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Rubin says time to raise taxes!

That didn't take long. Here's a question; when has Rubin ever NOT thought it was time to raise taxes?


Bend over, America.

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Will the mainstream media ...

... FINALLY tell the truth about the economy?

Tax revenues have INCREASED. The percent paid by the "rich" has INCREASED as a result of the rate cuts. We need to cut spending -- isn't that what the Democrats campaigned on? LOL

Evie Happy

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Mainstream media? Truth?

What are you smoking/drinking/injecting?

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What are you smoking/drinking/injecting?

Why?? What do you have?? Just what IS Togo doing in the woods?

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For 6 years we heard the

squealing of the Left that Bush (and the REPUBLICAN controled congress) were spending our children's, grand children's gg great grandchildren's futures away, and so let's see how fast THEY cut spending. Tax increases WILL NOT reduce the deficit

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Higher taxes may not increase tax revenue, but they will

cause higher spending. The Democrats will spend the expected money faster than you can say 'higher taxes'.

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It is good to see someone mention...

the need for cutting spending!

Everyone seems to forget the deficit more than doubled over the past 6 years. We all (both sides) had a part in it.

The thing that scares me though? I was listening to NPR cover opinion in China over the US mid-term elections. First... many people there didn't know we were having elections. Second... one man on the street said whatever government was in power in the US could not effect China, since that country held so much of the US debt, it created leverage in favor of China concerning trade issues.

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Actually, we have more power over China

At any time, we can just say ?Forget it, we aren?t paying? But I am glad to see that you agree that spending is the issue, not raising taxes. Please make sure you pass that on to the new leadership.

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Your voice is as loud as mine DM.... But I will write my congressional reps anyway.


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We could if we

wanted the dollar to collapse and the economy to crumble.


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(NT) attention: walmart shoppers
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I feel like singing...

I feel like singing. You, and your shadows... (grin)

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Re: Shadows

If you don't have a shadow

You ARE a shadow?

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Deficit has been on the way down for a while now

Ahead of schedule.

Cutting spending is the key for the future. Tax hikes certainly are not. The notion that tax cuts have reduce tax REVENUES is a LIE.

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(NT) 'Strooth
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Another warning about "lie" Evie.

But this time I choose to respond to your distortion of the truth with facts, from a bipartisan analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (the most recent on the topic -- as elections approach they stop addressing this particular topic)

CBO Data Show Tax Cuts Have Played Much Larger Role Than Domestic Spending Increases in Fueling The Deficit.

>> The new Congressional Budget Office budget projections released today show that the nation faces a fourth consecutive year of substantial budget deficits. Some seek to portray ?runaway domestic spending? or growth in the costs of entitlement programs as the primary cause of the shift in recent years from sizeable surpluses to large deficits. Such a characterization is incorrect. In 2005, the cost of tax cuts enacted over the past four years will be over three times the cost of all domestic program increases enacted over this period.

The new CBO data show that changes in law enacted since January 2001 increased the deficit by $539 billion in 2005. In the absence of such legislation, the nation would have a surplus this year. Tax cuts account for nearly half ? 48 percent ? of this $539 billion in increased costs.[1] Increases in program spending make up the other 52 percent and have been primarily concentrated in defense, homeland security, and international affairs. <<

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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Not to shoot the mesenger
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Revenues have INCREASED

To continue to claim otherwise in the face of the facts is indeed a LIE.

Tax RATE cuts have INCREASED tax REVENUES. Any deficit is the result of spending increases eclipsing revenue increases.

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A new strategy to win 2008 elections!

Raise taxes, ruin the economy and then blame it on Bush.
Way to go! Politics as usual Sad

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Like I've said elsewhere ...

... I sure hope the ink didn't dry in Bush's veto pen! I'll even concede him signing a MW bill -- with the economy in its current state, it's unlikely to have much, if any, noticeable effect on the economy as a whole. It would take SOME of the sting away from them when (hopefully) he derails any tax hikes.

Evie Happy

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I just hope...

I just hope that I can unload my farm before they raise the taxes on the sale. "Assisted living" places to live are quite expensive.

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Cutting spending is really the answer

and to start lets stop paying that "H" company $8.50 a gallon for gas in Iraq! And stop paying them millions for doing the dishes there too!

Also tell the 75,000 people Ford is laying off how great the economy is. I am sure they will like hearing that!

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By ANY measure ...

... the economy is doing yards better than when Rubin had a hand in it.

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