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Samsung Complaint !!!!!

Oct 4, 2009 1:32AM PDT

I want to vent my Samsung experience because I am too frustrated with a Samsung product and their customer service. I purchase a reasonable expensive (over $1,000) flat top electric stove because I thought it would be better then the generic GE products and I liked all the bells and whistle the stove had. I got it delivered to my house and the installer just turned it on to show that the stove worked or so I thought. Since I had never used an flat top before, I didn't know how long the hot surface like was suppose to stay on. After 2 hours, I realized something had to be wrong. I called Samsung Customer Service to report the defect two days after my stove was delivered (my big mistake). I should have called Best Buy and asked them to replace it. Samsung Customer Service were nice in providing me with a local service company and the company did contact me a few days later. The tech showed up to my house on our scheduled date at 5:30 when he was suppose to be at my house between 8 - noon. The tech took apart the stove top section and pull out every wired that the connected to all five burners before he told that he had to replace the burner. He was so rough pulling out the wiring that I felt he devirginized my stove since I hadn't even used it. I called Samsung and complain that I should get a replace since I had just purchased within 14 days. They transfer me to the Executive Relations department (no public relation) for further assistant to replacing my stove. They gave me a transaction number and tried to resolve the problems several time. Each time I call for status, I get a new answer why my request wasn't approve or what additional information I was missing. Two and a half months later, I have been rejected 2 times for a replacement, waiting for a 3rd and wondering what excuses now as to why they won't replace it since I provide them with everything except my DNA that I purchase the product. I am now on a Samsung products protest and ready to ebay my stove off and cut my loss and just buy a new stove from another manufacturer even GE at this point.

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Samsung Complaint !!!!!
Oct 4, 2009 8:26AM PDT


I'm sorry to hear that you're having this issue.

What is your transaction number? I'll see if I can assist. I am not a part of the service department, so I can't guarantee anything, but I'd like to see if I can help.


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samsung sucks
Dec 28, 2017 6:28PM PST

I am having a similar problem i sent in my monitor for repair over a month ago and still have not got it back i have contacted Samsung million times i just get transferred or told to wait for a call i am so frustrated that i about to contact a lawyer and better business bureau

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Faulty samsung galaxy note 8
Oct 1, 2018 7:24AM PDT

I have similar issue with samsung after buying 64000 of handset (galaxy note Cool I am getting half a day battery backup and handset is over heating. ContactEd service centre thrice no solution. My handset is with service center for the last one with no solution

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poor service
May 13, 2018 12:29AM PDT

my or no-4260100640
purchase date-08.05.2018
model no-RR20N182YR8/HL

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Transaction Number
Jun 15, 2018 11:24AM PDT

I do not see a transaction numbe.

