I agree Renegade - but I think it's not just about the "richness" of the band. Most of these bands were very successful using the old business model of the music industry: Metallica, Kiss, U2 these are all major arena rock bands that are thriving using the "old" model. They sell out major venues, they market everything, they have HUGE loyal fanbases that allow them to sell a crappy CD for $18 and make money.
These bands came of age in a very different way of doing things - you scrape through the clubs and hope to get discovered - then you sign your life away and make it big.
Indie musicians just need a computer - it makes, distributes, and advertises their music instantly and Blogs make that happen at light speed. So the whole model of the "up and coming" musician has completely changed. New artists recognize the power of the internet and the digital files - the music is just a way to get people interested in you - yes you can make some money selling your music but you want to pack your concerts - get bigger venues, get your merchandising out there - grow your fan base.