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RNC Memories 1968

by netsky / October 31, 2004 7:57 PM PST

There were fifteen of us from Boy Scount Troop 7 who trained for color-guard duty, to provide a flag ceremony on one of the later nights of the Republican National Convention of 1968.

We were all 14 years old, give or take one year. We drilled for a couple of weeks on the concrete baketball courst outside the historic log cabin meeting place for this pioneering boy scout troop.

We were symbolic flag bearers of thirteen colonies, plus one OLd Glory, plus one stand-by boy in case of illness or incident to any of the flag bearing boys.

Being the determined merit badge underachiever that i was and am, i was appointed to stand-by do-nothing duty. I was wall warmer.

The night of our glory was a Big Night. The night of the nomination of a vice presidential running mate for Richard Nixon!

Very early arrived, we were corralled back stage long before our opening ceremony at the huge Miami Beach Convention Center. At six PM the Scoutmaster instructeded again what he'd said ealier: BOYS- there are wet paint signs everywhere around you. Pay attention and don't sit on any of the wet-painted prop benches!

Scout Jack P LOOKED excactly like a miniature Arnold Stang plus a Barney Fife, rolled into one uncharitble shallowness; Jack P promptly took a seat inwet paint.

Ain't this just like 14 year old boys???

A whine of dismay. A stentorian shout:


I still hear sulking jack's voice today:

"So, welchie, like, don't think that you're like umm, some kind of mr. america, just because you got on TV".

I smiled back at his wet paint-ruined khackis, gritted my pearlies at Jack and never looked back on him again until today.

Onto the stage we filed from two sides meeting Old Glory in the middle.

Our fifteen seconds of televised glory! Every one of us a junior Mr. america to our families watching back home.

Vignette: Sander Vanocur at my feet just in front of the proscenium, wearing a back-pack and Koss-type ear cans, talking into a mic. A walkie-talkie reporter with remote camera focused upon hime from some distant corner of the convention canyon.

Our duties done, the grownups gave us free rein to whoop it up with the happy conventioneers.

All around we went, gathering armfulls of political souvenirs. Very quickly tho, we were impressed into new duty!

"Hey, boys, would you like to be on TV again? Here, each of you take a placard. Hold it like this, and walk up and down the aisles, from rear to front and back again. Four of us did this until we saw some chance to escape. (Your arms got tired in a hurry)

The white on red color oblong placards shouted


We were bopping, prancing, jumping with these signs along the aisles, shouting back to each other stuff like

"HEY welchie! WHAT is an "agnew"

"Don't Know!!! Maybe it is a brand of candy bar??"

...teenage yuks...

There was Nixon, himself! And this SPIRO

(ha ha, Ruppenthal, is that a joke name or what?? SPY-Ro? SPEE-ROW???

Goofing aside for the boys, there was tSpiro Agnew himself. He was nominated. There was this overhead clasp of VP nominee right hand to Nixon's left hand.

Almost a symbology in that...

Meanwhile, from the floor we boys, we grabbed all the campaign ephemera we could.

We elevated fallen, failed VP aspirants, for instance hand fans emplazoned ROCKY.

Among my souvenirs of August 1968:

a fully life-size B&W poster of Richard M Nixon standing, waving.


However, most interesting fragment of the convention is for me, a thin copy of The Nixon Elector.

Inside the Elector is a captioned photo:

A female nixon campaigner sitting at a card table at some venue. On the table is a home model tape recorder and microphone. A sign on the table invites "record your questions for our next President"

the Nixon Elector CAPTION for this scene is

"Better Politics Through Electronics".

That was to prove a bitter irony later on.

reiteration of the most frozen moment of that night:

So, welchie, don't go thinking that you're like umm, some kind of mr. america, just because you got on TV

Jack, I should have SAID then how right you were.

I'm no mr. america. But what really mattered was that i wasn't the kid who sat his *** in white paint fifteen minutes before the show. You were not even allowed out to collect souvenirs. No i won't, no one else won't swap khaki trousers for your paint-ruined pair

Monday readers on this nearly last day of the second bush white house first term..

...I hope you enjoyed a tiny souvenir, this leaflet floating in an eddy, twisting now in a whorl, flowing in a tributary to a river, leading to a great and grand, historical waterfall where all tiny memories and tiny tellers wash out and into oblivion.

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DNC Memories 1968. I was in Chicago when the police
by Kiddpeat / October 31, 2004 9:22 PM PST
In reply to: RNC Memories 1968

'rioted', and Mayor Daley ordered them to attack the demonstrators at the Democrat Convention. Which do you prefer? Nixon's tape, or Mayor Daley's police. But, then you were a young boy scout who was not aware of what was REALLY happening that summer.

