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Roxio VS Nero

Has anyone use Nero 6 Reloaded and/or Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5? Which do you think is better? I'm interested of their capability of cd burning scheduling. Roxio seems to earn more awards and better reviews. I've not use any of the 2 before, and need your advice. Thank you.

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Reporting: Roxio VS Nero
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I use other than...

Such as CDBURNERXP, CDRECORD and K3b. I rarely see Nero or Roxio anymore.


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I've used both nero & roxio ezmedia 7.5

nero is a mess if you ask me, I've used in the past too & have never had anything but trouble with it.

I've had a bit better experience recently with roxio's ezmedia 7.5, but yesterday I felt like I was starting all over again with that program too!

why can't they make a cd authoring tool that is a bit easier to understand. I'm not a simpleton, I have a good grasp of computer technology & other computer software, I don't know why this is the one area where things just never seem to stay straightened out for even a short length of time for me.

One program I have had reasonable success with in the past is called Burn At Once. It's a free progam, if I remember correctly, but it's a pretty no frills tool. It does however get the job done & it does do file conversions too.

hope I helped a little at least Happy

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Roxio vs Nero

I have used both programs and i have ended up favoring Nero (ver 6.6). I find it very easy to use and i like the interface. It has some quirks when you go to create the label for the playlist but that is not a hardship. This version seems even eaier to use than the previous one.
When i used Roxio I had many problems with underbuffer ond overbuffer that i did not encounter with Nero. I also did not like the idea that many users in the forum were having similar problems and all the while Roxio denied any glitches in their program.


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Updating saved files

I have Nero Express and have so far learnt how to save files for the first time but I having difficulty in then updating the same files a week later.

Any chance of just putting down simple step by step on how to do this.

Be grateful.


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Using Roxio v. 7

I am using Roxio Easy Media v. 7 and have had no problems at all other than the initial installation, for which I needed a patch. But I have burned dozens of CD's and so far no problems.

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NERO 6.6

I am looking at NERO 6.6. Can you burn a slide show to a cd or dvd that can be played on a regular dvd player -- not a PC?


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wda0001 - Make your own slide show

Nero Vision Express which is part of the Nero package allows you to do what you are asking. Add your voice or music or sound to slides.


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Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 verses Nero

I totally agree with you on this subject. I have used both and I totally agree that Nero is a mess so that is why I switched over with Roxio. However, I have had my problems with Roxio also. I am pretty good on computers but not a expert.

For example, I used the new Roxio 7.0 to make my family photo album for my family. Then I upgraded to Roxio 7.5 and all of sudden (which I purchased Roxio 7.0 and one month later they upgraded and I had to pay $29.95 for the upgrade??? It should have been free since I just purchased it two months ago?), I could not bring up nothing on my disk??? So right now, I don't know which product to use. My step son loves Nero and he burns numerous music songs for himself and buddies. But I don't like Nero because of the complications.

So that other program that you mentioned, Burn At Once,is it any good and where do I get a copy to try?

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Give Sonic My DVD some consideration

You might want to take a look at Sonic. Although I have heard that roxio recently took over the company, the programs are reliable, and packed with lots of goodies. I have had good experience with Sonic My DVD.

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Sonic is evil

do not, do not depend on sonic to safe your files are movies are pictures This program is the worse there is. try other programs and keep on trying untill you find one that works. What ever u do try any program but sonic. If u purchace a computer with sonic installed on it considered that u have been screwed. Sonic is the worse ther is to safe keep our pictures, home movies, are any files, believe me they will not last.

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Roxio vs. Nero

I've never used Nero, but I 've used Roxio & all I can say it's a mess. I've had nothing but problems with Roxio. E-mailed their suppport to solve my problems & whatever they suggested, did not work said it may be the dyes used in the disks. I've tried all manufacturers & still have the same problem. I do not have Roxio on my laptop & have no problem copying or burning disks.

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Clone DVD

Can anyone tell me where " Clone DVD " stan in all this,,it is what i have,,,if anyone can tell me how good or bad it is,,or,,what it can or cant do,,i would appreciate,,,be well all .

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Clone DVD

Clone DVD is easier to use

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nero sucks

yeah, & it slowed my startup and bugged my internet connection

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Roxio vs Nero

Nero does get the job done BUT! it does not like any other prog even thinking of useing your burner'I have thrown away loads of screwedup discs through dareing to write with another prog (Magix Audio clean)it just won't play with others. The updates are huge 30Mb+ and even with broadband their download speed is in single fig Kbs and they seem to have one every time you look.
Roxio on the otherhand seems happy to play with any one,is easy to understand, has a good colection of apps' and by far the best label maker of any.
Sorry if I've gone on a bit

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Nero 4 sure

I find Nero to do basically anything I want, I use four or five dirrerent burning software including apps like Adobe Encore and never have any problems. I use all the encoding features on a regular basis never had any problems.

