helmet cam you have - and then you can check the compatibility chart at that manufacturer's site...

I think the Sony DCR-HC96 is about as affordable as you will get with that feature. Be advised that your computer will require a Firewire port for transfer from the HC96's DV port to the computer. And you will need a firewire cable, too (that cable is not included in the box). The HC96 is miniDV tape based. MiniDV tape allows for capturing the highest quality video available when compared to other camcorder video storage methods - in the consumer camcorder world.

The camcorder recording media has little to do with your computer's ability to burn a DVD of the video. Once the video is in the computer, how the camcorder stored the video does not matter. Most camcorders do not come with an AV input or passthrough capability - you say you don't want a ton of features - but this is one of the "extra features" most folks don't want... until they discover they do.

All consumer camcorders are "point-and-shoot"... The HC96 will be more $ than you are budgeted.