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God put Who on First, and other character marks
by netsky / November 1, 2004 12:00 AM PST

Right, I was a lad who had no idea about politics that summer or even later.

I never heard my folks talk about this or that thing. Never got a bad word about jews or blacks

Never learned anything to prepare myself for the real world to come.

As a kid i never was molested, i hardly ever heard a bad word, was never taken to church after that time that Marilyn Monroe died (my time-line signpost).

Never had any moral guidances instilled other than by my mom:

I was no more than five. NO reid i will not buy you that packet of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum.

I purloined the pack and put it into my pocket.

At home i was less clever: chewing and smelling like mint and mom dove into my pocket faster than i could ram in my own protesting fist to prevent full disclosure.

rage rage! Thrown back into the Hillman and return to the grocery store.

"HERE, this baby owes you an apology, mr grocer"

Oh came a smile and wink from the store manager. It's alright little boy he said to a sobbing me.

"NO, it's not alright" raged my rager. "Reid, give him the nickle and tell him you'll never steal again"

I did and almost...almost.. i never have.

Imperfect and are not we all?


Unrelated but related to KP's inferance: My older brother when he was all of maybe sixteen had a encounter with some young, grown man. My brother lost the argument or shoving match or whatever it was.

He won what he needed (repair of his ego) with a parting shout at the bigger and older guy: SO, you think God loves you more because He made you born FIRST?

ah, we welches... so sensitive to perceived injustices because we were never taught how not to care.

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I am sorry your parents stopped taking you to church.
by Kiddpeat / November 1, 2004 1:26 AM PST

That can be a very positive experience if it is a good church.

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anaylizing that kind thought
by netsky / November 1, 2004 1:53 AM PST


You naturally project your own feelings about church onto this a-theist.

This wondering fool, me, who lives without a God or spirit acknowleged in the miracles of his life... but who does deny anything except...

that I did not grow up in any church nor under any God and yet I seem not to be emotionally nor spiritually impoverished.

I have some natural gifts: glibness with words. a sense of general inferiority to keep me reasonably humble. I prefer to help and foster than to castigate or judge.

In your two Christian responses to my essay, in the first reply is a mild form of reproach.

In the second is a mild form of judgement- holier than thou tsk tsk is how i sense it, partially, to mean.

I don't know that you really meant to judge me there in the second comment... for on it's surface it would seem to be ONLY a kind regret that I was raised and brought up inferior to you.

Was i brought up in inferor manner? Perhaps, and, yeah, there were lots fo bumps and scrapes. Just like for us all.

Hence- diversity should lead to tolerance and a mutal respect for opposing views. Yet look at the political "discussions" here; most originate and plumment hell-wards at the hands of folks who had the benefit of very churchly upbringings.

So where lays the anodyne, the analgesic for a hurting heart? In Christ alone, or from an open, honest self-examaination of motives of the base ego.

I say the latter must be cured before successfully embracing the former, the higher and the better.

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The base ego is incapable of open, honest self-examination.
by Kiddpeat / November 1, 2004 4:58 AM PST

So I guess you're up the creek without a paddle.

Pointing out that someone is disadvantaged is not, IMO, a case of holier than thou. How could it be since neither of us had much control over that portion of our lives. If I say, "I'm sad that you grew up on the streets, and missed the benefits of an intact home.", is that being 'holier than thou'? Not in my opinion. It's simply saying that I wish you had had the benefits that I did.

As far as your quality of life, I'm glad that you are enjoying it. I think you're surfing on the vestigial benefits of a nation founded on Christian principles, but I'm sure that you won't accept that point of view. So be it. One doesn't really need a rock solid basis for what one believes in our society.

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I have set you off without really intending that result
by netsky / November 1, 2004 7:17 AM PST

Firstly, this limitation of printed words, and poor words at that, have had an effect I did not really intend: you take my "analysis" and presume me to be attacking your belief in church? Yes?

Holier than thou? No I did not mean to SAY such a thing. Just meant that character is either born or formed, quite independent of churchly influences IF the ego at hand (mine, not yours) learns humility and introspection.

I have that natural introspection- because of my parents, my genetic make-up, and my being a moral reject (homosexual) in a generally hostile world.

