I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting audio set up.

The first technician you spoke with was correct. The audio for DTS would have to be routed through the optical cable when using bitstream audiophile. This is listed as "Case 3" under the connections, on page 27 of the manual, listing DTS as a supported format for that connection scenario.

Our call centers aren't always aware of the capabilities of the many components, including receivers, that are available on the market. There are hundreds of new models every year. In some cases, receiver manufacturers - including the one you mentioned - offers firmware updates for their products too, and the Samsung phone support people can't speak for other products. It's difficult sight-unseen to diagnose every possible scenario when things don't work.

I do apologize, however, that you weren't able to get that answer consistently, and I'll be happy to pass your post up to the appropriate department for review. Our goal is to help, not irritate people.