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Oct 2, 2018 6:05AM PDT

I purchased 4 Samsung appliances all at once and from day one I had nothing but problems. I took the day off from work on the 23rd of July and I was waiting on when I called the home delivery team they said they kicked me off the list since they were overbooked and no one ever called me they set me up for the 26th of that same week another day off they arrived and the last item off the truck was my fridge and the delivery guy came to get me to say it was damaged and I had no fridge at all since I just closed on my house I asked for the damaged one until the new one arrived they refused. I had to wait till the 31st of July another day off to get my new fridge eating out since the 23rd of July till the 31st of July for a family of 4 very expensive. Then when I went out to the grocery store I returned to see condensation all on the right side of my fridge and a small puddle of water on the control panel I immediately called the very next day since it was later in the evening. I asked for a service call and they said no it was the home delivery's fault since they did not level the fridge correctly I took another day off from work they came out to my house since they do not call you until the night before with a time frame. They came out in the a.m. and said nope that is not the problem the fridge is leveled called back again and advised of what I was told then I asked for some assistance they said that the energy button was on and it should not be and that was the reason for the condensation it was never lit up, to begin with then I asked for a repairman to come out finally after calling daily to Samsung Home Depot and the warranty department they came out a few weeks later another day off they repairman said that it was working fine it was environmental issue . WHAT! who says that in today's day in age with our technology I could not believe what I was hearing and he even wrote it on the work order that I have at my house. The condensation was forming daily and I had to wipe it continuously and when I would pull out the middle drawer the water would run down the front of the fridge to the floor. EVERYDAY! I work full time and I do not have the time for this other job I now have on a brand new fridge! Calling daily and not one person would help me all I heard was I am sorry and sorry does not fix my problem. I asked for another repairman to come out to my house I finally got another repairman out two weeks later know I am into the end of August and I took another day off and they did not show I called up and they said they repair shop read over the notes and the fridge is working properly. My husband and I went to a store where they had my fridge in demo mode and when we opened the door there were lights on the side that were supposed to be lighting up when the door opens and that was not happening with mine and I was advised there is a heater in the door. My husband went home and noticed on the top of the fridge once he took off the cover that from the manufacturer Samsun the wires were never hooked up from the factory. I asked for a different repair shop called and made another appointment another day off and they came out and said that I needed a new door they ordered it. It arrived another day off and when the repairman came out from the 2nd repair shop they shipped them the wrong door they reordered the correct door and it came in the following week and finally on the 22nd of September the fridge was finally fixed and all my time and aggravation all my money spent on over a week eating out I should have been compensated and Samsung said sorry we can not do anything for you. I CAN"T BELIEVE IT again. I even emailed the CEO of Samsung and nothing

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Samsung Sucks
Jul 2, 2019 2:42PM PDT

I noticed your post was in 2017. Its 2019 and they still suck. Everything in my whole house is nothing but Samsung. Dishwasher has failed 8 times. I finally had to fix it myself to get it to work. The fridge doesn't make any ice and neither does anyone elses as ive read. The washer we had was a total disaster that shook and walked across the floor. Multiple times fixing it until we finally hauled that piece of crap to the scrap yard. Nothing we have in our house that is Samsung works!

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Apr 12, 2020 12:50PM PDT

I paid $3,000.00 for their large t.v. paid, $600.00 to have it installed, paid $100.00 for a wall bracket...4 years ago...about 1 yr ago, I started seeing white spot on this t.v. now seeing black streaks in this t.v...I am not rich, took me a long time to save up to buy this...I know better than to try to contact to Face Book...I am going to warn everyone of what I have been through, and forgot to add, called a t.v. repairman out...will ask Face Book readers to please share. NOW, I am going to have to buy another t.v. and it will NOT be another Samsung,...don't bother Samsung apologizing, apologizing gets old...besides have my hard earned money and I have you should be very happy.....NEVER AGAIN.

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Faulty TV
Sep 9, 2020 9:56PM PDT

I purchased 55 inch about 3 years ago. Twice during warranty period they replaced the panels. The same vertical colored line issue reappeared 1 week ago. Called Samsung support told sorry outside warranty period not covered. I am really sad and angry that such a big corporate could do this. NEVER EVER going to recommend anyone to buy SAMSUNG TV. They only last a year or two and then all your hard earned money is down the drain. Customer service is pathetic looks like we are talking to robots who have no emotions. STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG TV's

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Need CEO email address
Jul 21, 2020 10:01AM PDT

Can you post the CEO of Samsung's email?

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Samsung sucks.
Jul 2, 2019 2:39PM PDT

I noticed your post was in 2017. Its 2019 and they still suck. Everything in my whole house is nothing but Samsung. Dishwasher has failed 8 times. I finally had to fix it myself to get it to work. The fridge doesn't make any ice and neither does anyone elses as ive read. The washer we had was a total disaster that shook and walked across the floor. Multiple times fixing it until we finally hauled that piece of crap to the scrap yard. Nothing we have in our house that is Samsung works!