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NERO 6.6

do you know if NERO 6.6 can burn a dc/dvd that can be played on a regular dvd player (NOT a PC)?

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see your message later


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depends more on the stand alone player

I have a stand alone player which is a fairly old one. It's pretty selective on what it will play from the PC burner. As far as I know only DVD+R and sometimes those don't work. They work more often than not.
However my newer DVD player/burner will play almost anything from the PC burner. Even the DVD+Rs the above player can't read. Also it does MP3s.
So yeah the short answer is yes. Then it gets more complicated.
BTW there are some nice sites on the internet that list what players have success with what formats and even brands of disks. Try a search on DVD players. Also some good info on that here on C-net last I looked.

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resaving files with NERO

It could be a few things

a. Did you close the session correctly, I used NERO and I have not found out any hint on closing the recording session

b. Are you using read-writeable disk (RW)

c. If yes or no to b above try relabeling file.....ver 1...ver 2 or with a date

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Yes it will

I have just made a SVHS and burnt it to a CD-RW and it is great...I can not begin 2 tell u how many DVD'S and CD'S that Sonic Software has trashed (with trashed i mean make unrecordable.)

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roxio vx NERO

Nero is most definetly the most feature loaded and probably has the least amount of problems. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing if you are not that all computer savy and it always seems to have small bugs here and there(Thats why they have updates on their site so often). But if you stick with their simple interface then you will be for sure happy with it. Nero is now easier to use than in the past and looks better which is a big plus. Roxio may be a bit easier if your looking to make a mix cd from a bunch of other cd's, in nero you have to rip it to your hdd first. I also believe it has a better cd label maker and the interface is just as easy to use as well. But it does seem to have more problems with burning. My choice would be nero. They have a full featured demo at their site for like 15 or 30 days. Currently they don't have a demo version available but they should have that fixed in a few days. Hope you have fast internet because the packages can be rather big.

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Video Capture Card Handling

I've used both for different purposes. I know Roxio is convenient for editing videos, don't know about Nero.

The one significant difference I do know of is that Nero will let you capture sound directly from your video capture card. Roxio requires the sound card be hooked up to the video capture card.

I'm satisifed with Nero Showtime for displaying videos, haven't tried the Roxio alternative.

Good luck.

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Nero all the way

I have tried both Nero and Roxio, Roxio in the earlier versions was not bad, but I found in there latest version's have compatibility problem's with XP, where as Nero never had that problem, plus Nero seems to work well with DVD editing program's, and I find the interface quite easy to use, Most of my friends use it and have never complained about it, I highly recommend it.

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Roxio VS Nero

I've used the older version of Roxio V4 in the past and it worked fine. I use the latest version of Nero now and it works fine also. All of the programs fail to burn at times. But most of the time that is caused by some other program hogging up too much resource like a Antivirus or Defrag running in the background. Or you are trying to run some program that is hogging up too much Disk I/O. Just make sure you have enough free system memory and keep your HDD defraged and they'll work fine. You may want to turn off some of those background services if you are burning since they may kick off in the background while you are burning at disk. If you tend to have an older system, you have to record at a lower speed since the older systems are not quite able to keep up with the faster burn speeds.

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Roxio r Nero

Try and put the blame on someone else just don't get it with me...My computer came with Roxio and i was a sucker and purchased the full version and i installed it and could not burn a single disk. I have the Demo version of Nero and have just burnt my first SVHS that turned out perfect. Sonic as far as i'm concerned cant ever compare 2 the demo of Nero

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Nero is just the best one out there. I got Roxio bundled eith this Dell. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. It froze every time. buffer underruns left and right. It was terrible. Got Nero 6. Everythings fine. Never had a problem with it.

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nero vs roxio

having tried both I defenetely vote for nero!easier to use,less expensive

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Roxio vs Nero

Nero 6.6 is awesome...burns at maximum, with no problems! Had to slow speed on Roxio to prevent making "coasters" contest, Nero rules!!!

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Nero rules

Nero is by far the best burning tool I have used.I have tried lots of others over the years but keep coming back to Nero.I also find Nero Showtime one of the best video viewers around.
Best of luck with your choose.


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