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I have to agree with this Russian spokesperson.

"Moscow has become increasingly critical of what it says is a Western propaganda campaign aimed at distorting the aims of its Syria intervention.

In comments likely to draw a reaction in Washington, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Tuesday evoked the Kremlin's reaction to 9/11 when rejecting the U.S. stance on Russia's Syria operation.

"I want to remind you ... after the September 11th attacks, we shared the U.S. pain as if it were our own, understanding what terrorism is," Zakharova told a news conference.

"We supported the United States in everything, (including) in the U.N. Security Council. We helped them fight terrorism. We didn't ask 'Are they good or bad terrorists?'."

She recounted Russia's own history of Islamist attacks, saying fighting Islamist militants was a matter of national security for Moscow.

"We have been through this, we know what it is like and we don't want to see international terrorism in our country again. This is to painful for us. And we expect understanding on this one.""

Obama's screwed it up, let Putin have a shot at it. We still look at Russia as some Communist Cold War enemy and they've changed a lot since those days. Time to come to some new realizations. This threatens to become yet another failed foreign policy of Obama.
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Reporting: Russia, Syria, Obama Admin
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Obama had better hope that Putin fails

at what he refused to even attempt. If Putin succeeds at knocking ISIS on its heels, the US stands as an embarrassment in front of the world and Russia as the undisputed champion of freedom...from terror, that is.

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RE: they've changed a lot since those days.

So have you?

Russia's Putin To Starve The Russians This Year


Heavy handed socialist government in Russia, tearing down homes, forcing people out of property their betters want in Rechnik. "Power to the people" as long as it's the favored and highly placed people. Eminent Domain of a socialist sort and what has unfortunately happened here lately which caused such an outcry.


As Usual, Sarah Palin Was Right

March 1, 2014 12:02 AM PST

In light of recent events in Ukraine and concerns that Russia is
getting its troops ready to cross the border into the neighboring
nation, nobody seems to be laughing at or dismissing those comments now."

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thanks for proving my points

That there's more in common now than not between the two countries.

We restrict some imports, Russia restricts some imports. No difference.
We have California growers tearing up orchards and abandoning crops, Russia helps us by buying less, leaving more for us to make up the difference.
We have used eminent domain and Urban Renewal policies to displace the poor, and Russia has done the same.

I get my point. Others no doubt understand it too. Did you actually have a point?

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Re: That there's more in common now
That there's more in common now than not between the two countries.

Both sides are bombing innocent people?

You realize what your new found friend thinks of Americans complaining about America.

Gabriel is critical of Americans who "find all sorts of things wrong with America", who "badmouth and put down our culture, government, and country", while having "never experienced life in an oppressive culture or under an oppressive leadership such as is found in the Middle East."[33] She believes that Americans should "acknowledge that our Western culture is better than others."[29]
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that's refresing to know

Thank you.

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RE: Did you actually have a point?

You claimed they've "changed a lot since those days"

I showed what they have been doing for the last 5 years and in 2014 they were getting its troops ready to cross the border into the neighboring

So not even ONE year later...Here you are, claiming They've "changed"....They haven't "changed"...Still doing the same...using different strategy/tactic..... you're living in a dream world if you think Russia has changed and America is getting more like Russia.

2014–15 Russian military intervention in Ukraine

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deliberately obtuse?

All this is near their borders. Imagine if this was going on in Mexico? What would our worries and reactions be? Who is closer to this action as a nation? As for the change I was speaking of was more economic, in that they don't follow communist policies for their economy anymore.

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payment made, layoffs averted

sounds like a good alternative approach to the problem.

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yet another giant step forward for Russia.

In YOUR mind.

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When one quarterback

is messing up the game, then he's pulled and a replacement is sent in to replace him. Do you really think it matters to Syrians who is bombing them?

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Unfortunately BO never sent in

ANY quarterbacks....he sent, instead, the bench warmers who were told to walk with their shoelaces tied together.

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The problem is ...

that Putin (says he) is asked to help by the legitimate Syrian president/government/power (Assad), while the USA doesn't want to cooperate with Assad, in stead wants him gone.
There's a subtle difference between helping a befriended nation or invading a country as an enemy.


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Did I say we should 'invade' Syria?

I'm talking about the 'strategic' strikes that our Coward in Chief have ordered have NOT been effective, but it makes for good press for him here that he's at least doing something. It only makes him look like the fool he is instead............

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hey, Trump agrees with me!


"Trump stated, “Well, we spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors all over, and Putin is now taking over what we started, and he’s going into Syria, and he frankly wants to fight ISIS, and I think that’s a wonderful thing. You know, I said that a year ago and everybody said oh, that’s terrible. If he wants to fight ISIS, let him fight ISIS. Why do we always have to do everything. But he wants to go in. He wants to fight ISIS. Now, he wants to keep, as you know, he wants to keep your leadership, your current leadership, Assad in Syria. Personally I’ve been looking at the different players, and I’ve been watching Assad, and I’ve been pretty good at this stuff over the years, cause deals are people. And I’m looking at Assad and saying, ‘Maybe he’s better than the kind of people that we’re supposed to be backing.’ Because we don’t even know who we’re backing.”

Trump added that there’s “very little downside with Putin fighting ISIS, and Putin wants to keep ISIS out of Russia and, therefore, he’s become very active with respect to ISIS, and I think that’s to our benefit.”"
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RE: hey, Trump agrees with me!

I wouldn't shout that from the rooftops.

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for once you are right

I should shout it from top of a sky scraper, using a bullhorn.

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