Samsung curved tv

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3 months ago I wasted $2300 on a Samsung SUHD curved TV , I just tried to push the tv 3cm holding tv's stand, it appeared internal cracks on the screen .i contacted Samsung they didn't want to offer any kind of help so just be careful don't buy Samsung Products

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Reporting: Samsung curved tv
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Samsung curved tv internal crack

Warning..⚠️ Warning ⚠️
3 months ago I wasted $2300 on a Samsung SUHD curved TV , I just tried to push the tv 3cm holding tv's stand, it appeared internal cracks on the screen .i contacted Samsung they didn't want to offer any kind of help so just be careful don't buy Samsung Products

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You need to talk to this person
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Sorry about your TV but read below !

The new spendy TV you have seems to be in the warranty time limit which also implies this should not happen [at all] in normal use , try to elevate the claim above a clueless CSR line if they haven't sent a tech out that backs up thier side of the story and checked the assembly variables and evenly tightened TV panel /bezel ,chassis screw tightness and so on that may stress the panel if not done well ,.

In mass production they use automatic or power tools for screw tightening and nothing is foolproof .I've seen them too tight or loose before in my two Sonys and other things and I could tell you about mass production variables

Those CSR on the phone at Samsung or anywhere don't have a clue about all that or beyond the scripts they read .

At each point you are denied a resolution politely tell them to get with thier superiors and get back to you at each contact and if needed [AND FOLLOW UP ON THAT ] or nothing will likely happen ,

Check your state's consumer laws and consumer affairs office .

Put your story out on facebook and twitter and yelp sometimes at least at facebook that can settle a legitimate claim in a hurry with a reputable company if you write it well and politely and [INSIST] it was normal use as you say trus`me on that one ,

I 've had it happen from facebook in 2 hours for me on a wrongly denied claim and at another large company outside of social media where after a while and getting stonewalled or just delayed I notified them of my intent to file start legal arbitration in 48 hours and they settled all my way in 44- 46 hours and I had my case prepared to e mail already but both claims were legitimate but at first denied ,the second here one took weeks beyond a month to settle and get my new spendy product with a large incompetent company bureaucracy about as bad as the soviet union bureaucracies !

Samsung social media folks will see the facebook page and maybe twitter or yelp reviews as well where the broad market consumer is not here ,this isn't the place for this ,Samsung and any smart company is is all over that broad market social media stuff like facebook ,yelp and twitter today ,they don't care about this forum it's got less than 50 posts in maybe a year now since the Vizio TV clown replied IMO with his lame obfuscations and TV 's !

In any case elevate a claim above a clueless CSR line anyway and beyond that threaten to correspond with the office of the vice president at Samsung America or Samung visual products here before any arbitration and if you have a hint of a legitimate claim all that should work just fine but it may take time and effort but the C level VP are very busy folks and don't like getting complaints like that and will delegate someone to do something either way .and you may still have the binding arbitration option below and they usually lose these things like this.

. I been on both ends of that deal and my direct reports did want a complaint to get to me trus`me !

You can probably threaten them with binding legal arbitration that is likely in your warranty TOS and have them relay that to the superiors ,too or email them too and also see if it's at thier expense in the warranty like it usually is because that costs more than the bloody TV for the lawyer's billable time , stenographer , discovery and the arbitration itself trus`me . I been an expert witness for all that and civil trials too with some big companies we all know but not for TV's or anthing like that it was much more spendy stuff !

OTOH again it's not impossible it was assembled incorrectly with the normal mass production variables and poor field reliability testing of anything we buy ,even automobiles these days and maybe something stressed the panel cell or it's a void ,bad composition or something in the panel cell .

Mass production will never be foolproof trus`me I been around it at scale far too much to not know this !

Lastly Try your homeowners or renters insurance accidental damage coverage if you have it but if it was my TV and not my fault they would handle it trus`me

FWIW I managed at global multinationals and know what buttons to push for a legitimate claim that was denied but sometimes its can take some effort and time but it can be done with a company of Samsung's stature and they are cash rich anyway.

IMO I wouldent touch a curved LCD TV or curved LCD TV panel with a 10 foot pole ,sorry about your misfortune or defect here $2300.00 should get you a real good TV but IMO get a flat screen if you can even if they offer a replacement .and its maybe cheaper for then anyway and the same TV for the most part ,The best Samsungs are all decent active edge dimming models since 2015 anyway .

I am not a fan of the curved LCD screen with my education about electronics and my understanding of the panels

I have taken flat panels apart for new LED bars . I just did my 2015 55" 4K HDR Sony ,and repaired the related board level parts LD board DC voltage faults in it.

OTOH I like the NIB not long ago 2016 Samsung flat screen HDR 1000 QDOT KS 8000 TV in here way better and I had it binned for an ultra black ~1500 NIT 7000:1 Samsung direct FA01 Panel which is probably the best 2016 flat LCD panel Samsung had and they used it in the KS 9000 if it had one and not the AUO 001 panel I did not want .

The 2016 Samsung direct FA01 flat panel KS 8000/9000 TV and that panel is better than anything up to the 2017 Samsung flat Q9 TV anyway .

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forgot to add about product testing

I forgot to add your misfortune or defect makes a good argument for flat screens and Vesa wall mounting like I do on my 1.7" thin at the bottom Samsung KS 8000 in here instead if those stupid pedestal stands and or chicken legs

IMO the Vesa mount to the chassis is not as stressful, on the panels as a pedestal stand in the thin TV's and you can move my full motion mounts with a finger but always at the bottom if you can where the TV is thickest IMO and just steer above that but even handed ,LCD cells are fragile on any retail TV but they might be worse on the curved TV's like I belive all along ,

They don't validate field reliability well these days on anything much beyond a spendy CSOT Rolex chronometer watch or something and some of those and my vintage by now 1176 Rollie Submariner watch have had known issues and so did the Boeing 787 dreamliner Yusa LiON aux. storage batteries and those cell separators and whatever breaks on the others or our vehicles ,

An engineer will tell you the products cannot be tested for all the variables in the filed unless it's vaporware and the product model production on RV;s is to short now whereas 40 -50 years ago they might have basically the same chassis for a decade with revisions , improvements or shrinkage like RCA and Zenith and they all did on the round tube color TV's and in the automobiles too :-\

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