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I am interested in buying this Blu Ray player, but before that I would like to know about a few issues.

1. When a movie (mp4 5.1 audio) from a usb drive is played, does the player output 5.1 channel audio or normal stereo. The player would be connected to a onkyo receiver (supports all latest codecs) via HDMI and receiver to LCD TV via HDMI.

2. Does the player support subtitles for media files (mp4, avi, mkv)

3. Does the player supports wav files.

I request somebody to reply to this questions as I am badly in need of this player.


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The list of supported encodings seems to dash many hopes that what you have will play. Let's use THIS FORUM and what folk discover. Ready? HDTVs are not PCs. The codecs are limited and even if you find AVI, MP4 and MKV in the supported list it is still possible that the person that encoded the file to do it in a way that the HDTV can't play it.

EASY TO FIX. Re-encode with an encoding that works.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I just want to know that if I play a .mp4 movie with 5.1 channels audio which the player supports, will it output the same 5.1 channels or downmix to 2.0 stereo mode.

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Let's say this is complicated because

The best setup I know is the Onkyo which you I would play the content from some BR,BD,DVD, other source to the Onkyo and then the next stop is the HDTV.

If you did your research almost all content will use the 2.1 track. But since you are going from a BD player to your Onkyo then from the Onkyo to the HDTV you have a 5050 shot you'll get 5.1.

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I have a PS3 and the .mp4 plays perfectly with 5.1 channel output. This is dedicated for gaming purpose so I wanted another blu ray player for music and movies.

If you have the player I request you to check the same and reply back, it would save me from making an investment if it does not support.


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If Samsung doesn't chime in here and the 1-800-SAMSUNG does not have an answer head to the stores and only go ahead if they know and will refund every dime if it fails.

The PS3 is a far capable device than any BD player I've seen. I doubt your success there will be a sign that it will work on other players.

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Samsung BD-C5500

I checked with Sony BDP-S370 (the player was connected to a receiver) and it plays 5.1 channel audio in .mp4 movies. So, I think even this Samsung player should play in the same manner.

Moreover, the meaning of HD (High Definition) playability means that it should play a minimum of 720p video and AAC audio in multichannel.

I think I will buy this player tomorrow and check it myself. In the mean while if any one can check it would be great.

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Definition is a rude standard.

Since you are the one packaging the content and it's not coming from a factory BR disc, all the rules mean nothing. I guess you'll learn this first hand.

If you need proof, just research this forum with folk complaining about files that don't play. What's not funny is these files are often files they did not encode and they don't know how they were encoded.

I agree that folk don't want to know all this but when you start tossing encoded content at BR BD players and HDTV then you get to learn more than you bargained for.

To make matters worse, the makers are all over the map as to documenting exactly what works.

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Samsung BD-C550 - Issues with Media Files

I have the BD-C5500 running HDMI to a Pioneer receiver with HDMI from the receiver to the TV. I have the awful Samsung PC Share Manager running on my WinXP PC. For the last couple of days I have been experimenting to see what kind of music, video and photo files will work. For me I have found:

Photos: jpg (normal and panorama) works; psd doesn't
Music: mp3 works; wav doesn't
Video: mpg works; mov, avi, wmv don't

I see on this forum that how the file was encoded is important. I'm OK with jpg and mp3 for photos and music. However, I plan to do a bunch more testing and experimenting with various video encoding to see if I can get mov and wmv to work.

-- Larry

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Samsung BD-C550 - Issues with Media Files

Hi Larry,

Great to know that you own this player.

If you have a .mp4 video file which has a 5.1 channel audio, kindly play from the usb in the player and while playing press the AUDIO button on the remote and check the info. It should say 5.1 or you can even check in the Pioneer receiver which should also display the same thing.

How is the player in general, loading of blu ray movies, dvd's, etc. Any issues you faced?



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Samsung BD-C550 - Issues with Media Files

Saket, I have no mp4 files. Can't haelp with that test.

This is my first blu-ray player and have had it a couple months. Seems to work as advertised. I've played lots of standard DVDs but only one Blu-ray disc. No issues with them. I was expecting very long load times (a common complaint) but it seems to me it is OK. Slower than a standard player but not overly so.

I have it connected to the internet via ethernet (via a homeplug device that uses the house power wiring) to a router. As soon as I did that the play found a software update and installed it. Then it installed apps for the Samsung Internet apps stuff. Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and others are there and work. I also installed the Samsung PC Share Manager which also works as long as you can live with the file formats it supports.

So, now I'm going to try TVersity to see if it handles more formats via its transcoding facility.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I'm happy with the player.


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