I've read your story in its entirety, and I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Let me see if I can offer a suggestion that may help out.

There's not much - in all fairness - that a customer service agent can do over the phone to restore lost or damaged files. They're not able to really work with your phone to see if advanced troubleshooting can work.

In this case, your best bet, if you still have the phone, is to go to a local service center for your phone carrier. Often times, they are able to copy the contact information, photos, (text conversations, I'm not sure) and other keepsakes from one phone to another. They may have a test phone or a replacement phone that they may be able to transfer the data from one to another.

Not all service centers - and usually especially not the "mall kiosk" type of places - have a service center, but most cities have a choice of "repair centers" that you'd be able to take the phone to. It's worth a shot that maybe an expert would be able to recover some of the data.

I'm sorry for the rude customer service agent, and if you have his name, I'd like to look into it a little further. If not, there's not much I can do except send up a generic feedback about this. While it's not true that Samsung "isn't responsible for our products", but data is data. Cell phones, and any other electronic component can lose data, and a similar comparison would be, "If an OS crashes" or "I got the BSOD, why would [computer manufacturer] put their name on it?". It's the user's responsibility to occasionally back up important, valuable data. People perform soft resets on all manufacturers of phones, and erasing important data is a part of that process. I can't explain why files went corrupt - there could be any number of reasons, related or not related to Samsung.

But I digress. I'd like to hear back if you were able to retrieve your data from your carrier's repair center.

I do wish you the best, and hope somehow we can earn your business in the future.