Router Firmware: Home Hub 3000 QoS

Hi, I currently have a Home Hub 3000 router system by Bell Aliant Canada. In the firmware interface I noticed there are very little QoS controls. I am specifically looking for a way to limit bandwidth usage for certain devices/clients connected to my router's network. I know for a fact there is no way to do this with the router firmware's interface supplied by Bell. I am looking for a solution to let me control bandwidth limits for certain devices / clients, whether it be a piece of desktop software, etc. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Reporting: Router Firmware: Home Hub 3000 QoS
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Clarification Request
To check this out.

Please supply a link to the product manual.

If you say it's not possible, why not install a second router that does this or limit it in the devices connected?

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There is no link to a manual. Here is a link to support site

I have no link for a manual. The best I can do is a link to the support site for this product:

Regardless, I called Bell and have looked into the supplied firmware and have already confirmed that what I want to do (limit/throttle bandwidth usage for other devices on my network) is not possible through their supplied interface.

I am not looking for a solution that involves buying another router, nor am I looking for a solution that involves configuring something on the devices/clients that I want to throttle. Instead, I want a solution where I can achieve this from an administrative level. I own the network, it is the firmware that is not making this possible.

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Since the existing firmware doesn't do this.

I think you need to limit it on the clients. For each client it could vary but an old title folk did use was NetMeter and NetLimiter ( )

Remember there are folk that want a router to do what it doesn't do and get upset when folk can't add functions it doesn't have. Let's hope you understand that issue.

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I have looked into NetLimiter already

I have looked into NetLimiter already, and it only allows me to control the bandwidth usage of applications on the computer it is installed on, not the bandwidth usage of all devices/clients on a network.

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Remember you set the limits of what gear you have.

I have to work within those confines.

There is a cheesy way to limit WiFi speed. It's not per device either. In a pinch at the office I set the WiFi to 802.11g to cap all WiFi to 54 megabit. I could cap it to 11Mbps by setting it to 802.11b only but without a manual that's about all I see common to all routers today.

Once you open up the discussion to other routers or even a Squid server (for some too hard to work with) then we may get somewhere.

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Is there no way to install new/different firmware?

If I can't install third party firmware that may enable me to do this, I have heard of a product called pfSense. Do you know anything about that? I am almost certain I came across information about pfSense that allows me to do what I want to do however I am not sure if pfSense is a piece of hardware or just a piece of software, or both. I can say though that I am honestly surprised a router's firmware would not have these not uncommon QoS features.

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pfSense has a web site..

But I don't see how that can help here given the limitations you set so far.

As to firmware, use google to see if you can find such. The usual I check with OpenWRT etc doesn't seem to list a modem/router of the name you provided.

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PS. If you eventually get a router that has this feature.

Google "How to use your own router with Bell Aliant"

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