
Addison: Does this happen on all inputs (like DVD and cable box)?
Visitor: Yes, and all inputs
Addison: Is the menu screen also affected?
Visitor: I havent checked the menu screen.
Addison: Please check if the menu screen is also affected.
Visitor: I can quickly check if you would like me to.
Visitor: Ok brb
Addison: Please go ahead.
Visitor: yes the menu screen is affected as well
Addison: Please reset the picture of the TV to factory default settings and check if that helps.
Addison: Menu>> Picture>> Picture settings>> Picture reset.
Visitor: Sorry, that did not resolve the white dots
Addison: Please unplug the TV, wait for 30 seconds, re-plug the TV and check if that helps.
Visitor: Ok, brb
Addison: Please go ahead.
Visitor: Sorry, the dots are still there.
Addison: Please give me couple of minutes.
Visitor: OK
Addison: Thank you.
Addison: If your unit exhibits white dots appearing on the screen on all sources and channels, Samsung will provide a onetime courtesy repair to replace the DMD chip. However, should the issue not be related to the DMD chip, you will be offered an estimate for repair and be responsible for the trip charge. Do you consent to these conditions?
Visitor: Yes.
Addison: I will file a service request for you.
Addison: Please provide me with the details:
Addison: Full name:
Addison: Email address:
Addison: Phone number:
Addison: Shipping address with ZIP code:
Addison: Alternate contact number:
Addison: Complete serial number which is 15 digit alpha numeric:
Addison: You will find the serial number on the rear panel of the TV.
Addison: The serial number will be 15 digit alpha-numeric.
Addison: The last digit of the serial number will be an alphabet.

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was it fix after chip replaced

so the dmd chip was the problem .. I've done the same just wanted to make sure cause important jot trying to pay that trip charge

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Glad I read this thread!!

Just wanted to share my experiences with Samsung and the white dot issue. My 50 inch Samsung DLP TV developed this issue about a month ago. First it was only two or three dots. Now they number in the hundreds. I googled the issue and found this thread. I am sure glad I did. I called 1800SAMSUNG and after going through several automated prompts I ended up talking to a nice service rep named Chivante. She took all my information and almost immediately told me that my tv was covered under the one time free fix scenario. They are calling with a repair appt tomorrow or Tuesday. I could not be happier! Thanks to all of you that have contributed to this thread.

My TV's model number is HLT5075SX/XAA.

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Social Media Works

So it looks like Samsung is finally stepping up and doing the right thing. I do believe that if it wasn't for the constant complaints from me and others on this site and many others your calls would have gone unanswered. As you might have noticed many on thread

haven't been so lucky. Hey Bob why not the typical response to kill this thread when Samsung does the right thing?

Frank and Tom Congratulations.

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I have asked you to respond

And you didn't so I can only guess what issue you have here. What thread did I kill? There were a few old threads with out of date information that were locked but that's all that was done.

Let's hope the other makers that used that Ti part step up too!

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White Dot Problem on my DLP (though not in Recall list)

Hi, I have a 56" Samsung DLP TV that is experiencing the same WHITE DOT issue that is plaguing Many Samsung DLP Tv's from a faulty DMD chip. Although, my TV doesn't make the Recall list and Samsung was not helpful with my issue. As you'll see in the following transcript from my Live Chat session, Samsung is calling the White Dot Issue a problem that is occurring at a "slightly higher than normal rate" on "some" DLP Tv's. HA!!! If you are reading this post, then you'll already know how BIG of a Problem this faulty DMD chip is in Samsung's DLP Tv's. Needless to say, because my DLP TV doesn't make the Recall List, Samsung is NOT standing behind their FAULTY PRODUCT, even though it is experiencing the EXACT SAME issue that all their Recall List "Faulty" DLP Tv's are experiencing. Here is the online transcript from my Live Chat:

