They have an Anti-Piracy web page.

It says there;

Rosetta Stone's product:

Is never on CDR or DVD media
Does not have anything called a "Pro" or "Professional Edition" for any language
Will always have a EULA (End User License Agreement) specifying the purchase of a license" as opposed to a product
Is not sold or published in Multi Language Editions in packs or otherwise
Will not have spelling errors on the software packages
Is not sold or published in any versions referred to as "cracked versions"
Is sold through online access to its services via the website but is not sold as downloadable applications/programs

That last line makes it awkward for you. It would seem that Rosetta Stone's software is not available as a download.

If I were you I would go back to whoever you purchased this from and ask for your money back.

I have to lock this thread. Forum Policy prevents us from discussing pirated software.