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Samsung DLP crackling/static noise

It started out making noise for only 30 secs or so but now the noise lasts for 45 minutes until it mostly goes away. Once in a while the volume will disappear completely also. This happens w/satellite, dvd, games...everything. I emailed Samsung and they gave me the typical "call a repair center". I would like to try to figure this out first before I spend $100 for them to tell me there is nothing they can do or if it is really worth the repair. Please help, its getting really annoying!

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Reporting: Samsung DLP crackling/static noise
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Samsung DLP crackling/static noise


I don't have any recommendations for that symptom. I would have recommended having the unit inspected as well.


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6" Samsung DLP

My 60"Dlp has the same issue what can I do fix it?

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Samsung dlp sound issue

Hi. My Sammy dlp has been going through the same audio issue and it's getting progressively worst. After calling samsung and telling them about it they immediately got my info down for a tech to come out but I am yet to hear from them.
What was the solution to fixing the sound issue. I imagine some sort of board needs to be replaced. Please help of you can.


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Sound issue

Joe...what did you find out?

We have yet to fix ours and is really starting to get bad. The crackling decreases after an hour but the more movement on the screen the more crackling there is. Really getting annoying.

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Sound issue

Well they contacted me and a tech came out. He never saw the issue before and didn't know what to do. Even after I told him that it's definatly the set, he began trying to put blame on the video source. (I wasn't home. I was working. I talked to him on the phone before he came out and after giving him a description yet again of the issue he said he would call me with any issues or concerns). Without getting into too much detail, he made a phone call without even opening up the set and reiterated what I had already told them on the phone as well as what I told him. 2 minutes later, he tells my wife that he would need to replace one board on my set with two boards. I don't know why he never called me. He said Samsung would call me with a quote. This cost me $55. I wish I made that kind of living. The quote for the boards were $900 With Labor minus the-$55. I want my $55 back.

I work with electronics and many engineers and am hoping I can find away to fix it myself. I imagine it might be some sort of diode or resistor/capacitor. I'm dealing with it now and have little time to dedicate to it.

My suggestion is you'll probably need to replace it. If you do, buy something of comparable size dirt cheap around $600-800. And in another year or two get a 3rd generation 3D set.
Samsung service sucks and I don't know if I would go with them again. Good luck. And if you have better luck, let me know.

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sound part goes bad and you are better off replacing the whole set, ridiculous! Once in a while our sound goes out and the crackling stops. Is there any way to just disconnect the audio and use are amp? That would solve our problem, for now at least.

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Sound issue

To answer your question on is it possible to disconnect the sound to get rid of the crackling. The answer is yes though I haven't opened up my set yet. But it would be very simple and can be reversed if necessary.
You would need to disconnect the speakers or cut them if they are a direct link (soldered). Or unsolder them if you're comfortable enough. If you do cut any wire, be sure to avoid doing that the end the cable (ex. Right at the speaker) because unless you know how to solder, it might present more difficulty reattaching them.
Just proceed with caution and be careful whenever you deal with electronics.
Now to reiterate, I don't know what the set looks like inside. My advice is simply speculation on how things may look and what I would do to do a dirty modification. Hopes this helps and makes some sence.

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Crackling noise on Samsung DLP

I turned off the SRS (Surround sound) and the noises stopped. Cheaper than replacing components for $900.

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Different Issue

There is no SRS to turn off. There exists a Virtual Surround which has no effect on this crackling sound whatsoever.
The crackling sounds that exists takes the place of all sound inputs. Even volume control has no effect on increasing nor decreasing this crackling neusance.
Apparently, the audio processor is overwhelmed by the source of this issue which is why no sound source can bleed through.
If you think I am wrong, please clarify. I'd love to solve this before opening up and ordering parts, which I don't plan on doing for a while.

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same isssue on Samsung dlp

I have the identical crackling issue on my tv. very irritating. I did take the bottom back cover off to try and disconnect the speakers. Can't see them or the wires connecting them as they are in the front and it's a bit busy inside the set. Need block diagram/schematic of where everything is before I go in again. Will be watching this thread for any inputs or revelations.


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samsung static noise from speakers

i have a fried that has a samsung tv and it has static from speakers..they were told that it could be cooling fan motor..or projection cooling motor..aprox cost of parts 100

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Cracking noise on samsund DLP

I've just shut off the SRS and the cracking noise seems to have gone away. Looks like your on to something here. I'm starting to think that samsung

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Speaker fix

I had the same crackling issue everyone else seems to have. I even had my speakers on internal mute as I was using a sound system. I finally disconected the TV speakers and that solved the problem. I am not a technician and it was real easy although this will not solve your problem if you need the TV speakers for your sound. Here is how I did it: Unplugged the TV/ Removed the lower back panel of the TV/ On my TV, the speaker wires came into the mother board area on the left side of the TV (Looking at the back)/ They are a red/black and yellow/black set of wires / Followed them to the mother board / Removed the single plug from the mother board by squeezing the plug and pulling it out!!!!!!That's all it took but it will only work if you have it hooked up to another sound system.

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Fix Sound Problem

Marrinhas, no offense...and I don't know what you do for a living....but you're obviously not an electronics repair person.
Disconnecting the speakers, or worse yet CUTTING the wires to them is HORRIBLE advice.
The problem may have NOTHING to do with the speakers.
A trained technician has to diagnose what is causing the static/crackling and THEN do whatever is required......most likely NOT disconnecting the speakers.