Sophie M: I am afraid; As you have performed all the troubleshooting steps I see there might be an internal issue with TV and it needs to be physically diagnosed by the service technician.
Sophie M: I will help you to file a service request.
Sophie M: Once you file the service request, you will be getting a call from the service technician within 2 business days.
Sophie M: I can understand, how upsetting it would. If I have the option I would really helped you.
Kevin Kees: Ok. Since this is an issue that is occuring across your DLP line and there is a recall for this issue will this be a covered problem that gets the "one time free fix"?
Sophie M: I am afraid; We at live chat do not have the sufficient information about the replacement of the issue.
Kevin Kees: Will this technician be costing anything?
Sophie M: Yes. it will be a paid service.
Sophie M: After thorough research, it was determined that only specific models exhibited a slightly higher-than-normal failure rate. Although your TV has similar symptoms, research indicates that this is due to normal wear and tear.
Sophie M: If I have the available information, I would really helped you in this issue.
Sophie M: I can help you to file a service request.
Sophie M: Please click on the below link to file the service request:
Sophie M:
Sophie M: Are you able to access the link?
Kevin Kees: Sophie, as I have researched, this WHITE DOT ISSUE has been going on for quite some time across ALL of your DLP Tv's. It has been a failed part by TI and MANY have gotten their faulty TV's fixed because of the recall. I SHOULD NOT have to pay for a reoccuring issue that is well documented across the internet. If so, I will NEVER be a Samsung customer EVER AGAIN!
Kevin Kees: It is NOT NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR if the SAME issue keeps popping up on many many of your DLP TV's. It is a Faulty product that Samsung should stand by.
Sophie M: I can understand how important this is to you.
Sophie M: I apologize for the inconvenience.
Sophie M: I am afraid; We do not have the information about the reported issue.
Kevin Kees: I spent plenty of $$$$$ on this TV and expected a non-faulty product from Samsung. If this wasn't a problem that is WELL documented across hundreds of internet pages, threads, reviews, and articles then I would be happy to pay for the fix myself. But this is a WELL KNOWN ISSUE about these Samsung DLP Tv's.
Sophie M: The part that has appears to have failed in your unit is not the same exact part that has been determined to fail at a higher-than-normal rate, even though the visible symptom is similar. The symptom can help indicate which part needs to be replaced, but it doesn't mean that the particular part was defective from manufacturing.
Sophie M: Our engineers have determined which models have the particular parts that tend to fail at a slightly higher-than-normal rate. These are the only ones that are being covered outside of the warranty term.
Kevin Kees: Sophie, if this was a "slightly higher than normal rate" then their wouldn't be HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS of reviews, web pages, blogs, and comments dedicated to this issue. And I have also read comments from your customers that have gotten their tv fixed for EXACTLY THE SAME problem whose Model # didn't fit inside the recall list also. So, why am I not getting the SAME CUSTOMER Service.
Sophie M: I will escalate it to appropriate department.

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Please post
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Not a recall , lawsuit settlement

I fully understand your frustration. This thread is the best thing going for finding out how Samsung has handled their problem. The DMD was not a recall item, particular TV units are listed in a class action lawsuit and some TV's with the identical part were left off. More information on the lawsuit are discussed in this thread.

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My Samsung customer service call - 72" DLP with DMD Chip pro

Model # HL72A650C1FXZA

I have the same issue with my Samsung DLP 72" TV. Problem started with a couple of white dots and now there are hundreds making the screen unbearable to watch. I did my homework by reading through older forums and found that Samsung was very consistent at being inconsistent with their support. They offer complete coverage for some TV models and not others with a disregard to size, price and age of the unit. For example, you will see a 6 year old 50" TV covered, while a 3 year old 72" TV is not.
My call to Samsung was like many others. They took my info, put me on hold and came back stating that my TV wasn't listed as a warranty repair item and that they'd be happy to engage a technician at my cost. They also stated that this is considered 'normal wear' of the DMD chip. I know that the responses are read directly from their call center database and the first level agent isn't empowered to help in any other way. With that, I asked for a supervisor who in turn created an 'executive request' number and transferred me to another dept. The exec request folks put me through the same rigamarole and came back with the same answer, stating that my unit would NOT be covered.
My final argument was that the DMD chip they were agreeing to replace at no cost on other models was the exact same part (has same part number) that had affected my TV and therefor the model should be irrelevant and all units with that DMD part should be covered. The agent concurred with my thoughts and placed me on hold. Upon her return, I was informed that Samsung would cover the cost of the part but not the service call. I asked if I could get the part sent to me and I would install it to which they replied, no.
After all that, I'm relatively happy that they covered the part although I know the service cost will exceed the cost of the chip. It's just a shame that I had to exert such an effort to get some level of satisfactory customer service.

