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RI Dem: Obama can 'shove it' for not endorsing him

PROVIDENCE, R.I. ? A White House spokesman says President Barack Obama decided not to endorse fellow Democrat Frank Caprio in the race for Rhode Island governor out of respect for his friend, former Sen. Lincoln Chafee.

Chafee is a former Republican who endorsed Obama before the 2008 primary and is now an independent candidate for governor.

Obama is in Rhode Island on Monday campaigning for other Democrats and has refused to get involved in the governor's race. Caprio said earlier in the day after learning the president would not endorse him that Obama could "shove it."

Oh, Dear!

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Reporting: RI Dem: Obama can 'shove it' for not endorsing him
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Hmm, how should we view that?

Why would Caprio want Obama's endorsement anyway?

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I think it's funny...

that the Dems are cannibalizing themselves.

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(NT) Seems some of that in both parties this year
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Republicans are running away from Barack Obama as well.

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Nice twist

But on the Republican side and cannibalism (since you've commented on the Democratic side), I see something that could be classified as political connablism too.

I was thinking of a few districts where Tea Party candidates have ousted a well liked conservative and have actually increased the chances the Republicans will loose.

I am NOT saying that applies to all Tea Party winners. But by polls, opinions, surveys, etc., there are districts the Republican (even an incumbent in a couple I believe) had a large positive rating district/state wide and was replaced by a more conservative Tea Party candidate that is running at a much less rating overall.

Personally, I distrust anyone on either extreme.

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Help me out here

"I was thinking of a few districts where Tea Party candidates have ousted a well liked conservative and have actually increased the chances the Republicans will loose."

Can you name some of those "well liked conservative(s)".

You may be confusing Conservatives and Rockefeller Republicans

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All, alleging everyone

not passing your litmus test is not really a Republican, or not really a conservative.

My point was a Republican that was favored to win a district was defeated in the primaries by a Tea Party candidate that is too conservative to appeal to 51% of the likely voters.

Now, does that mean I think all Tea Party candidates are radical extreme conservatives? No. Are some running that seem too out of line with my views and the general public? Yes.

But the point is, though perhaps only a few, there are districts that were expected to be Republican now in doubt.

Tell me, you rather see a "Rockefeller Republican" elected or a Democrat? in your case, any Democrat.

I'd be more likely to vote for a moderate of any party than an extremist of any stripe.

By the way, what is your definition of a "Rockefeller Republican"?

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You rather see a "Rockefeller Republican" elected...

or a Democrat

To many the point would be, "What's the difference?"

Each has his own opinion.

But, I'd also be interested in some names. Who are you talking about when you say well-liked conservatives?

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We should end this now.

Looks like it's going to be another loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong drawn out process to find out what he meant instead of what he said.

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Not a very mature statement

and nothing to be proud of. I would hope he regrets the way he phrased the remark.

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I doubt it...

He's repeated it several times. Trying to distance himself from his Chief.

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(NT) No problem! --- Blame it on Bush!
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You have no problem with blaming Bush?

When he was in power...he wasn't responsible for, he's just a bad memory for some, you want to blame him for stuff he couldn't have done?

Maybe you miss him...I heard he has a new book advised, he says he does not intend being back in the limelight for long.

So he might appreciate not mentioning him in SE as he wants to keep a low profile.

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