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Ryzen 5 2500u vs. Intel I5 8250u with MX150 Graphics?

Hey, I was looking for a computer for light gaming. I had a bad experience with my Lenovo laptop with the same Ryzen 5 processor above. Apparently it didn’t integrate the cpu/integrated graphics well with the computer. I tried everything to get it to work but it didn’t do anything. I found lots of people with the same problem and saw videos of other computers with the Ryzen 5 running perfectly, so I am returning it. Now, I was looking for a new laptop and I was set on an Acer Aspire 5 with 8GB RAM, 228GB SSD, the 8250u and MX150 Graphics until I went to Best Buy and they said the Ryzen would perform better because it is made for gaming. Didn’t make sense to me considering the Ryzen 5 has a lower performing CPU and 1GB of VRAM. So that’s why I’m asking here. For very light gaming like a decent FPS rate at 720p which will perform better?

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This is very light gaming.
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Even with everything low?

I can settle for very light gaming. It won’t run pub-g with all low at 720?

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The gamers I know would not say that's playable.
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Any specs with the MX150 other than the ideapad?

The ideapad compatibility issue is why I’m returning mine. For example the Acer Nitro 5 has the same Ryzen as I do and it performs way better. Do you know of any specs on the aspire 5 specifically because it might be more compatible with the hardware.

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Sorry no.

I do not have this machine to test with so you are stuck with (a) no gamer I know would go less than the 1050 TI and most stick to the 1060 or better and (b) I've run into where it's not a maker/model issue but the owner is new to Windows, drivers and such. Item b is a big deal since most users never dealt with Windows since 1.0 like most of our moderators.

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HP Pavillion?

How about the HP pavilion 15 with the 8300H and the 1050 TI. It’s the same price as both of the ones that I mentioned above. I would be sacrificing a good screen and an SSD, but I’m willing to do that if I can get a laptop with a 1050 TI for 600 bucks. I was looking forward to that metal, solid feel that the ideapads and swifts have but if it’s not going to give me the performance I am looking for I’ll just get the Pavillion.

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I think that's a far better combo.

While I don't care for HP the company, you can always change the HDD to SSD but you are out of the basement for gaming.

Be sure to check out the machine in person to gauge the display quality.

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(NT) OK. Thanks!
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Look for dual-channel

I've heard the problem is that a lot of the Ryzen laptop makers are using cheap single channel memory instead of dual channel memory, and the performance is bottle-necked. VRAM is typically shared with main memory and adjustable in good laptops through the bios, but sometimes just programmed with a static unchangeable number in others. If you want performance, look for ones with dual channel, high speed memory; and good reviews for gaming uses. Also, CPU doesn't matter that much anymore, GPU is way more important for games and the difference is typically only 1 fps for similarly priced CPUs; at least in desktops.

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Never heard about this. Let me clarify.

The memory is single or dual channel (varies with machine) by how we set it up. I've yet to see "cheap single channel memory." I have seen the makers chasing the price down by sticking in ONE STICK OF RAM and that CONFIGURATION results in single channel memory. The SAME RAM is used for Dual Channel so it's easy to fix. Go get another stick of the same RAM, install and you are usually in Dual Channel mode.

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