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Apr 16, 2020 11:00PM PDT

I want a new refrigerator that when I want ice I can have ihave had this thing for three years and have yet to have that I had had to take all my food to my daughter house and shut this thihg because the repair person told me that if we did not do this it would burn it up iwish ihad let it burn up then I could have sued you

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Samsung really sucks
May 31, 2020 6:36AM PDT

We have Samsung appliances; fridge, washer and dryer. Both washer and dryer needed repair within 2 years of buying. Now the fridge is leaking water, not cooling Angry . Never buying Samsung again.
Extremely hard to get hold of customer support. So disappointed with Samsung.

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Apr 16, 2020 11:02PM PDT

what transaction number

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Don’t buy Samsung refrigerator
May 27, 2020 6:00PM PDT

We bought the Frig with pull out Drink drawer & French Frig drawer. Right away we had to replace the whole Frig. The ice maker would freeze up. A year later the same problem. We had a warranty so we called Lowe’s. The repair showed up said these Samsung s are nothing but problems. When I called Samsung all they did was have my water rly bought out. Just this week the freezer died ( we bought this $2500 Frig in May 2013). We went down and bought a whirlpool. NEVER again will we buy a Samsung.

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Samsung Fridge: Paid $2700. Compressor crashed at 5 years
Jul 8, 2020 12:32PM PDT

Similar problem: Loved the fridge at first, the use of space design is terrific. Unfortunately the ice maker did not work well much of the time and sometimes did not work at all. I paid $2700 for the fridge 5 years ago and today the compressor crashed. It will cost approximately $1000. to replace. I expected much more for the high price I paid. In the past, I have had inexpensive refrigerators last 20 years with no major problems. Will not purchase Samsung products again.

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what a load of crap these guys push
Jun 10, 2020 12:22PM PDT

I purchased a brand new washing machine...BRAND NEW...within the first hour this thing is yelling at me..error code for this and that..after being put on hold for hours..spending days begging these people to give me what i paid for..a brand new working machine...they tell me that their policy will not allow them to send me a replacement machine..they want to come fix it...I DO NOT WANT A BRAND NEW BROKEN MACHINE THAT YOU HAD TO COME OUT TO FIX..that is not what i paid for..they shut me down..they refused replacement until after they come several times to 'fix it first..that is horrible service...HORRIBLE POLICY.."screw you if you took a chance on us.. for trusting us..."...UNBELIEVABLE...UN BE LIEV ABLE!!!!!. believe it...not much i can do but accept this BS...they are within their policy...they can choose to not do the right thing...and GET AWAY WITH IT...

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Oct 21, 2020 7:44AM PDT

I also had a bad exp. They shipped me back my phone without repairing. Its a game they run.

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Samsung I will never buy again..
Feb 22, 2011 7:27AM PST

Buyers Beware!

We purchased our appliances from Future shop around Nov 20.2011. So just over two months ago. Well we purchased an induction stove (Samsung) which we thought was a great idea with small children. The other great decision we made was to purchase our appliances from a big box outlet thinking we are covered if any warranty issues. Well think again if you do not purchase the extended warranty which is another cost above the price they give you than you are on your own. Let me tell you about on your own. Now we have issues with our stove. Induction works by transferring heat to either a pot or pan by magnetic heat transfer. (Sounds strange but really works great when it works) So we are having problems with the burner sensors I assume and the main panel (Touch screen sensors). I have called Samsung directly to address my concerns as per what the warranty is requiring. They have put me on to a service tech in Edmonton who called once about 3 weeks ago to ask the same questions Samsung asked and should maybe been redirected. The service tech said they would need to speak to someone at their office and never heard back since.. Then I call back Samsung to only be put on hold for well over 25 mins finally give up and call the next day to speak with a guy who seems to get we are having problems and will address it with his manager and gives me the phone number to the tech out of Edmonton. Which turns out to be a fax number when I call?So I decide to wait for another couples days rather than being put on hold for 25 more minutes? So now a few more days pass and I decide to call Samsung again to speak to a lady who stress the exact same concerns the last Samsung worker did. This time I ask is there any record of me speaking to the last Samsung worker she says no..So I ask how do I know if anything is going to get done? She answers you have to trust me?ok like the last guy I spoke to at Samsung.. (I guess you can see where this is going? nowhere fast)

