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S2 IS vs. 20d

I have a pocket camera the SD400 and want to get a camera with a higher shutter speed and lower shutter lag for sports. Should I just get the S2 IS, or go with the 20d or Canon Digital Rebel XT. Will the S2 IS be able to take sport pictures without them being blurry?


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S2 IS vs 20D

The SD400 has a fast enough shutter speed,
you have no way to control it accurately.
This is typical of any point-and-shoot camera.

That is one of the reasons that manual controls are important. When shooting action/sports, you want to use the manual controls (shutter priority) and set the shutter speed to something like 1/500th second for starters. The camera will select the correct aperture setting for the correct exposure.

The faster settings require more available light.
When you are shooting in dim lighting conditions, you may have to select a slower shutter speed. It depends upon the available light.

So if you plan to use the S2 IS in daylight conditions, it can capture the action without blurring the subject.

Of course, holding the camera steady is your job.

The S1 IS shutter lag was not so good (0.8 second).
We will have to see some reviews of the S2 IS to find out if Canon improved that situation.

With the correct lens selection, any of the DSLR cameras will do better on shutter lag and the ability to take action photos in dim lighting conditions. But it will cost you much more.


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One more question.

Does the S2 IS have the manual controls that allow you to set the Shutter Speed?

Would it be worth dishing out an additional $1000 to get the Canon EOS 20D?

Snapshot, thanks for answering my questions. What digital camera do you currently use. I might be interested in getting the one you have since you seem VERY knowledgeable about digital cameras!

Thanks Again

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The S2 IS has manual controls for shutter priority, aperture priority, program mode, manual mode. These give you full control of the shutter and aperture.

It has manual override controls for just about every function.

Anyone that loves the mechanics of photography, would want the Canon 20D. It is on my next camera list.

I currently have three digital cameras and a digital camcorder that I use on a regular basis. I do not recommend that anyone buy what I do, because I don't buy one camera to use for all of my photography.

I have an older very small camera with a stainless steel case. Built like a tank. I carry it in a cell phone holster.
I have a medium/large point-and-shoot that I use for general shooting. I like a camera with some size and weight. Easier to hold steady.
Then a long lens (no image stabilization) camera that I use for long shots, macro photography and for situations where manual controls is required.

I recently acted as wedding photographer for a friend and used all three cameras and the camcorder. Got some good shots of the bride getting ready by giving the small camera to a bridesmaid (along with a few instructions).


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Is the EOS 20d better then Rebel XT and the Nikon 70 and 50? I have been wanting that camera because of its ability to do 4.5 FPS shooting. That would be great for sports.

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Canon 20D

That is the consensus of the people who frequent this forum.

Right now, the 20D is the king of the pro-sumer DSLR cameras.

I saw a movie that someone made with that camera.
They just held down the shutter and put the photos together into a movie. I am not sure how they did that. But it was impressive. A bit jumpy due to the 4.5 frame-rate but fantastic picture quality.


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Totally Agree with Snapshot

Yes, so far, figure out the price and performance. Nothing has yet beated Canon 20D so far, not even Nikon D50 and D70s. I've been taking a lot of pictures using Canon 20D for several months. If anyone wants to take photography seriously, don't miss Canon 20D. Canon 20D still edged out Rebel XT in many regards, such as higher shutter speed, ISO, aperture range, light metering system, and sync flash. But, Rebel XT comes very close to 20D considering the price. Take the test and put the picture on a computer screen, you'll see how well Canon 20D performs against its competitors. Good luck.

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I just looked at a Rebel XT in a store today. It seems quite

more cumbersome to use than the 20D. It lacks the big 'wheel' on the back, and, I think, the little wheel on top. It looks like you must push buttons instead. It also doesn't have the 20D's heft, or sense of stability.

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I did this while watching a bably Killer Whale jump while

swimming next to his mother. I sequenced the shots in iMovie where it looked like a movie except that I kept the frames up long enough to see them so it was more like slow motion. Each shot was gorgeous and picked up the detail extermely well.

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Canon S45 or S2 IS

I have a S45 and I can sell it and I'm thinking in buy a S2 IS. Do you think the image quality of the S2 is better than the S45(that I consider very good)?

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Canon S2 IS

I found one review of the new S2 IS and it looks like Canon has a winner with the S2.

As far as image looks very good to me.
But you be the judge.
Here are links to sample photos.
Look at them at full size to see the detail.

One thing I noted in the review.
The reviewer stated that you should buy a high-speed memory card. This is probably because the camera has a burst mode that can continue until you run out of memory. This will be the only non DSLR camera that can do that.


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Better image?: Canon G6 or S2 IS

Can you give me light in this matter?:
I think it's essential the image quality, in your opinion which is better the Canon G6 or S2 IS ?
I like the features of the S2, but I think in image quality and I doubt ...

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Image Quality

I have yet to see sample photos in a review of the S2-IS, so I have no way to make a comparison.

The Canon G6 has a superb lens and it is a 7 megapixel camera.
The G6 lens is about as good as it gets.

I doubt that the 5 megapixel lens and sensor in the S2 IS will equal the G6.

Still looking for sample photos.


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s45 or S2 IS

I have a S45 and I can sell it and I'm thinking in buy a S2 IS. Do you think the image quality of the S2 is better than the S45(that I consider very good)?

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