Reverting to OS 10.6.8

My partner, having upgraded to OS 10.8.5, now wishes to revert to 10.6.8

What is the best way to achieve this, whilst still retaining some of her data. We still have the installation disc for Leopard 10.5

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Reporting: Reverting to OS 10.6.8
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No and never.

Our files and data are NEVER risked by a move like that. We backup what we can't lose.

Those that disagree deserve your wrath.

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Well that's a leap backward, but I guess there must be

a reason for the slide.

The post by Bob is absolutely true. You would not even consider a move like this without first ensuring that you have backed up ALL your data, music, photo's, movies, etc. AND then backed them up again.
The LAST place the only copy of your data should be residing, is on the Hard Drive of that Mac.

There are a couple of ways to achieve the move:
1. Use your Time Machine backup to Restore to a point where she had 10.5 installed. (unlikely but possible)
2. Format the hard drive, using the 10.5 installation disks and then install 10.5 on the Mac. (The preferred method)

Be aware that going back to 10.5 will leave you without support. No software updates and no Security fixes.
All your included software will also be out of date and may effect your ability to use your saved data. The old version of iPhoto, for instance, may not be able to handle the 10.8 iPhoto database version.

If one may be so curious as to ask, what is prompting the retreat?


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Reverting to 10.6.8

The reason is that the upgrade to Maverick was only very recent, but it is now clear that she has lost the use of such things as Photoshop, the Adobe CS suite, her easy to use Iphoto, some of her mailing programmes, past data relating to web sites, etc. And, of course, her substantial WD back up will no longer function until that is upgraded. In fact this upgrade has been something of a nightmare. for her and has resulted in a near nervous breakdown. I, myself am still running on Snow Leopard and have no desire to move ever upwards. My feelings are that if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Apple seem to be pushing hard to drive their customers into using Cloud applications and ditching many of the simpler things in life. Not everyone wants to join the fast set. I have recently come across someone who has many old files on Pagemaker 5 that can no longer be accessed.

Since this upgrade has only been recent there are very few files that would be lost by a backward move.

Thank you and everyone else for your input, and it seems that going backwards is not impossible, it just has to be done with care.

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Here's what I'm running into.

The app fails to migrate so they need to uninstall and reinstall the app. I can't guess why but some don't have the media or keys to reinstall so they are asking how to go back without backups. Sorry, that's something I never have been able to do.

But usually I can reinstall the old app.

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I could understand the loss of functionality if

10.5 was the version of OS X that you wanted to go back to as this was the last version to support the PPC processor.
10.6 dropped support for the PPC processor in 2009 and that is where you want to go back to so the PPC processor can't be the reason for the loss of functionality.

So, back to my original question: What makes you think that 10.6.8 is going to fix things unless, of course, that was what she was running before the update to 10.8

As Bob says, uninstalling and reinstalling the offending apps may be the answer.


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Reverting to OS 10.6.8

If you look at the original question you will see that it was actually 10.6.8 that we need to revert to, not 10.5. I did say that we still have the discs for 10.5 if there was no other way to revert. i.e. reinstall 10.5 and then upgrade to 10.6.8. Though that looks pretty clumsy.

It is possible to go back on time machine, but can we simply recover that way? My feelings are that since the install of Maverick a number of things have been deleted, e.g. no way of opening Photoshop anymore.


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If you look at my answer

you will see that I was asking about 10.6 and not 10.5. That version of OS X was the cutoff point for PPC processors and could have explained all the problems.

Without the install disks for 10.6 you really have no good option for the downgrade.
Yes, you "may" still have 10.6 on the Time Machine and there is only one way to find that out.
Boot the Mac while holding down the "R" key and choose Restore.
With the TM connected, you should see a number of dates.
Choose the date that you know you had 10.6.8 running on the Mac.
Pull the trigger and let the thing run overnight. Yes, it will take that long.
EVERYTHING on that hard drive will be DELETED.

As for stuff being deleted, shouldn't happen. Photoshop is no longer in the Applications folder.?
Why not just reinstall it?


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Reverting to 10.6.8

Well, I have to report that it worked. Time Machine and the back up drive neatly rolled back the time and there is now the original system installed and running. Hence have a very happy Partner with a system that she can deal with.

Many thanks for all the help and advice.

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Thanks. Every once in a while, we get a winner!

You did all the work, I just annoyed you with suggestions. Happy

Well Done


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re:Reverting to OS 10.6.8

It‘s by no means easy to roll back to an earlier OS, and I wouldn’t advise it.
you cannot simply take OS back to an earlier edition and keep all of your data. But it is possible to perform a clean installation and you can also backup your current data and then start to transfer it across.

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