Thanks for your patience.

1. Yes, the LNxxA860 comes with an 18 month warranty, and the LNxxA850 models have a 12 month warranty.

2. On the LNxxA860, both USB ports are on the side panel. (A850, the single is on the side port)

3. It is true that the LinkStick by us is good only for InfoLink. There have been several postings about other "links" working for the InfoLink feature, but streaming content and media is pretty much impossible. I haven't seen anyone successfully do it through the USB port.

There are some streaming options with DLNA through the ethernet port that some people have done (which does require quite a bit of network know-how - far beyond what I or our customer service techs can support) using the ethernet port in the back.

So: LinkStick - USA Today RSS Feed only
Ethernet - can do both USA Tdoay RSS, some streaming video, and wherever your network know-how takes you.

I hope that helps, and let me know if I can help answer any other questions.