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Samdung 67" DLP white dots / Samsung will not repair

Just an FYI~

I currently own 3 Samsung DLP sets. My last set I though I was purchasing their "top of the line" 67" DLP with the LED light engine (HL67A750). This set is now having the notorious white dot problem as many other have experienced from an defective DMD chip. Samsung has refused to cover the cost to replace the defective chip yet covers the repair on other models. Samsung says my model is not covered. Same problem as the others but a different model so they say too bad. I contacted Samsung 3 separate times and was refused. I contacted the BBB and Samsung refused.

Samsung response through the BBB:

On January 13, 2011, the business provided the following information:
According to our files, Samsung has contacted the customer regarding the customer's unit model # HL67A750A1FXZA. Samsung advised the customer Samsung will not be replacing the chip free of charge as it is a different part and does not have an inherent defect. Samsung has offered to cover the parts fee for the customer as a courtesy but the customer has declined that offer. There are no further accommodations Samsung can offer the customer. We apologize for any inconveniences the customer may have experienced with this case. For further inquiries, please contact Samsung at 888-480-5675 and refer to case # 3000638517. Thank you.

All I can say is I am really surprised by Samsung's response.
My set is a different model yet displays the exact same defect (white dots) as several other sets which is from a defective DMD chip. Samsung refused to provide me with the chip. Instead they require me to go through a Samsung authorized repair center and pay them to come install it. Samsung or their authorized repair center both could not offer a fixed cost for this gracious service they offered.
After hearing of others having the repair covered I only wished for the same treatment.
I have zero complaints against Samsung products until now. I own 3 DLP sets, several LCD flat panel computer displays and various Samsung electronics. I replaced a color wheel, projection bulb and case fan in my first DLP set from normal usage. My second set is still issue free with a great picture. My last set (the one with the white dots) is the biggest and newest and is the one with problems. How Samsung can say with a straight face "it's not an inherent defect" when my DMD chip has failed the exact same way is amazing. I would call it an outright lie personally.

All I can say is from this point forward I will never purchase any Samsung made products ever again and I hope a class action suit emerges at some point.

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sorry, but not surprised

I also have gotten nowhere with these people. At least you got the BBB to try to help you. I put in a complaint to the BBB and they said they couldn't help and referred me to Consumer Protection in New Jersey.

My set is a 46" and I was also told that it is not affected, not recalled, the program to repair them as passed (but I never knew about it at all because my set just started with the dots late in December), on and on they went to avoid any liability. I asked to speak a supervisor not once but TWICE and NOONE ever called me back. How's that for making sure we feel even worse about all of this.

You can bet I will never buy anything Samsung again and I will tell anyone who wants to listen not to buy their products either. They have no dignity.

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Samsung does not care...........

I am really surprised my Samsung. How they can admit a defective chip problem and selectively cover repairs is amazing. In my case they said they would cover the cost of the chip BUT not supply it to me directly. Samsung required me to have one of their "authorized" repair centers come out and do the work. I asked what the cost might be and they had no answer. Samsung then asked me if I wanted them to find out a ball park cost and I told them absolutely. They called me back and said they had no idea what the cost might be. I explained that the DMD chip can be purchased for around $200 online and takes about an hour to put it. Why would I pay a repair center more money than I can buy the part myself and self install?

I told them its a matter of principal to me. Why the hell should I or any consumer that has a manufactures defective chip pay $1 out of pocket to replace?

After limited conversation and emails with Samsung it portrays a very different company than I had envisioned and one that care little about correcting their mistakes unless its on the customer dime.

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I am suprised at Samsung decision

jkh62 I am very suprised at Samsung decision about your white spot issue!!! I called today about my constellations BIG screen and they are fixing it. I was reading all these forums and I was getting all geared up for a fight and to my suprise not one bit of pushback from customer service. jkh62 sounds like you need more people with that model to find this forum then you'll get the attention you deserve being a loyal customer as yourself. Best of luck

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Samsung is digging their own hole

Not as surprised as I am. I have always chosen Samsung products when they had an offering for what I was looking for. I love my flat panel computer displays. I have built several purpose specific PC's and always suggested Samsung LCD panels. I jumped on the DLP band wagon when they first came available. As I mentioned I have 3 DLP sets and my first one needed a lamp (18,000 hours)but still worked and a color wheel which I replaced myself. The irony is the last set I purchased (67") is the biggest let down.

