There is always the possibility that you have one weak battery.
Buy some new AA alkaline batteries
make sure they are installed properly.
See if that works.

I have heard of this on other brands of cameras.

It usually has something to do with a weak battery and the lens extended.

Apparently the lens does not retract completely into the camera.

You might try pressing (gently) on the front of the lens barrel in an attempt to seat the lens in its parked position. Then turn-on the camera see if that worked.

Look at the gap between the rings of the lens barrel and see if one side has more space that the other. If so, apply gentle pressure to try to equalize the spacing between the rings of the barrel.
Try power-on again.

Others have reported that they slapped the side/top/bottom of the camera. They report that this does work in some cases.
Just don't over-do it.