I have a few concerns the stove burners only work with a certain dia pan or pot so if it does not work we are half way through cooking and everything goes cold. If I didn't have children waiting for Dinner this might not be a big concern right now. The other concern is they are now telling me they have to send a tech out well when ever that happens the tech will have to order parts and then we wait and wait and then they get installed maybe. Who knows how long this could get dragged out. I guess my question is why should a person who bought an item like this and have issues not even two months in have to deal with so much headaches. It's not like I'm trying to get a new stove,, it is already new minus the problems. It's not like I don't own more Samsung products and have been a good client..or this is a small company that cannot afford to completely replace the stove to keep me happy and buying Samsung products.

This is not the only Samsung product I own but will be the last I ever buy!!

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Samsung I will never buy again..
Feb 22, 2011 11:00AM PST


if you want us to read your complaint try some paragraphs. It's a lot easier on the eyes.

Hows that time travel machine working out for you?

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Feb 22, 2011 11:21PM PST

Thanks for the tip..more paragraphs,,I guess when a person vents they forget about the little things.. The stove is ok when everything works..I've heard this tech. Has been around for ever. I guess that's why I bought it. It is a great idea if you have kids but really wish I could get this thing working proper..I really feel Samsung is letting me down and I own lots of samsung products but feel this is the last..

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Jan 19, 2018 1:01PM PST

I agree, I will never buy another samsung product ever again. Learned my lesson. Bought a brand new dishwasher not even a month old, there is water leakage, samsung service department comes to repair the dishwasher, the issue being the drain hose which the tech says it was brittle cause it's been in the warehouse for so long, and so he uninstalls the dishwasher repairs drain hose, and then refuses to reinstall the dishwasher cause it's not his job. How unbelievable is that. So I now have to wait for my contractor that is away for two weeks, and Samsung leaves me with an inoperable dishwasher, because their warranty does not cover re installation, how incredibly ridiculous is that. To leave a customer with an inoperable dishwasher after it's their product that was not working. To add insult to injury, I spent a whole day talking to Samsung service and their dispute between Samsung and their Williston park service contract, being disconnected and being put on hold for hours at a time, and then finally being escalated to their executive department only to be told that their warranty does not cover reinstallation, unbelievable. NEVER WILL I EVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT .AGAIN.

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samsung is horrible
Mar 29, 2018 7:18AM PDT

I purchased 4 applicances, microwave, stove, fridge, and dishwasher, the dishwasher after 3 years spring a leak and they wanted 300.00 to fix it. the fridge ice machine broke down, the stove burners stopped working and all these are only 3 years old. I wrote to better business b. because they have not right to sell samsung appliances that dont work after 3 years...but i see worse complaints than mine.

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Apr 21, 2018 11:57AM PDT

Sorry to see all the problems Samsung products and their owner have . i too should have done my due diligence before buying my QLED 65" TV .... But I'm going to start sharing my story as in as many places as possible to see if that helps in getting service from Samsung .
So here goes ....
Bought a QLED 65" TV while I lived in the USA , in Brazil where I was planning to move . Seemed better to buy it here in Brazil because of the different signals used for TV here and the "so called Warranty" ... TV's these sizes are ~ double the price as in the States (Think $4,500 worth of Samsung TV). It was delivered in December of 2017 ... all was good and it worked . My Step son checked it out ...Fast forward February 2018 ,,, I move to Brazil ,,,, My TV waits for me ...Works perfectly .... for a while ...Say about a month . It starts shutting off and turning on by itself . Still works and goes back to normal functioning most of the time ...
Then about 1 1/2 weeks ago ,it starts making popping sounds(which is supposed to be normal) but then the picture turns to a dark blue an then to black , Sound is present but No Picture what so ever .Turn off and on while all these other thing happen ... Nice TV ,,,I've used for 3 months now .
Since I live in Brazil and do not speak much Portuguese I have my Step-son and Wife help me in contacting Samsung service dept. Concierge Service it's called .... Well I'm not so sure about that . Once I got through (my wife) we were told a tech would be coming out to check the TV the next day ...Great and thank you very much I replied .
Next Day ....Waited all day at home ...No Technician shows up ..Next Morning we called Samsung again .... Took half a day on the phone to get nothing from them ...NOTHING ...Not even a "we'll call you back to set up an appointment to see the TV at your home .... This is Concierge service ?
Now we (my Wife has called the store who sold us the TV) waiting to hear back from them as to them getting service or a replacement TV(I took and sent a video of the problem ,and which I'm going to start posting Video's on line showing what Samsung sells to let people to beware) ...