Here I let you roll out your words further:

"The base ego is incapable of open, honest self-examination. "

Your's perhaps. Not mine. Not at age fifty, anyway. I may be some rare exception in this professed understanding of my ego. Probably not. I find that none of us are -unique- in our essential self-ness. You hit me, i hurt. And same is true if i strike you or your core beliefs.

"So I guess you're up the creek without a paddle."

I am my own paddle.
My own hair shirt- to alter the base analogy.
This is no creek i'm on, or up-
it is public discussion of the most basic of self: your ego and mine and how they differ at this time.

*"Pointing out that someone is disadvantaged is not, IMO, a case of holier than thou."*

Here, perfect example: you confirm what I thought earlier about your church comment: you practically state that I am disadvantaged by not having been raised in a churchly atmosphere.

"How could it be since neither of us had much control over that portion of our lives. If I say, "I'm sad that you grew up on the streets, and missed the benefits of an intact home.", is that being 'holier than thou'? "

See above. Tell me how the statement i've just marked with *=marks is not what it appears to be.

"Not in my opinion. It's simply saying that I wish you had had the benefits that I did."

You are projecting, KP. You are projecting that your "benefits" of having been raised that church way would've been a BENEFIT to me today. I say, no, i dont' think so.

I've always preferred to think and philosophise for myself.

"As far as your quality of life, I'm glad that you are enjoying it. I think you're surfing on the vestigial benefits of a nation founded on Christian principles, but I'm sure that you won't accept that point of view. So be it. One doesn't really need a rock solid basis for what one believes in our society"

That's a bit of a muddle. I can't understand what you mean by the last sentence. The previous sentence is quite clear: You think I"m skimming my life off the work and worship of others. It's a gentle sort of affront you give me there. I have tried NOT to affront you in kind.

See, how many times have i said on SE that i embrace the core principles of Christian love and charity because these VALUES did not originate from Christianity. My values and your values owe to Golden Rule common sense, and are key and core to other religions past and present, and to NO religion at all: my way of life.

My life is chock full of wonder and mystery and I have no eternal answers nor any faith in anything other than the basic human ego that makes all modern life go right when the ego is right. And terribly wrong if the ego warps proud and finds like-minded prideful egos in high, human institutions. There comes moral imperitives, judgements, and inhumane actions upon the weaker masses of peoples- all times, all places past, iraq, and future.

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Whatever. I'm not going to pretend to understand all that.
by Kiddpeat / November 1, 2004 10:15 AM PST

Have fun. Wink

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(NT) (NT) yes, peace to us all. PLT, per Charlie T!
by netsky / November 1, 2004 10:29 AM PST
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Something you may have failed to learn from your Mother
by Ziks511 / November 1, 2004 4:43 AM PST

"If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." Or is character assassination your only strength?

Rob Boyter

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Character assassination? Who's character? Mayor Daley?
by Kiddpeat / November 1, 2004 5:05 AM PST

You REALLY DON'T LIKE ANY criticism of Democrats do you? Are you SURE you aren't with the DNC?

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Oh let's cool our tempers. I thought Rob meant ME
by netsky / November 1, 2004 7:30 AM PST

Now, ain't that a laugh?

I came here a few minutes ago, having been away for the past few hours to tend to an elderly neighbor.

I read Ziks angry words.

I had talked about my rage-Raging mom teaching me the wrong-ness and shame of theft.

I thougth Rob was jumping on ME. Sick feeling in pit of netsky stomach.

Have i gone mad??? (GriN, i had to -think- about that for a moment)

NO, i'm not mad. I'm not angry. And Rob should not have jumped you- he knows that was

-ego reaction- quick and pure rising to the defense of a new friend.

AND KP, if i misconstrued or made you more upset in in my just-posted reply... please work with me and let's not get angry with each other in this thread.

A moratorium on hate, ok.... that's not to say you can't spice me back for that 'iraq' mention in the last sentence.

Even wanna-be-pure-love clod like me carries a lot of mud between his toes.

Everything and everybody is worthy of forgiveness, are they not?

let's try and let's keep on talking.

No one here will change me nor you. Change, if any, is a most rare miracle and it always comes, really, from deeeeeep within. Peel a few artichoke leaves off the ego, and there it is: the plea and the invitation to make a more satisifactory personal peace with the world.

Secular humanism from a fool who has never cracked a book on pop therapy or any of that crap-jazz junk.

So maybe I"m full of crap-jazz-junk spontaneously generated. I do not -think- so. I think it's all just common, simple and self-evident sense.

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I'm not angry, and I don't hate. I sought clarification. I
by Kiddpeat / November 1, 2004 10:18 AM PST

honestly cannot see where his charge is coming from, and I would like to. I hope it's not a knee jerk reaction to criticizing Dems.

