First....a bit of history.

Samsung came out with a line of digital cameras about 3-4 years ago.

The reviewers gave them a royal thumbs down.
For a few years, Samsung got out of the digital camera business in the USA.

In 2006 they released a new line of digital cameras.
Since that time, they are having problems getting any of the big name reviewers to review their cameras.

The reviews that I have seen, have been good.
Not outstanding but as good as most small digital cameras.

I image their sales have not been as much as they would like.
Their street prices have dropped to about half of what they were.

Due to low sales, there is just not enough information for anyone to say "a great one".

If you want to be a pioneer, I would say yes.
But remember, you can tell the pioneer.
He is the one with the arrows in his back.

The Canon is a know quantity.
Most people would select it over the Samsung cameras.