Samsun Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3113) & Google Play store

I have encountered a major Catch-22 situation with my Tab 2. It is a recent purchase and came with the Google Play store preloaded in addition to their own app store. I had no problems installing several free apps from Google. But when I wanted to purchase one, it was a different story.

The process appeared to go OK; it took my credit card number, expiration date and security code OK. Then when I continued, it asked for a PIN (which I have never needed for online or offline purchases before).

MY first guess at the PIN resulted in an immediate popup saying the PIN was incorrect. My second guess was accepted, HOWEVER, after a much longer time a different popup appeared saying the transaction was declined, and that I need to check my Google Wallet settings.

Everything looks OK there except for one thing, it says there are no devices associated with my account.

And I can't find any way to add them.

The classic Catch-22 is that Samsung claims that Google Play store is OK because they preloaded it, and Google says the GT-P3113 isn't a supported device.

Google isn't answering emails, and Samsungs email contact page:
has an inoperative pulldown for the model number so it can't be used to send an email.

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Reporting: Samsun Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3113) & Google Play store
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Play your consumer card.

It's pretty new so return it to the store for a refund if Samsung support can't fix it. Nice tablet but the system has failed you.


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Samsung Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3113) & Google Play store

Thank for response,

I hope to get the problem fixed rather than abandoning it.

I finally realized that the PIN request has nothing to do with either Discover or Google Wallet. It's one of the security settings for the tablet's OS.

But after an online chat with a Discover rep, it seems to boil down to a difference in the way the Secure Online Account Numbers from Discover are handled by different merchants or payment mechanisms. The SOANs can only be used by one merchant and this is controlled by their merchant number. This is a safety feature of the SOAN which hides your real account number from the merchants.

If you use one for PayPal, transactions with different merchants all appear with the merchant number associated with PayPal, and everything works fine. According to the Discover rep, Google Wallet operates differently, in that the transaction is reported as coming from each merchant, unlike PayPal.

Why it failed on the first use, she was unable to explain, but clearly Discover and Google Wallet need to talk to each other to straighten this out.

So at this point it appears that Samsung may only be playing a small part in this problem in that they and Google haven't spoken to each other so that Google can update their list of supported devices or Samsung can stop preloading the Google Play Store.

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Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for Discover + Android issues

Samsung folk are unhappy when folk suggest the return but in your case it seems they could not correct the issue.

Maybe they should have come right out and told you that Discover isn't working yet and given you a timeframe (even if it is never?)

At this point it looks to still be a defect. Why keep it?

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Samsung Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3113) & Google Play store

No, it's not a Discover problem; they are doing "exactly" what they should be doing. Google is using two different merchant numbers for one transaction. The second one is declined because the first one has already used the assigned secure number.

This would happen regardless of which tablet or phone was trying to use this form of protection, which, by the way, is also provided by at least one other bank.

Sending a "trial" transaction makes sense when you don't know the exact amount of the purchase, but Google "does" know that from the start. A gas station doesn't, so they make a $1.00 charge and if it goes through you can start pumping. Hotels often initially charge more when you check in or out because they don't know if you will be adding phone calls or last minute meals. But Google doesn't fit into any of these "legitimate" categories, nor do these others change merchant numbers in midstream..

It's Google that is broken. They can either stop making an unnecessary trial transaction, or use the same merchant number for both that and the final corrected one.

Samsung isn't at fault, but it's unlikely they will help put any pressure on Google to fix Google's problem.

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So you are saying that all cards fail?

If so, wouldn't Samsung's lines be swamped with calls about this?

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Samsung Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3113) & Google Play store

Not necessarily.....this type of security where the merchant never sees your real card number is only available through Discover and Bank of America. Visa and Master Card just use an additional security code which they hide from the merchant; he still has your real number. AMEX used to have it many years ago, but they dropped it.

Discover and most others now tell you they they offer zero fraud liability, but I would rather avoid it than try and fix it later. That can take months.

BTW, Discover and at least one of the others do have links to Google Wallet, but your real card number is still exposed.

From what I have seen so far, Google Wallet isn't being received that well by merchants yet, especially the smaller ones that should benefit from it. Why? I'm just guessing: cost! This is still why many outfits don't accept Discover; their fees can be higher than the top two.

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About G wallet and that thing called NFC

Frankly, given what I know about NFC (attended seminars on the hardware and how to put it into our devices) I would never allow a NFC to get my CC information. It's a long discussion about encryption in the states is hobbled by agencies that mandate they must be able to crack it.

G wallet and such is all about the money. You've found the root cause(s) about many bugs and issues.

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Samsung Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3113) & Google Play store


Look at the recent videos from the Black Hat convention to see how dangerous, and in many cases how simple it is to break into things.

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BTW, I forgot to add....about NFC......

I live in NY, and like several states with border crossings to Canada, they have an option on your drivers license called "Enhanced Driver's License".

After submitting the same proofs required for a visa, you can get an enhanced license which is a visa substitute as far as Canadian travel is concerned. It has an embedded chip which they can scan at the border to get all of your information.

NY understands peoples concerns and provides a metallic security sleeve so surreptitious scanners can't read the information while you are standing in line at a store for example.

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Possible explanation for transaction being declined

I don't know if this is your problem or not, but I use the Discover Secure Account Numbers feature, and Google violates the terms of this process.

When you first give them your credit card number they validate it by making a $1.00 harge against it, using "their" merchant ID. However when they finalize the purchase the vendors merchant ID is used instead.

This second attempt to use the secure number by a different merchant is declined because the decure number is only valid for use by a specific customer, and by one merchant. When a second charge comes in with a different merchant number it is declined as it appears to be a fraudulent transaction.

Google isn't the only outfit that has this problem and it can also occur with secure numbers issued by other banks.
Unfortunately, even though they are aware of the problem.and could fix it quite easily, they deliberately choose not to.

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