IMO , A $4,500 TV/Paper Weight (is what I have) after 3 months of use is beyond ,,not acceptable .... It's stealing ... Not being rich , and living on SS Disibility , this was a once in a life time purchase/dream TV for me .... At least I have a big paper weight ,,,Right ????
All I can say now Is I am now going to keep posting anyplace i can v and hope it's makes a point to Samsung Cooperate . They are responsible or should be made to be and back up their products with the service warranty they advertise
Samsung ... Never again ..... I will tell any and all I can,,,, Never , Never Purchase any product your company makes . THE WORST

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Dec 7, 2012 11:21AM PST

I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANY SAMSUNG products again in my life and will do all possible to prevent anyone I know - or even don't know ( through blogs, etc) from never buying a Samsung product. How is it that foreign manufactures come here and inflict this on American consumers and nobody does ANYTHING about it. If you want reliable household appliances STAY FAR AWAY from Samsung.

We bought a refrigerator in April 2012 and it stopped working in October 2012. We used the warranty service and Samsung Tech (NISI) telling us is Defect Air Compressor and need to get replace. But NISI have to order the replacement Air Compressor it take about a week. We can't wait that long so we call BestBuy and they get the replacement unit replace within 3 day. We already lost $800 worth of food. In December 1, 2012 we noticed the refrigerator running with loud noise and water leaking out from the ice-maker tray and freezer display 80 degree, and cooler display 38 degree. So we call Samsung request for service since we still under warranty, it take 2 day for NISI called and we request for afternoon appointment; they flat-out told us that they don't do afternoon service and schedule us for Dec 8th which a week without refrigerator and all we lost all the food for second time since we buy the Samsung Refrigerator. Samsung stated they have no control over the service company and that is garbage. Any company you use is a reflection on you! So incredibly disappointed and feel like we've been taken advantage of with this warranty service. We want Samsung to replace our Refrigerator.Peoples beware! Don't buy any Samsung Products! 26 cu. ft. French Door RefrigeratorModel #: RF267AERS/XAASerial #: 21830NISI Service Ticket : 4117170921

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Boycott Samsung!!!
Jun 6, 2017 5:05PM PDT

I have a similar problem with Samsung. I recently bought a Samsung galaxy on5 cellphone earlier this year, only a few months ago. Since I bought it, this piece of trash has had issues connecting to my bluetooth speaker, receiving calls sometimes, and connecting to 4g data. So i took it to thw T-Mobile store to have a look. They changed the

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Boycott Samsung!!!
Jun 6, 2017 5:18PM PDT

