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Romney sticks foot in mouth yet again

In California this time

Romney, who would be among the wealthiest presidents ever elected, has struggled to shed the image of an out-of-touch millionaire.

At the Saturday fundraiser in the San Diego-area, where donors paid as much as $25,000 to attend, Romney did little to help that image. He told the audience he spent the night before raising money at a San Francisco area mansion.

"Property up there is, I'm sure, very, very expensive. And we got to her driveway - it was at least a mile long, up and up, it's like, Oh my goodness, how in the world?" Romney said. "And then we came to the home, and it was like San Simeon, you know, the Hearst castle. It was this beautiful home with gardens, manicured gardens, and a pool and a topiary and so forth."

Romney charged that the president is taking America on a "pathway to become like Europe," adding a jab at his audience's home state.

"Europe doesn't work there. It's never going to work here," Romney said. "It's even possible we could be on a pathway to become California - I don't want that either."

He later said he was joking.

Yup, a campaign statement that he doesn't want the country to become like California -- at a campaign event in California. Ya gotta love it.
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Reporting: Romney sticks foot in mouth yet again
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People who are Conservative in CA

have known for a long time that CA is becoming Europe and have tried to make changes in the extremely liberal state. Romney already knows that he won't win CA so he only needs the support from Conservatives there because they agree with the Conservative base thinking. The Conservatives in CA don't want the country to become like CA so they won't see this as a 'gaffe' like you're trying to make it out to be. The liberal rags will have a field day with this, but Conservatives across the country will know what he meant, and Independents will already know that CA is extremely liberal and will also know what he meant by that statement because Independents in CA already feel that CA is and has been for far too long too liberal for them but they don't have enough of their own base in that State to do much about it either.

Let me tell you about a conversation I had just two days ago with a cousin of mine who lives in the SFBay area...she is actually a 'closet' Conservative who doesn't feel they have a voice anywhere because SF has become so liberal that her husband who works for the county has to stay in the background politically in order to keep his job....according to her, when I asked her why Pelosi keeps getting re-elected, the answer is because over 90% of the political 'machine' in their area is gay as is most of the population there now that they literally have control over the area. She said they have lived in SF their whole lives and the change and control over the city and county came so slowly that they never saw it coming and now they can't get rid of it. She referred to as a 'cockroach factory'......they are overrun and overwhelmed by the gay vote and the liberals with their hands out who keep voting for the Dem party in order to keep the machine in place.

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Just a random thought and off topic.....

but, the other day I was reading about a couple of Calif. cities and SF included, that force insurance carriers of city workers to cover "gender reassignment" (sex change) operations. I suppose Obamacare will lead the rest of the country in that direction.

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That was one of the issues

my cousin was telling me about.......the mandates out there for health insurance regarding public employees is ridiculously more than what's even in Obamacare....but they fear that Obamacare will pick that up quickly (don't want to rush things too quickly as lose him the election) and it will be mandated across the country just as his 'birth control' crap is.

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As I understand it, any medically needed proceedure

is to be covered. The key might be to get doctors to prescribe the procedure as being medically necessary for the patient's good health.

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You can read that Sandra Fluke is pushing for it

If you don't know who she is, Google does. I believe she was invited to speak at the DNC. Her life is devoted to what she considers to be sexual discrimination. She's said to have wanted private insurance to be forced to cover sex change surgery. She seems to find money somewhere but can't afford her own birth control while at the Georgetown University. I suppose she can't control the urges required to not need the pills either.

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And yet those who would condemn him
are OK with 40k a plate fundraisers with Obama's entertainment buddies during which the president claimed Beyonce as a role model for his daughters. Will we see his kids in pop tart clothing soon?
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"Yup, a campaign statement...."
Yup, a campaign statement that he doesn't want the country to become like California -- at a campaign event in California. Ya gotta love it.

Romney probably has virtually no votes to lose, or gain in Calif. So, why not use the state as an example of poor policies as California is among the most liberal states with possibly more cities going bankrupt than any other state.
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You can try to spin it that way......

......until you read the part of the article that says he later tried to get out of it by saying he was joking. More likely he forgot where he was (which happens when you're doing that much traveling), screwed up and tried to backpedal by saying it was just a joke.

Yuh-huh. Remember when Herman Cain made that statement about building a moat with alligators in it along the US/Mexico border? When called on it he said he was just joking. Then he reiterated that he thought it was a good idea.

Romney's problem is that he keeps letting people see the real him.

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And what was Biden thinking

about VA vs NC? Did he ever comment on it (backpedal, you call it)?

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Again, stay focused

This is about what Mitt Romney said about California to a California audience. I don't remember what Biden said, or where or when he said it.

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Biden was at a campaign rally

in Virginia.......began shouting about how 'we can win North Carolina with your help'.......

Romney wasn't at a rally.......he was with a group of supporters in CA and they all knew he wasn't going to win the state anyhow and with a group that agreed with what he had to say about their own state. It's a non-news comment except to liberals. Biden insulted the Virginia rally itself by not knowing where he was.

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Oh please

That happens to politicians (and traveling celebrities) all the time.

Did Biden make disparaging remarks about Virginia while campaigning there?

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Oh please

You don't find it disparaging to be at a campaign rally and insult the people you're in front of by calling them all North Carolinians instead of Virginians?

And who was it who gave the "yeeehawww" scream at a rally and immediately lost all support when he was in the lead (Oh yeah....Dean)?

What you see as 'missteps' by Dems, you see as 'gaffes' by Republicans....don't you think that's a little one-sided since I haven't seen you anywhere in SE in all the years I've been here concede that Dems also screw least they don't screw up without your (and every liberal breathing) making an excuse for why it happened. Oh yeah....that's another Dem trait.......blame everything BUT the person doing it.

As I said before......Romney was at a personal gathering of supporters and they all agreed that they would never take CA anyhow so he could say what he needed to say in order to keep their support.

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Howard Dean, LOL

I never liked him, was not looking forward to him getting the nomination and was frankly relieved when he went down in flames a-la Slim Pickens in "Dr. Strangelove."

As for Biden and Virginia, try and spin it all you want but that's just a gaffe. Certainly not as bad as Michelle Bachmann's John Wayne/John Wayne Gacy slip-up. Wink

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Certainly not 'as bad'

are you kidding me? She slipped on a NAME of a PERSON. This joker was in a STATE and forgot where he was for crying out loud, Josh. Un-freaking-believable the lengths you guys will go to to protect and cover for your liberal representatives. I'M not the one spinning here.......

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So forgetting what state you're in (which has probably happened to nearly every candidate on both sides at least once), is worse than trumpeting the fact that a serial killer lived in the town you're in. Okee dokee......

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" More likely he forgot where he was "

He was amongst friends and supporters. Happy He wasn't addressing the entire state of California as you try and make it sound. Happy

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RE: He was amongst friends and supporters.

That's right..he was in a phone booth in California.

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So what percentage of California....

......has he written off, the way he wrote off 47% of the entire country back in May?

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Who knows but...

...they'll all likely vote for him, just to express their displeasure. Wink

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Many out of work Californians would support his statement

Also those who have already fled the state.

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