I know a simple replacement chip will fix it but it goes back to principal. I will watch for my replacement chip to drop in price and pick one up myself and replace it but you can rest assured I will never patronize or recommend any company that conducts itself as Samsung has chosen to do so.

Over the holiday's I had several people over (50+). Most of them inquire about the white dots on my TV. I love telling the story to them and looking at the reaction on their faces. The old saying if you get good service you might tell one person, get bad service and you will tell 10. I did 50 at once.

Nothing like the feeling of dropping a couple grand on a TV that does not last as long trouble free as the older ones I replaced.

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Samsung 67" DLP White Dots are multiplying

Well - our beautiful Samsung TV started popping up with the white dot pox 7 days ago; we're up to 9 of them and counting.
We called Samsung tonight after 2 more appeared within minutes. We were surprised to learn this issue existed for so many Samsung owners, as we've never had a reason to complain about any of our other Samsung products (TVs, monitors and other electronics). That's why we bought this Samsung DLP... It was supposed to be the best on the market.
Of course, the nice lady in customer service told us that our model doesn't have the defective part and isn't covered -- which makes no sense as it is exactly the same issue as the other models sold at the same time -- so we asked her to escalate the issue immediately. We've been told to expect a call from the executive support group within 48 hours, and really hope we hear from them quickly. But after reading how difficult they were each time a new model was reported with this issue, and how they've treated their customers initially, we don't really expect them to behave any differently this time. We will call again tomorrow and point them to CNET once again for proof that others with Samsung 67" DLPs are having the same issue right now. What blows my mind is that No TV should have such a significant issue within a few years of purchase. I really hope they surprise me and do the right thing.

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white dots


Did samsung ever fix your tv, i as well have one (HLT6176S-XAA) thats not in the "official list of defective ones" which is clearly a very incorrect list.

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D. Double posting slows everyone down.

I see your other post and you have to give the Ambassador a weekday or two to get to it.

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same boat

I have the same model as jkh62 and others, with the same experience so far. I have many examples of transaction #'s with 'esculated to managment - authorized replacement - resolved at no charge' and 'warrenty extended - no cost repair' for DLP's like ours with white dot problems. My initial contact with ECS/ECR initiated case #5102339079 an later service ticket 4112671132. The repair shop called and estimated $500 to fix. I believe I should not have to pay for ths fix but cannot get a callback from ECS. Service was scheduled for Oct. 26, but shop is on hold until 'no cost repair' is communicated to them.

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Send it in...


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does size really matters??

same problem as many ppl here. i have been calling for the last two months. yesterday i escalated ECR and talked to someone else with more power, but still same answer. she said way far out of warranty. but i told her" the tv size i have is a 61" bought it at the end of 2008, but i was told by ECR mine was manufactured in 2007, so, obviously if i had bought the tv as it came from being produced, i would have been calling at least a year ago.

Now, i believe for what i have being reading all over the net, samsung cover most models that where sold in a high volume. bc if there was defective part. most of the customer would complain. but what about the few like me that bought bigger size tvs??? i doubt samsung manufactures same amount of tvs in all sizes.because for example mine . it took more than a year to be sold, and the lady i talked to sounded like that was my main problem. way far out of warranty.(2 1/2 years later after beingbought the issue appeared) but i told her that to me stil make no sense why my tv set is not cover when the issue is the same as the ones that samsung have covered. even if they say the part is diferent. but still same ISSUE (white dots) she just referred me to send a letter to Samsung Electronisc America.85 Challenger Road Richfield park New Jersey 07660.

my tv model HLT6156WX/XAA

i had a transaction number and a claim number but i lost the paper i wrote it on.

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White Dot Issue

Well, I have the same problem with the white dots on model HLT5675SX?XAA and was told that it was a wear and tear problem as determined by their engineers. Meaning they would do nothing other than fix it if I paid for the repair. What a way to run a company into the dirt. I have too many Samsung products to mention, but it appears that they want and are asking to lose my business. That will cost them thousands or more if the people I know join me . To pay the high cost for a product that lasts such a short time is ludicrous. I will continue my quest with them as I am too old to do anything else.

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Look at laptops today.

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