Return of old problem: Keyboard & mouse don't work

Ok, you guys remember this thread?

I said I fixed the problem. Well, I did ... for a little while.

Then, at around 4:00AM last night, Microsoft decide to release a Windows update, and it automatically rebooted itself.

Now, the problem is back.

I've ran Malwarebytes. I've uninstalled Bittorrent. I've uninstalled the drivers. Nothing works. Even the tactic that worked before doesn't work now.

I'm about ready to do a clean install. If that doesn't fix the problem, nothing will. But, before I drop fifty bucks on an install disc, does anybody have any last-minute suggestions that might can fix the problem ... and allow it to STAY fixed even if I reboot?

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Reporting: Return of old problem: Keyboard & mouse don't work
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Do other OSes work?

Torrent users continue to get the best and newest issues. But here why not slip in another drive, quick install 10 and see what happens. That will be a clean thing without torrent and possible OS damage or infection.

What is this about 50 bucks for the install disc? Almost all the Windows are up for download. You just need a valid license and after you upgrade to 10, the new system means no more keys.


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Oh for god's sake!

I told you, I uninstalled torrent, go damn it! Stop accusing me of stuff!

Anyway, I need a product key to be allowed to download Windows 7, don't I? That's how I prove it's a valid license, right?

How do I find the product key?

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We don't know anything about this computer

Did you build it yourself ? The product key would be in the container the Disc came in.

If it a Dell or others, there should be a tag with the Product number on it

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you can go into your Control panel , Click on System and it should show the Product Key

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Re: Also
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That's exactly why I use the Magic Jelly Bean Finder.

It's odd that after all these posts folk have to repeat advice. You can get your key now.

Also, I see others noted curbing startup items but I left that to you and the person that offered that advice.

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Response to R Proffitt

"Also, I see others noted curbing startup items but I left that to you and the person that offered that advice."

It's odd that after all these posts I have to repeat my responses.

I TRIED modifying the start up files, and it isn't working!

How many times do I have to tell you that, for the love of god?

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I would purchase a legit copy as Bob suggested or run a Linux distro in the mean time if only to be sure you don't have a hardware issue

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You don't need to prove a thing.

And uninstalling Torrent won't undo the damage. If you grab any of the OSes there, I think all of them will run without activation for 28 days so you can quickly figure out if this is a banged up OS issue or some odd hardware failure.

I don't want you upset but many forget or didn't know uninstalling the apps (torrent, pups, other) does not mean the damage will be undone. Your prior post noted dozens of bad things so it reads like a banged up OS.

No, I don't need a product key to download Windows 7 or run it for 28 days.

And as to your current valid license, that's between you and Microsoft. But let's say you lost it. Be sure to find it (I use the Magic Jellybean from a google search.)

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How's it that U don't have an install disc r way to return.. factory settings? And you're wasting your time and those who're trying to help you by not listening to all the good advice you've been given. If you aren't willing to provide answers AND you're not willing to do a clean install, you're never going to get anywhere. So at this point you have two options:
1) Provide answers to the questions you've been asked and do the clean install. If you back your system up to an external hard drive (which everybody should do anyway), you can always get it back to where it is now.
2) Fiddle and flop and live with the folly of your ways.
Something's very fishy about the lack of information you've given yet expect some "magic" cure without listening to the good advice you've gotten.

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(NT) Anybody smell crack?
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"Belarc Advisor"

I am not sure if it can be install while in safe mole but if possible, use belarc advisor, it will give you all the system info...and the key. Good luck.

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Since this is Dell...

Your picture posted offers "Alienware" which in turn is Dell sold. I have found the XPS and Alienware PCs MUST use the supplied kybd. and mouse orginally sold with in order for any OS re-install to work or even get started properly or finish right. if you use some later special kybd. and/or mouse these may not be so readily accepted or cause issues. I can only guess, because no details of your current setup was provided.

The other posters basically repeated advise given from before or is known to start the repair process with. i don't know if you ever got around having authentic OS or not, but that certainly can be an issue if not supplied. As typical the OS is found either as a hidden recovery partition and NOW maybe gone because of wiped OS process or wrongly done -OR- you never created the recovery discs/flash drive now needed using the Dell supplied method and that's a one shot setup if disappears or maybe part of the dashboard display port after bootup is completed. I find it interesting your OS ID isn't present in the same picture you provided. As explained to you, use either some system testing s/w like Belarc or PCWizard or Majic Jellybeans to display your current key.

Check the above article for Alien respawn process, etc.. If your system is relatively new, you can still order the discs from Dell. Dell should have some sticker or if Win8x or later then the service tag# will provide the links to get from Dell. Alas, if I recall right you got this system from a vendor/seller as used, etc., then now you see the problematic resources required, of course it costs. Anything outside of proper channels can cause problems as you attest.

Reviewing your old post, you used Malawarebytes to help resolve your issue, understand that malaware can rehatch if not 100% removed or you use similar web sources again that got you there to begin. Maybe, in this regard you need more active protection installed.
tada -----Willy Happy

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This isn't Alienware.

It just has an Alienware desktop logo. It's not Alienware.

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Whatever !

This thread and the prior one has been nothing but a bunch of BS as you and we all knew that you had a Hacked OS and you have been wasting everyone's time, including the folks you dissed at Bleepingcomputers forums.

So at this point, who gives a >>>> what you have to say ?
Thanks for wasting our time .


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I see you got a lot of postive support.

You may not see it that way so my advice is to keep it positive so folk will keep helping you.

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