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Re: I'm not angry, and I don't hate. I sought clarification.
by netsky / November 1, 2004 10:41 AM PST

" honestly cannot see where his charge is coming from, and I would like to. I hope it's not a knee jerk reaction to criticizing Dems."

Lookie, I've spread my share of rancor on this forum.

But also, i'm about the only one who has spread SO much humiliating personal detail of himself, and self-mocking abasement of his egotism.

YOU did bite on Rob's equally quick tempered post.

BOTH you too kinda showed how EGO runs you.

(*as ego runs me, too*)

It is a rare man who can poke at his own ox with a sharp stick. I"ve done this daily to myself for quite a while now.

Am I discredited? Am I less masculine for it? NO, i'm not. In fact, baring my soul here for really acidic attacks in return by you, by JJ by EdH by a whole host of folks- has not made me weaker.

It has made be stronger! SO you see, this crucible of fires has NOT harmed me.

It has made me more secure, more better, more happy and more useful by my humble, stupid (?) self-exampling of humility coupled to a very large and growing ego.

Large and growing ego? That's another self-joke. large enough to fill a mason jar now. Used to be it did not quite overflow a thimble.

No wonder then that then, in its paucity, my former ego was threatened so easily by cockleburrs and petty slaps. It had not a drop of its blood to spare.

NOW it is a quart-jar sized ego and so i can afford to act generous and unassailable.

I am nearly, if not quite there. And YOU helped me get this way, even if it was not the group's intent nor pleasure to see me laugh down my detractors.

peace and growth to you,

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Netsky you are a rare person and a lesson to us all.
by Ziks511 / November 1, 2004 2:28 PM PST

Once again "much reading hath made me mad".

KidPeat I apologize I saw rancour where there was none, I hope you will accept my apology.

If Medium Cool and all the press footage is anything to go by I hope you got away unscathed as I'm sure you were not with the demonstrators.

Keep well both of you

Rob Boyter

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Profoundest apologies Kidpeat, my brain must have been
by Ziks511 / November 1, 2004 2:35 PM PST

on another planet. I reacted totally irrationally and I do beg your pardon.

Rob Boyter

You will also find a second apology to you on a post directed at Netsky. please take care and I wish you good luck in your local choice for the House of Representatives and Governorship and Senate if necessary. Forgive me if I hope for my guy overall.

Rob "What was I Thinking?" Boyter

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Re: RNC Memories 1968
by MKay / November 1, 2004 1:33 AM PST
In reply to: RNC Memories 1968

Netsky, you are a suberb story teller. And I enjoyed this yarn as well as your many others. Thanks for sharing.

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my big ego says "THANKS" but also...
by netsky / November 1, 2004 2:27 AM PST
In reply to: Re: RNC Memories 1968

Understanding that you know that all I write is truth, the use of "storyteller" or "yarn" will imply to some, for sure, that netsky makes up stuff to suit his agenda.

In fact, dear readers, i make up nothing for my essays. Nor do I ever embellish except on such rare occasion that is either mentioned as, like "putting words into bernice's mouth" of yesterday- that sort of thing.

The ironies and magical coincidences just keep a' comin' into my life history.

The ONLY way one of my critics could really cut me to the quick nowadays, would be if he inferred me a liar, a maker-upper, a fiction writer.

Now- i bet that comes to happen soon (grin)

Fact is, all of our lives are like Hollywood scripts. Only the writing is usually lacking in quality and the vision is practically blindered from seeing how every ripple interacts with every other person and thing in the world.

Attack me, therefore, you only attack your own posterity when some echo of today finally makes full circuit. Attack anyone without due reason and proper effect for more of the daily same that rules this SE microcosm of polarized pebble-people.

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Glorious, simply glorious.
by Ziks511 / November 1, 2004 4:39 AM PST
In reply to: Re: RNC Memories 1968

And the contrast between you and Kidpeat could not be more starkly drawn. I'm with you Netsky.

Rob Boyter

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Thanks but...
by netsky / November 1, 2004 7:37 AM PST

This is no contest of wills. It is not a polarization contest.

We cannot make people change.

We can only show people that differnt others are NOT monsters, idiots or out to take or challenge their core values.

I have no power at all. I have no ability but a gligness with words and a blindness to typographical errors.

There's a closing smile. Unless KP wants to discourse further maybe it is time to let this parable of Jack P's vainglorius ego sink, if not drift on its way and my way to the final annihilation of the Falls.

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