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Runco PL-61cx plasma tv, top half goes black

Jan 13, 2010 1:37PM PST

I have a Runco PL-61cx 61" plasma tv and now after about 20 min. of it being on, the top half of the tv goes completely black. I have done some research and it looks from other peoples problems that it might be the upper y buffer board. I found the part believe I need... is out of stock, anyone have any advice? Is this the real problem? Is this the right part? Also i noticed the top right of the tv gets a little bit warmer than the rest of the TV, and this is where I THINK the problem.

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Reporting: Runco PL-61cx plasma tv, top half goes black
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Runco PL-61cx plasma tv, top half goes black
Feb 17, 2010 3:26AM PST

I had the same problem. To fix it 2 capacitors at 69 cents each have to be replaced on the PKG61C1F1 board or the board has to be replaced. The board is going for $162 and up.

The capacitor replacement procedure is shown at the bottom of this post. To give credit where credit is due, see



"I will try and walk you through the process.
I recommend having a power screw driver (not a drill driver) lots of screws, bag and tag in ziplock bags. All References are REAR VIEW of set.
1. Remove the rear cover 2. remove the perforated large shield on the main board housing (almost in center). 3. Unplug the right top fan and temp sensor plugs ( two small plugs at the top of the main board). 4. Remove screwsthat secure the main board housing, there is also four screws by the video inputs. Do not unplug the board, just gently pull it away 6 to 8 inches. 5. Remove the cover with the Top fan attached (more screws). 6. Now the scan board for the top half of the screen is exposed. The board has four large heat sinks with two large Electrolytic aluminum caps next to each heat sink. 7. The problem caps are at the very top right side of the scan board C192 Nichicon 220 uf next to the IC, the other cap is C120 100UF on the lower side of the IC next to a heat sink. I replaced them without taking the board out. C192 is the one that failed, the other one tested OK but I replaced both.
I got the caps from they are 69 cents each, the Mouser part number for the 220Uf is: 647-UUD1C221MCL1GS (Nichicon 220uFm 16V 6.3x7.7 mm surface mount); the 100uF is:647-UUD1E101MCL (Nichicon 100uF 25V 6.3x7.7mm), both are 105 degree C. I bought two extra spares in case I need them for the future.
Reassemble the unit in the reverse order and you are done. Note if you test it without closing everything, make sure you have the main board shield back on, otherwise the screen will bleed due to the noise from the board. good luck! mine has been working fine.. just like new."

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Runco PL61CX screen went blank
Jun 17, 2010 11:51PM PDT

recently have been experiencing periodic screen blackouts... would turn unit off and then on again and problem would resolve. This time however the picture does not return. i change the inputs and get a flickering of pink green and white and then a blank screen. After a while i will get a blank screen with a vertical green line at the right edge of screen. I am hoping that perhaps someone could help with this situation.

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Did you read reply number 2?
Jun 17, 2010 11:56PM PDT

Just checking as you may have missed it.

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reply 2
Jun 18, 2010 1:26AM PDT

do u think this is the same problem?

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Did you inspect the parts?
Jun 18, 2010 1:38AM PDT

Type BAD CAPS at to find out more about this item and plague. The good news is that a visual inspection almost always verifies it.

Most owners can't do the inspection which is fine since if they can't do the inspection they won't be fixing it.

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bad caps
Jun 18, 2010 2:02AM PDT

i was able to get the function screens on the panel to appear so i assume that the problem may be either in the vivx upscaler box or the pioneer elite receiver ouputting to the panel

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Thank You
Jan 11, 2012 11:57PM PST

I joined this site just to say THANK YOU!!!!
I could not find the PKG61C1F1 any where, so i took the caps off of something that was crap and put them on the board. Now I am watching a $10,000 tv I got for free for a little bit of my time and a couple used parts ! Happy
What I dont get is that both caps tested fine...but I replaced them any way....and Shazaam I got a full picture!
Thanks again and I sure do owe you a beer!

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The more you look for BAD CAPS
Jan 12, 2012 2:43AM PST

The tighter your inspections get. Today my criteria is PERFECTION. If I see ANY ASPECT of the capacitor to be off in any way, it gets replaced.

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Older PL61cx Repair Question
Mar 27, 2016 1:47PM PDT

The Processor Box described here is not the same as the one I own. Mine is 20 years old and has no fan inside. In fact, there is only a main board with a plug in FPGA chip (Ver 2.18), a tiny front panel board (PW-516-102, I think) and a small but common power supply board. There are no fans, no insulation, in fact, the box has very little inside. The only heat sinks that I see are on the power supply board.

None of the caps on any of the boards look blown, although I haven't tested them with a meter.

I've lost my picture, although depending on the settings that I choose, I get some sort of signal including vertical colored lines, partial ghost images, etc. Sound is fine. The plasma screen is attached to the wall, so I haven't done any troubleshooting there. The system has worked fine for about 20 years, since purchase. This is the first time that I have had a problem.

Is anyone here familiar with this version of Runco's PL61cx processor? Any suggestions other than re-seating the chip?

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Did you cross post?
Mar 27, 2016 2:05PM PDT

And dredge up an old post?

Please avoid that. Locking this old thread.

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