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cackling on dlp hls4676

I started getting this cackling sound about a week ago. First the sound went out and we started hearing the cackling. Disconnected all audio connections and we are using the theater system for audio. TV was put on mute, but it continued. I had replaced the bulb about 3 weeks ago successfully and don't think that had anything to do with this. Unplugged the TV from the set and replugged it back in. Plugged into a different outlet jack. Went to the tv programming by hitting mute+1+8+2+power while set was off. Then did a reset, both types listed. Since the second reset I have not heard the cackling. Don't know if that was the problem or solution, so far so good, but only 30 minutes. Normally I hear it by now. By the way, TV is only 2 years old and first had problems with the DLP, had to be replaced twice due to small dots on the tv, fortunately under warranty, but still have large white spots on the screen. The the bulb went out, normal, and now this. Samsung has been little help and Circuit City went out of business. I will not buy another Samsung product. This TV has been the most unreliable tv I have ever bought.

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Samsung DLP HD Slim TV Crackling Sound

Hey Traveler10,

Man I just wanted to say thank you for your post. I have a Samsung 50 DLP Slim TV that was making that terrible crackling sound as well. As a matter of fact my DMD chip went out earlier this year and I just had it replaced yesterday. I finally called Samsung last Thursday about the problem and they replaced the DMD chip at no charge yesterday. Very good turn around time and very prompt as well. It took the technician all of 10 minutes to replace the chip.

I took your advice with the Mute+1+8+2+Power while the TV was in off mode. Low and behold it worked perfect. I modified a few settings in the systems menu relative to the sound and have had no problems yet. Everything is in perfect working condition now with a fantastic picture and sound.

Thanks for your suggestion as it's not always the most logical solutions that are the answers. This was definitely out of the box and it worked. Thanks for sharing your ideas it saved me a boat load of money!

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It worked!!

Traveler10 - you're a God-send!! For over a year, my TV (DLP 46") has been making the crackling sound, then all sound disappears. I've been looking to purchase a new TV for about 6 months. I saw this post and decided to try the Mute+1+8+2+Power (I knew about this before, but didn't think it would make a difference). As the poster said above, I did this about 2-3 times, but didnt understand all the codes, so I did a factory reset. TV sound has been on for about 30 minutes - no problems!!

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?? do you still have tv

hi,so like many others i am also haveing this problem (i also had the problem with the white dots but sumsung replaced the chip so thats good know) but my speakers started cracling and now they dont work after about 10 min. i have tried the reset but i dont know what im doing can some one tell me where do i go once i push mute,1,8,2 power then i get lost Happy

also i do not have the money nor the time to get the tv fixed so how can i set a home theater/suround sound in the set to watch tv???because i know i can push mute and the speakers stop but how do i get the sound while watching cable out of the suround sound

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Sound Cracking on Samsung TV's SOLUTION

Hey Everyone,
Samsung Plasma 51" 3D HD TV

Depending on how you are using your TV, there seems to be an issue with the HDMI settings on your TV. When I connect my Mac Book Pro via HDMI, I get cracks and pops from the TV. This did not happen with my XBOX 360, and I'm guessing it's a different audio source/bit rate.

1. First I connected my computer to HDMI/DVI Port.
2. I pressed Source and highlighted the HDMI/DVI port but DO NOT CLICK ON IT. Just highlight it.
3. Press Tools (on your remote) > Edit/Rename
4. Select DVIPC

The audio stopped crackling. I was getting this problem because the TV does not know how to decode the signal coming from my MBPro. Now I have no problems with crackling.

I hope this works !!!!


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How did you do a factory reset? I can't figure out the codes....HELP..

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Ok... I want to try this, but don't see the reset option. Is it coded? Thx!

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Re: Reset


I'd be happy to help. What's the complete model code for this device so that I can give you factory reset instructions?

HD Tech

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I've tried some solutions and non have worked. Could you give me reset directions for model code HLT 565/sx1xaa please. We have a surround sound set up so we do have volume but there is still the annoying static noise. Would really like to find a way to get rid of that! Thanks!

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i could never reset mine

i never ended up reset-ing mine i just bought a sound bar and hooked my cable box as hdmi and it works great,i just go into the menu and turn the internal speakers off and no sound comes out of the tv speakers at all,(i did have a problem when i was useing the tv with the cable wire so thats why i went hdmi)((but for some reason every time i turn the tv on i have to go back in the menu and re-turn off the internal speakers))
good luck everyone i hope you get to use your tv ((but the re-set thing did not work for me i re set it a million times,so i gave up and got hdmi cable box and a sound bar,sounds just as good as the speakers)

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Re: reset
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My seen went blank and is making a weird noise.

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Please start a new discussion.

This discussion looks well done. Keep in mind prior discussions here and on the web about TV repairs.

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For those who still have this television, try this. The speakers are likely located on the front of the tv. Open up the tv (all you should need is a phillips screwdriver), unplug the speakers (bottom of the front of the screen), and you're good to go. Use a soundbar or some other external audio system for your sound. (Make sure to turn "on" internal mute for the external audio to work). You're welcome in advance.

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Sound problems

Why would you EVER assume that it's simply the internal speakers that are to blame?
You're guessing that ALL the internal speakers are shot? Do you know how many there are?
You figure they're ALL bad? All of a sudden? OMG...somebody call a technician!

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You do realise this thread is from 2010?

Locking this old thread.

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