I have a similar problem with Samsung. I recently bought a Samsung galaxy on5 cellphone earlier this year, only a few months ago. Since I bought it, this piece of trash has had issues connecting to my bluetooth speaker, receiving calls sometimes, and connecting to 4g data. So i took it to the T-Mobile store to have a look. They changed the SIM card and it still had data issues. They told me to try factory resetting it, so later, I did, and it still had problems with it (the data would go from 4g to E randomly, and E is pretty much useless because it's so slow) so by now I well understood this was a hardware deffect, specifically the antenna. T-Mobile said Samsung gives you a warranty for product deffects, so I thought since they sold me a **** ******* phone, they would fix it for me free of charge, right? A 60 dollar phone, right? No. I went to best buy, they told me to call Samsung to fix the antenna and I went home and called them. The guy said it would cost me $182 to send it and fix the hardware, which is entirely their fault. I called them again to complain that they had a warranty for product deffects and that they said they would fix it for free if it wasn't working right, and he still said it would cost 182 dollars i didn't have. My mom explained to them that that is more than what the phone initially costs and that it's pointless to repair instead of just buying a new one. They said they could lower it to $90! Wow! Still paying more money than what the phone was initially worth in order to fix a problem that they caused! At this point we were furious and told them we wanted to speak to their supervisor or someone of higher authority. He told us we can talk to tech support! Which was going to just tell us the same thing! He didn't want us to talk to anyone of authority in the company because they want to steal the money we don't have for their **** products, so we told them we are never ever going to buy a samsung product ever again for the way their treat their customers! We need to alert everyone of how greedy Samsung is and how they treat customers. They are a multi million dollar company! They could easily give me 10 Samsung galaxy 8 phones and not even notice any economical loss to their business. They are so ******* greedy.

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Please don't bury your post.
Jun 6, 2017 5:58PM PDT

The 4G issue is all about how far to your carrier towers. Samsung does not run your carrier's business.

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Samsung Phone: ENDLESS PROBLEMS!!!!!
Mar 21, 2019 8:28PM PDT

Complaint re Samsung phone & Samsung non-’helpline’ person Thelma:

I have obtained no assistance for the simple task I need to do: i.e. send a photo to a mobile or email. It does not send.

Then: I try to share the photo via ‘messages’: it does not send, just scrolls endlessly for hours.

Then: I try to transfer it to my PC to email the photo from there:
When I pug in my Samsung J3 to my MacBook air the PC does not recognize the phone is there.
Endless, endless troubleshooting does not fix it.
Why, in this day of reasonable technological advancement, is that so totally impossible??????

The phone says ‘unlock your phone so the computer can read content’.
Obviously, the phone is already unlocked / usual access to make a phone call with the usual pin or obviously I would not be able to see that notice!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then: I spend hours on the internet trying to find what else I need to ‘unlock’ on the phone.

Then: I spend vast time with Samsung “help” line Thelma: I find a person who does not speak at all intelligibly:
She keeps telling me to put in my usual pin number, which I do (& have already been doing), which unsurprisingly does nothing whatever.

After vast amounts of exceeding frustrating and futile time wasting with Thelma, going in endless circles, I have got absolutely nowhere.

Worse yet: As Thelma has no solution she tries to handball me to my provider. When I contacted my provider Telstra, unsurprisingly they find that the Samsung device issue and how it was or was not turned on or off, locked or otherwise, was nothing to do with them; they know nothing of Samsung technology.

I have had endless, constant problems with this phone since I got it. I have been in to the retailer endlessly on innumerable different issues, they have endlessly tried to help, but quite politely advise me that it is really Samsung who need to resolve it. (...and good luck with that!)

Previously I had an iPhone for years! No problems at all! Ever!
And I thought all phones just worked! How wrong!!!!!
Due to circumstances, I needed to update my phone in a hurry, and went for the slightly cheaper Samsung instead of an iPhone.

iPhones cost slightly more, but, hey! they work…….You do not then get to spend your life in hair ripping thwarted non-function, futile chunks of your life trying to get assistance, or trying to get something to work.

Everyone will be hearing about my Samsung experience.
Your ‘help line’ person Thelma was no help.

Your phone does not work.

Sincerely, Tigerlilly2

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Just a thing to know.
Mar 21, 2019 8:44PM PDT

To get a lot of the Android phones to connect to PCs we have to install a driver and maybe an app. You are right that support is pretty bad on all Android phone makers because you are asking them to do PC or Windows support.

For Apple hardware you install iTunes and that gets the drivers and app for the iPhone so that's easy on folk. Android? More work that owners didn't expect.

Nod to the CNET Phone forum and XDA Developer forum too if you want to discuss drivers and apps. But what I'm encountering are folk that don't want to work this area. They expect the phone maker to work out the PC issues which is not going to happen.