Same mobile network IP address?

Sorry if my question sounds stupid Happy I am paranoid type of person and i always check what ip's were logged to my social accounts. For example i am only logged to facebook through my phone mobile network through the celluar carrier. I noticed that only the last 1 or 2 numbers of the IP change from time to time, but the rest of the ip remains the same. Once i logged from my sister's phone and for my surprise facebook did not notified me that new device was logged in (an option i had set up to notify me when new device loggs in). My sister has Xperia z3 and i have z5, when i check the IP's (her's and mine) were absolutely the same, exept for the last 1 or 2 numbers- those that were constantly changing anyway. I thought it's because both of our numbers are on my mother's name and somehow we are using same IP. It turn's out that all of my mother's numbers use the same IP. Then i checked that my father's celluar IP is the same (except the last number again)? Is it because we are family and they give us the same ip's or everyone, who uses that mobile operator gets that ip? Please excuse my bad english

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Reporting: Same mobile network IP address?
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Let's find your questions.

In the topic I see this:

Q1. Same mobile network IP address?
A1. Just like many devices, the IP can change for many reasons. This is as it should be.

Q2. Then i checked that my father's celluar IP is the same (except the last number again)?
A2. That's not a question. End your statements with a period so folk can find the questions.

Q3. Is it because we are family and they give us the same ip's or everyone, who uses that mobile operator gets that ip?
A3. If the last number in the IP is different, it's a different IP. So I would be guessing you wonder why a carrier uses an IP RANGE. That's because this is how IP ranges are doled out. The topic of public IP ranges is well done on the web. I can't condense it to fit in this space but here's a Wikipedia about how IP addresses are not people. So it does not make sense to say this address is you.

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Thanks proffitt

Thanks for the answer proffitt, but i still failed to understand if lets say my neighbor is on the same mobile operator and logs onto my facebook account, will his IP be the same as mine (except for that last number)

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Try to end questions with the question mark.

If I overlook that, the answer is maybe. IP address pools are per operator or carrier.

It won't matter if they log into your facebook account as IP addresses happen before that login.

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Okey proffitt, sorry for that :)

Thanks Again Proffitt for the time Happy Still i failed to understand your last sentence about IP addresses happening before login? When you download your facebook data, you can see a whole list of all your logins - what time (login and session terminated), what device, what ip, cookies and whole bunch of stuff i dont understand, all i was checking was the ip, since i though each mobile celluar network has its unique IP...

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Now i get it!

Op, sorry i now understand what you mean (The ip is not affected from logins and so on) Okey, so thanks for the help so far!

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Addresses on the internet are unique.

But can match partially.

Think of it as your street number. For your street in your area/city the number is unique but the next house may share a few numbers.

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But what determinates the difference?

I kinda understand. So since both my father and mother got their contracts on the same day and both live on the same place that may be the reason why they mobile IP adresses are basically similar, but a guy who lets say live on the other part of the city is supposed to have a bit different ip than ours? Currently, the mobile ip i use is something like this, and my mother's and fathers ip both are like and , and all those last nuber changes frequently. So what i needed to know is what determinates this that remains unchanged. Since its mobile traffic i dont think they are based on the place you live?

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In short.

Address blocks are handed out to ISPs and carriers. These are in turn handed out to devices with a limited lifespan. So today you get a number and since you don't always need it, it expires and goes back into the pool for use when needed.

As the IP is not location specific a dynamic tracking method would have to be used to find where an IP is. Such could be done by ISPs and carriers.

As to "supposed to be a bit different" it only has to be one bit different. That means yours could be the same but end in 1 and theirs in 2 and it all works.

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But still..

Good info proffitt thank you for it. But than, lets say in my city there are 800 000 people, lets assume 100 000 are using that mobile operator (it's the biggest in the country). That would mean that at most they can use, or they can only make combinations with the last 3 numbers, which would mean they only have 1000 combinations (if i am not wrong), so they would start mess with the x numbers. Yet for example in my case, they switch the last y number with 2-3 different numbers that they rotate like every few days. So in my mind it seems it still follows some pattern not just chaotically choosing ip.
Apart from that, why facebook doesn't alarm me that new IP is logged in?

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(NT) And aslo
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And also..

If someone has like and mine is, and he has the same phone as my (sony xperia z) and logs to my account, will facebook mistaken it as my own device? Are you aware?
Thanks again!

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explain how he logs to ur account...

...then I can tell you.

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Though his phone

James lets say he knows my password and logs through his phone? I am not saying he is, but if facebook doesn't alarm me how can i know at all?

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I'm taking the IP questions as done.

For all the above, I see we're done on the IP address question.

As to the login at Facebook, that's EASY. Change your password now.

And we're done.

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