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So, what happened?

I'm dealing with the same problem now. I looked up the list of tvs in the lawsuit. Mine wasn't one. It seems like everyone who got the free service model began with HLT. I am pissed. I'm thinking of contacting my lawyer. My tv has no wear and tear because it was stored.

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Seeing Red with White Dots

Although product was registered, never knew of class action lawsuit against Samsung.

Samsung model HLT5687SX/XAA was gifted to spouse has and picture screen has become very speckled with white dots ( a few that flash), Samsung advised that it is out of warranty and that I must pay for all parts and labor. Hard to do on a fixed income. I use and own many Samsung products - but my confidence in the product and reliability has rapidly diminished. When there are product problems, recalls and lawsuits involving the specific model, owners should be notified before warranties expire. Perhaps people should be made aware of how Samsung conducts business.

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Be sure to include the maker of the part in question.

Ti created and manufactures the DMD so be sure to know the companies that made and used this part. If you look around there are no less than 4 names you won't be buying from now.

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Let's name the players here.

Ti = Created the DLP system and more. The only producer of the DMD chip know and was shut down after the Fukishima disaster causing a shortage of replacement parts.

Ti = A maker of DLP projectors that got slammed over DMD life span so much so that they upped the warranty to 5 years on their own projectors. Ti did not extend that warranty to the DMDs used in other makes.

Mitsubishi, BenQ, Samsung, Epson, Christie and others used this device so be sure to keep adding those to your list but bear in mind that the device is mechanical at its heart and soul so failure is a sure thing.

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White dot problem too

Just got the white dot problem on my hl56a650 serial number akwf3ckqa01240w same story same script as everyone else wear and tear model isn't covered ect ect very frustrating. They admit certain models are defective but other models with the same problems aren't.

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Never got that admission.

The time I heard the story was the life span was shorter than expected. The part does wear out.

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Start a new post if

You want to chat about alternatives such as DIY replacement.

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Samsung HL59A650c1F

Hi Bob,

I was wondering if the DIY route is the way to go for my 50" DLP. It has the white pixel problem bad but everything else seems to be working as it should.

Could you walk me thru what I might have to do to fix this myself. Since to tv can't be used as it is it stands to reason if I blow it up nothing will be lost.

Appreciate any info you can give me about the part needed and approx. cost would be appreciated.


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Here's the usual video about what you may see.

Also, another source on parts besides

The design is from Ti and I've seen this be close enough for almost all models. There are some that must get a service manual (sorry but I think this video is very good as a guide for almost every model.)

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How long should the chip last bob with moderate viewing?

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From 1 to many years.

This is from the Ti document and charts. Variables are heat and humidity. Sorry that it's such a vast range, but you can see the charts too.

The hl56a650 looks to have come out in about 2008 so it got more years than what Ti warranted their DLPs for.

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Yes samsung guarantees there products for a year but you expect more use than that don't you thanks for the help bob but I'll wait for other replies I don't know where your interest in this comes from

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This thread is more than 565 days old.

And we have some 100+ posts on the subject. My background includes electronics design, reliability and more.

As to your comment about 1 year warranties, it will happen some day that some one will head to the courts to take all makers to task for 1 year warranties?

This thread is so old that, well, I can't guess what hasn't been covered. If you want a fresh reply from the Ambassador, start a new post as your posts are buried in this old discussion.

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Uhhhh who are u

You are acting exactly like the guy who previously posted said someone would pretty creepy bob go away

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BTW. Pitch forks and torches.

There are a few members that brought out the angry mob tools and wanted to debate all this stuff. As I had the Ti documents on hand years ago I probably have written more than I should on the matter.

Those that want to DIY, I can point to sources.
Those that want to go legal, know where to go next.

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