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Romney's opponents not happy that he

did not take total allowable deductions?

Romney's charitable donations at 30 percent last year

So he gave 30% to charity but didn't take the full write off so that his total liability would remain above his claimed minimum over the past several years. He paid more in taxes than he could have and still people complain. How petty can some people be?

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Reporting: Romney's opponents not happy that he
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That should be a RED FLAG for IRS

Romney lied?

I thought he said he took all the deductions he was entitled to?

Now it appears he didn't....I wonder why? Something fishy is going on.

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Romney doesn't claim enough

'charitable contributions' and he should be red flagged to the IRS, but Charlie Rangel doesn't claim enough actual 'INCOME" and he's let off the hook with liberals. Wonderful.

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It's a cruel world out there.

I don't know why I don't spend more time sleeping.

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Shades of demands for

the long form birth certificate? I'm suspecting that Romney's foes will want to scrutinize and criticize those he gave money to. Some people can do no wrong and others can do no right. I'd not be at all unhappy if the IRS looked into this. Maybe they'd insist he accept a refund.

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sadly a natural outcome of today's extreme partisanship

He actually paid more than he might have to avoid 'lying' about the taxes he has paid. Sad he thought it necessary, sadder he probably guess right that if his % had been a point lower than his previous estimates that would be political fodder too.

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Maybe we have more than leadership problems

Maybe we have citizenship issues too.

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No end to speculation
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Don't really know amended returns

but it wouldn't surprise me if that applied.

The little bit I've read about amended returns seem to say the only really requirement was to pay taxes due, or more. Just like with filing for an extension, you can delay filing but not paying what you will owe.

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I have filed these

and, in my case, I owed additional taxes due to tardy paperwork regarding distribution of funds from some trust on which my wife was listed. When I did this, I actually knew the paperwork would be forthcoming but I was due a substantial refund so filed quickly to get the cash ASAP. I filed the amended returns after having cash in hand thus avoiding months of delay. As for Romney planning to do this after the dust has settled, I think that's media foolishness again. They have no story and nothing on the man other than he's wealthy enough to have more complexity when it comes to his tax liability. This gives the media plenty of opportunity to spread seeds of doubt about his honesty.

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There's no legal requirement to declare charitable donations

You can, but you don't have to. You DO have to report your income, much of which Romney has hidden in offshore accounts. Did he break the law there? We won't know unless he releases his pre-2010 tax records. There was an amnesty in 2009. Did he need to take advantage of that to avoid penalties for that hidden money? We don't know, do we.

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(NT) 'hidden'?? good grief......
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Yes, "hidden"

Hence the term "tax shelter."

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" shelter" = tax cheat in your opinion

regarding his taxes....

"sealed....paid off" = cheat, liar, not-so-transparent in MY opinion regarding BO's past.

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Try to stay focused, Toni

We are not talking about "BO" (though if HE was refusing to release his tax returns and had money HIDDEN in offshore and Swiss accounts,.......well, you know what you'd be saying).

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Yes, try to stay focused, Josh

Romney's opponents aren't happy about what he hasn't released.....BO's opponents aren't happy with what HE hasn't released. Same argument.......two sides. We both think the other side has something to solution in sight for either argument even though neither side has done anything illegal.

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The difference, again..... that Obama hasn't released something that no other president or candidate has ever released or been asked to. Romney is refusing to release something that every candidate for the last 40+ years has released.

Good grades in college are not a prerequisite for the presidency (though we do know that Obama graduated Harvard Magna_***_Laude, which is the second-highest honor you can get).

Compliance with tax laws is a different story.

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Poor BO..he'll always be second best LOL

In the case of the Presidency, he never made it to first place........he's lowered the standard for himself to below Carter so that's saying something at least.

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If Romney wasn't in

compliance with the tax laws after 20+ years worth of tax returns given to John McCain, don't you think the IRS would have already nailed him? God knows, he's got enough money to go after. LOL

Unfortunately, although you may WANT to see what has become the NORM of presenting more than two years worth of taxes to qualify for the Presidency, Josh, it ISN'T the LAW to do so. Romney hasn't broken any laws.

As for the college records.......Dems wanted Bush's records both for college and for the military and he voluntarily gave them up, and the Dems had a field day with them. It didn't help them any, but they had fun anyhow. In BO's case, he PAID to have his all sealed and refuses to ante up.......and I can't believe (ok...I lied...I DO believe) that liberals don't care if they never see what HE'S hiding in them all. I don't care what status he had when he graduated from Harvard.....I want to know how he GOT INTO all those elite schools to begin with when he admitted in his own book about himself that he was stoned and hazy for the last two years of high school. Did somebody buy him a seat....did he get in under affirmative action....did he actually qualify for loans to those private schools.....did he get unstoned in time to get a scholarship (I hardly think so)...did he PAY somebody to take his tests for him?. So many questions unanswered, and you aren't even a LITTLE bit curious????? You don't think it's strange that Michelle would stand up on the stage and talk about how poor they were when they first started out with an ironing board as a dining room table?.......and yet the FACTS (I linked to the massive write up in a previous post) shows that BO has ALWAYS been well-off and lived in very upscale areas.

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RE: don't you think the IRS would have already nailed him?

How do you know they didn't?

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(NT) do you know if they did?
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If they did

it won't show up on any tax return here would be something handled/settled/negotiated between him and the IRS and kept confidential or tried in a court which would be public record (and there is nothing in the court system).......So having his tax records wouldn't show you a damn thing......but it might give bragging rights to the Dems for putting enough 'heat' on Romney that he caved and brought them forward. That ain't happening so get over it. Please either learn or research our laws before you try your antagonistic crap posts.

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how is that any different from

keeping it locked away at home instead in a strong safe?

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RE: tax cheat in your opinion

"cheat"?...How bout not totally honest?

In the opinion of the IRS also?


A pardon extended by the government to a group or class of persons, usually for a political offense; the act of a sovereign power officially forgiving certain classes of persons who are subject to trial but have not yet been convicted"

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That's IF he did take the amnesty.

which he could disprove IF he released his tax returns.

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