I Just got off the phone with what was supposed to be the higher level of Samsung Customer care with a person that wouldn't leave their last name. She was obviously reciting or reading a preprogrammed apologetic narrative telling me they wouldn't fix my TV because of Physical Damage. I'm furious about this. Here's a little background:
Samsung Products I own:
* 55" 3D Flat Screen
* Refrigerator
* Washer AND Dryer
* 2 Galaxy Note Tabs
* Victory Phone
* S3 Phone
* 60" 3D Flat Screen UN60F7100 (This is the TV in question)
These are the ones I can think of.
Two weeks ago I got up in the morning, watched the news and weather for 2 minutes, then went off to work. When I returned around 8PM, I sat on the couch, turned on the TV and got brightly colored lines up and down the right side of the screen. No contact, no physical force of any kind. Just turned it on to watch the news. Now they are claiming I somehow damaged a panel that is BEHIND the glass - This is outrageous. They have conveniently "deemed there is physical damage" so they can wash their hands of their obligation to fix or replace my TV which still has 4 1/2 months on the warranty. If there is a problem with the panel, it's a faulty panel! I believe they are well aware of the problems they've been having with their TVs and are trying to minimize their expenses by sending me to this phone hell which ends in a conversation with a person pleasantly and robotically reciting how they don't give s**t and are not going to honor the warranty. I don't think so! Please keep me abreast of any updates on the class action. I AM SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS COMPANY.