Samsung Cell Phone Trade in Scam

I decided to participate in the Samung Trade in program last Fall. I sent my S7 edge in for a new S8 and providing the phone met Samsungs trade in criteria you would get a new phone at half price..If the phone didnt meet the trade in criteria Samsung would charge your financial account..

And my phone was cracked screen..perfection operating physical wear and tear

After I received the new phone I sent my phone back to Samsung

About 10 days after that I received noticed from Samsung stating that my phone had a cracked screen and was inoperable and they took $375.00 from my bank account

I was livid and promptly called Samsung Customer Service. They said they would inestigate and get back to me in 10 days..

After a month they concluded that my phone had normal wear and tear and that I would get my money in about 10 days...

After 2 weeks I called them back and they said they are still investigating and I got livid once again..

Then after another month Samsung concluded that my phone did not qualify after all do to housing damage..and that their decision was final.

This of course is nothing less than fraud..I have proof of my phones condition. I plan on writing to their CEO for a resolution and if they don't reply I will report Samsung to California's Better Business Bureau and
California's Attorney General/consumer affairs

This is such a stain on Samsungs brand and I cant believe they would treat consumers in such a fraudulent manner

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Reporting: Samsung Cell Phone Trade in Scam
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If they took money from your account.....

....file a dispute with your bank. Merchants hate dealing with charge backs and will usually do anything to avoid them. I personally work for multiple banks and deal with similar situations on a daily basis.

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Try other Websites

If you really want to get the best outcome, sell or trade in your phone with the help of other website, there are also many websites like Recell Cellular, eBay, amazon. I recycle lots of my phone with cash never face this kind of issue. I would recommend you to visit other website rather than taking Samsung official offers

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Samsung Trade In Program is a Scam

I also participated in the Samsung Trade In Program back on January 30, where I traded in my LG V20 in great condition without any problems or issues of any kind. On June 22, Samsung emailed me stating my phone did not meet the requirements due to damaged housing and buttons. So my Samsung credit account that I opened for the trade in program was charged $225 as they kept my trade-in phone for $25. I have emailed back and forth with Samsung customer service and at least three different representatives have responded now. Everyone responds with the same reason but no one is able to provide any kind of images or reports of any kind that prove my phone is damaged.

I find this scam Samsung is pulling to be very unethical and I want to make sure I get the word out. There's no way I can continue shopping for Samsung after this issue, I only hope they improve their wrong ways and provide the service I have come to know since the Galaxy S2. One of the email responses from Samsung also included the terms of the trade in, and I thought the arbitration agreement to be interesting in this moment. Here is what it says:

11. ARBITRATION AGREEMENT Any dispute you may have with Samsung arising out of or relating to the Trade-In Program or these Terms shall be governed by the Arbitration Agreement (including its 30-day opt-out provision) included in the Samsung Terms and Conditions that apply to the New Samsung Device you purchased using the Trade-In Program. For more information about your rights, obligations, opt-out opportunities and the full terms of the Arbitration Agreement, see, the printed materials enclosed in the box, or the Legal section of the settings menu of the New Samsung Device you purchased using the Trade-In Program (typically in the “About Device” or “About Phone” section). As stated in such Arbitration Agreement, you agree that any such dispute shall not be combined or consolidated with a dispute involving any other person’s or entity’s claim related to the Trade-In Program, and specifically, without limitation of the foregoing, shall not under any circumstances proceed as part of a class action.

Last Updated: April 26, 2018

I will pursue this issue and provide any updates as they come.

Thank you,


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Trade in issue also

I purchased a phone through Samsung in March 2018 and traded in a phone, I received an email in April 2018 telling me my conditions were not met also due to not wiping the phone, I work for AT&T Mobility and wipe phones on a daily basis so I know I did. I called, chatted and emailed back and forth and was told they were looking into it and the last communication was June 2018 stating that I would receive an email after it was further investigated and never heard back so i assumed it had been resolved until i opened my mail today and have a bill from a collection agency that Samsung turned it over to. I called them again today and yet again I'm being given the run around that they will look into it. Back when this all began I told them to send me proof such as pictures of the phone showing I never wiped it and have yet to have that proof so I do not have high hopes of that happening since my phone was probably refurbished already because we all know even if I didnt wipe it they are able to on their end. I emailed the office of the president so I guess I will wait an see what happens since that's my only option at this point. Have you or anyone else had any sort of resolution yet with your situations?

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Same issue Samsung trade in scam

My story is the same.
I got a letter and then next day a call from collection company. I told them I dispute it they are trying to charge me 300 for a 275 charge back.
They are looking in to it I do not expect much though.
I want them to file judgement so I can show up in court with my video proof.
I canceled the card so I did not have to fight with them returning money.
But I will not let them screw me.

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Samsung scammed me too

I got scammed by Samsung too - I traded in a perfectly good S7 edge for an S9+ and later received two small grainy pics (one looked like a fingerprint on the home button and the other showed part of the display with blue light filter enabled) and a "didn't meet requirements" rejection because "Device’s display is damaged or not functioning."

This scam is begging for legal action. In the meantime, I no longer buy any Samsung products.

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Trade in issue also

Wow at least you were able to get them to send you pictures of your phone, I couldn't even get them to do that when I requested it multiple times.

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Pictures, but...

Heh, they sent me two pictures of *a* phone, could have been old stock photos for all I know. I’d definitely have been annoyed if I got none, but I think with these bad pics even more so, given what a weak attempt it looks like they made to back up their claim.

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